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Alphabetical    [«  »]
cappadocia 5
cappadocians 1
caps 1
captain 52
captains 88
capthorim 1
captivating 1
Frequency    [«  »]
52 abomination
52 besought
52 camped
52 captain
52 cleansed
52 departing
52 dominion

Douay-Rheims Bible

IntraText - Concordances


   Book Chapter:Verse
1 Gen 26:26| friend, and Phicol chief captain of his soldiers came from 2 Gen 37:36| Putiphar, an eunuch of Pharao, captain of the soldiers. ~ 3 Gen 39:1 | eunuch of Pharao, chief captain of the army, an Egyptian, 4 Gen 41:10| cast into the prison of the captain of the soldiers: ~ 5 Gen 41:12| Hebrew, servant to the same captain of the soldiers: to whom 6 Num 14:4 | another: Let us appoint a captain, and let us return into 7 1Sa 12:9 | into the hands of Sisara, captain of the army of Hasor, and 8 1Sa 14:50| Achimaas; and the name of the captain of his army was Abner, the 9 1Sa 17:55| Philistines, he said to Abner the captain of the army: Of what family 10 1Sa 18:13| from him, and made him a captain over a thousand men, and 11 1Sa 26:5 | Abner the son of Ner, the captain of his army, and Saul sleeping 12 2Sa 10:16| their army: and Sobach, the captain of the host of Adarezer, 13 2Sa 10:18| horsemen: and smote Sobach the captain of the army, who presently 14 2Sa 19:13| if thou be not the chief captain of the army before me always 15 3Ki 11:24| against him, and he became a captain of robbers, when David slew 16 3Ki 16:9 | servant Zambri, who was captain of half the horsemen, rebelled 17 4Ki 1:9 | 9 And he sent to him a captain of fifty, and the fifty 18 4Ki 1:10| Elias answering, said to the captain of fifty: If I be a man 19 4Ki 1:11| again he sent to him another captain of fifty men, and his fifty 20 4Ki 1:13| 13 Again he sent a third captain of fifty men, and the fifty 21 4Ki 9:25| Jehu said to Badacer his captain: Take him, and cast him 22 4Ki 15:25| the son of Romelia, his captain conspired against him, and 23 4Ki 20:5 | back, and tell Ezechias the captain of my people: Thus saith 24 4Ki 25:19| city one eunuch, who was captain over the men of war: and 25 4Ki 25:19| the city, and Sopher the captain of the army who exercised 26 1Pa 11:6 | shall be the head and chief captain. And Joab the son of Sarvia 27 1Pa 11:21| second three, and their captain: but yet he attained not 28 1Pa 12:14| army: the least of them was captain over a hundred soldiers, 29 1Pa 27:5 | 5 And the captain of the third company for 30 1Pa 27:8 | 8 The fifth captain for the fifth month, was 31 2Pa 17:15| 15 After him Johanan the captain, and with him two hundred 32 Judi 5:5| 5 Then Achior captain of all the children of Ammon 33 Pro 6:7 | no guide, nor master, nor captain, ~ 34 Isa 3:2 | 3 The captain over fifty, and the honourable 35 Jer 37:12| the gate of Benjamin, the captain of the gate, who I was there 36 1Ma 3:13| 13 And Seron captain of the army of Syria heard 37 1Ma 5:6 | and Timotheus was their captain: ~ 38 1Ma 5:11| fled: and Timotheus is the captain of their host. ~ 39 1Ma 5:56| of Zacharias, and Azarias captain of the soldiers, heard of 40 1Ma 9:30| day to be our prince, and captain in his stead to fight our 41 1Ma 9:35| Jonathan sent his brother a captain of the people, to desire 42 1Ma 11:70| the son of Calphi, chief captain of the army. ~ 43 1Ma 13:42| the high priest, the great captain and prince of the Jews. ~ 44 1Ma 13:54| for war: and he made him captain of all the forces: and he 45 1Ma 14:47| high priesthood, and to be captain, and prince of the nation 46 1Ma 15:38| king appointed Cendebeus captain of the sea coast, and gave 47 1Ma 16:11| of Abobus was appointed captain in the plain of Jericho, 48 2Ma 4:40| violence, one Tyrannus being captain, a man far gone both in 49 2Ma 14:6 | whom Judas Machabeus is captain, nourish wars, and raise 50 2Ma 14:16| the commandment of their captain, they forthwith removed 51 2Ma 14:20| consultation thereupon, and the captain had acquainted the multitude 52 Matt 2:6| thee shall come forth the captain that shall rule my people

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