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Benedictus PP. XV
Benedetto XV  
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Ad beatissimi apostolorum principis
Encyclical appealing for peace
English - ENG0733

Ad beatissimi apostolorum principis
Français - FRA0215

Ad beatissimi apostolorum principis
Lettera enciclica ai venerabili fratelli patriarchi, primati, arcivescovi, vescovi e agli altri ordinari aventi con l'apostolica sede pace e comunione - «Programma del Pontificato»
Italiano - ITA1042

Annus iam plenus
On children of Central Europe
English - ENG0623

Fausto appetente die
Encyclical on St. Dominic
English - ENG0781

Humani generis redemptionem
On preaching the Word of God
English - ENG0624

Humani generis redemptionem
Sur la prédication de la parole de Dieu
Français - FRA0214

Humani generis redemptionem
Italiano - ITA0645

In hac tanta
On St. Boniface to his Eminence Cardinal Hartmann, archbishop of Cologne, and to the other archbishops of Germany.
English - ENG0625

In praeclara summorum
On dante to professors and students of literature and learning in the catholic world.
English - ENG0626

Maximum illud
Carta apostólica sobre la propagación de la fe católica en el mundo entero
Español - ESL0313

Pacem Dei munus
On peace and christian reconciliation
English - ENG0627

Pacem Dei munus
Sobre la restauración cristiana de la paz
Español - ESL0220

Paterno iam diu
Encyclical on the children of central Europe
English - ENG0742

Principi apostolorum Petro
On St. Ephrem the Syrian
English - ENG0629

Quod iam diu
On the future peace conference
English - ENG0630

Sacra propediem
On the Third order of St. Francis
English - ENG0631

Spiritus paraclitus
On St. Jerome
English - ENG0632

Spiritus paraclitus
Sobre la interpretación de la Sagrada Escritura
Español - ESL0221

Spiritus Paraclitus
Italiano - ITA0646

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