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Zablocki, Franciszek [1]

Záborský, Jonáš [2]

Zaccone, Pierre [5]

Zago, P. Marcello, OMI [4]

Zanardini, Angelo [1]

Zanazzo, Luigi [1]

Zanella, Giacomo [1]

Zanoni, Camillo [1]

Žemlja, Jožef [1]

Zena, Remigio >> Invrea, Gaspare (alias Remigio Zena)

Zeqo, Moikom [1]

Zeromski, Stefan [4]

Zhiti, Visar [1]

Zmichowska, Narcyza [1]

Zola, Émile [13]

Zorec, Ivan [1]

Zorrilla, José [12]

Zrínyi, Miklós [2]

Zuccoli, Luciano [8]

Zycinski, Abp. Józef [1]

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