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    Thoreau, Henri David
Or life in the woods 1849
English - ENG1364

    Illica, Luigi
Libretto dell'opera lirica omonima musicata da Alfredo Catalani Prima rappresentazione al Teatro all Scala di Milano, 20 gennaio 1892
Italiano - ITA1395

    Ekkeardus I Sangallensis
Waltharius Manufortis
[10 sec.]
Lingua latina - LAT0458

    Innokenty Bishop of Alaska: Saint
way into the Kingdom of Heaven (The)
English - ENG0096

    Teresa de Avila: Santa
way of perfection (The)
English - ENG0034

    Maccise, Fr. Camilo, OCD
Ways of refounding charism by living today's spirituality [in Refounding in faithful creativity]
English - in ENG0506

    Steckling, P. Wilhelm, OMI
Ways of refounding the charism by promoting vocations [in Refounding in faithful creativity]
English - in ENG0506

    Maupassant, Guy de
wedding gift (A)
English - ENG1328

    Dickens, Charles
Eine Gespenstergeschichte
Deutsch - DEU0044

    Czerny, P. Michael F., SJ
Well placed charisms Resituating charism: criteria, perspectives, restructuring [in Refounding in faithful creativity]
English - in ENG0506

    Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von
Español - ESL1082

    Wyspianski, Stanislaw
Dramat w 3 Aktach
Polski - POL0138

    Schmemann, Alexander
What is a Parish?
[1921 - 1983 [nm]]
English - ENG0438

    Cencini, P. Amedeo, FDCC
What kind of vocations for a renewed consecrated life? - What kind of consecrated life for “new” vocations? [in Vocations to the consacrated life]
English - in ENG0491

    Veilleux, P. Armand, OCSO
What we learned from and about the young people at the Congress
USG 52a Assembly - November 1997
English - ENG0508

    Popovich, Archimandrite Justin
Whither does humanistic culture lead?
[1894 - 1979 [nm]]
English - ENG0021

    Christou, Panayiotis
Who sent Cyril and Methodius into Central Europe, the emperor or the patriarch?
[20 sec.]
English - ENG0690

    Szostek, Andrzej
Wiara w Kosciól - wiara w Jezusa Chrystusa
[20 sec.]
Polski - POL0052

    Karpinski, Franciszek
[1741 - 1825 [nm]]
Polski - POL0183

    Mickiewicz, Adam
Wiersze Wybrane
[1798 - 1855 [nm]]
Polski - POL0196

    Norwid, Cyprian
Wiersze Wybrane
[1821 - 1883 [nm]]
Polski - POL0199

    Heyke, Léòn
[1885-1939 [nm]]
Kaszëbsczi - CSB0007

    Brodzinski, Kazimierz
Sielanka Krakowska
Polski - POL0118

    Schiller, Friedrich von
Wilhelm Tell
Deutsch - DEU0339

    Karr, Alphonse
Willis (Le)
Français - FRA0645

    Maccise, Fr. Camilo, OCD
witness of consecrated life in the local church (The) [in Missio ad gentes in our institutes]
English - in ENG0510

    Micinski, Tadeus
W Mroku Gwiazd
Polski - POL0190

    Maupassant, Guy de
wolf (The)
English - ENG1327

    Andrews, Karen
Women In Theravada Buddhism
[20 sec.]
English - ENG0277

    Daudet, Alphonse
[1840 – 1898 [nm]]
Español - ESL0857

    Daudet, Alphonse
Français - FRA1480

    [Auctor incertus]
Word and Revelation of Esdras The Holy Prophet and Beloved of God
English - ENG1057

    Pontificio Consiglio "Cor Unum"
World hunger a challenge for all: development in solidarity
English - ENG0700

    [No Author]
Wort des Buddha (Das)
Eine systematische Übersicht der Lehre des Buddha in seinen eigenen Worten Ausgewählt, übersetzt und erläutert von NYANATILOKA
Deutsch - DEU0041

    Maupassant, Guy de
wrak (Het)
Nederlands - DUT0054

    Gomulicki, Wiktor
Wspomnienia Niebieskiego Mundurka
Polski - POL0126

    Wyspianski, Stanislaw
Dramat w trzech aktach Rzecz Napisana W Roku 1902 Dzieje Sie Na Scenie Teatru Krakowskiego
Polski - POL0112

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