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Beda Venerabilis
Bede the Venerable: Saint   St. Bede the Venerable  
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De orthographia
[673 ca - 735]
Lingua latina - LAT0422

Ecclesiastical history of England
Revised translation
[731 ca]
English - ENG1193

Epistula ad Albinum abbatem
[673 ca - 735]
Lingua latina - LAT0420

Epistula ad Ecgberctum antistetem
[673 ca - 735]
Lingua latina - LAT0421

Historiam ecclesiasticam gentis Anglorum
[731 ca]
Lingua latina - LAT0921

Life and Miracles of St. Cuthbert (The)
Bishop of Lindesfarne (721)
English - ENG1194

life of The Holy Abbots of Weremouth and Jarrow (The)
Benedict, Ceolfrid, Easterwine, Sigfrid, and Huetberht
[716 (TPQ)]
English - ENG1347

Vita quinque sanctorum abbatum
Vita beatorum abbatum Benedicti, Ceolfridi, Eosterwini, Sigfridi, atque Hwaetberhti.
[673 ca - 735]
Lingua latina - LAT0419

Vita Sancti Cuthberti
Lingua latina - LAT0423

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