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Cyprianus Caecilius, Tascius
Tascius Caecilius Cyprianus
Cipriano, vescovo di Cartagine   Cyprian, bishop of Carthage  
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address to Demetrianus (An)
[03 sec.]
English - ENG0283

[03 sec.]
English - ENG0278

Exhortation to martyrdom
[03 sec.]
English - ENG0289

On jealousy and envy
[03 sec.]
English - ENG0288

On the advantage of patience
[03 sec.]
English - ENG0287

On the dress of virgins
[03 sec.]
English - ENG0280

On the lapsed
[03 sec.]
English - ENG0281

On the Lord's prayer
[03 sec.]
English - ENG0282

On the mortality
[03 sec.]
English - ENG0285

On the unity of the Church
[03 sec.]
English - ENG0279

On the vanity of idols
Showing that the idols are not Gods, and that God is one, and that through Christ salvation is given to believers.
[03 sec.]
English - ENG0284

On works and alms
[03 sec.]
English - ENG0286

Testimonies against the Jews
Three books
[03 sec.]
English - ENG0774

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