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Alphabetical    [«  »]
corn 119
cornelius 9
corner 33
corners 38
cornet 1
cornets 2
cornfloor 1
Frequency    [«  »]
38 borne
38 circumcision
38 compassed
38 corners
38 council
38 creature
38 crucified

Douay-Rheims Bible

IntraText - Concordances


   Book Chapter:Verse
1 Exo 25:12| thou shall put at the four corners of the ark: let two rings 2 Exo 25:26| shalt put them in the four corners of the same table over each 3 Exo 26:19| put two sockets at the two corners. ~ 4 Exo 26:23| shall be erected in the corners at the back of the tabernacle. ~ 5 Exo 26:24| that are to be put in the corners. ~ 6 Exo 27:2 | shall be horns at the four corners of the same: and thou shalt 7 Exo 27:4 | manner of a net: at the four corners of which shall be four rings 8 Exo 36:24| on the two sides of the corners, where the mortises of the 9 Exo 36:24| of the sides end in the corners. ~ 10 Exo 36:29| did on both sides at the corners: ~ 11 Exo 37:3 | rings of gold at the four corners thereof: two rings in one 12 Exo 37:13| which he put in the four corners at each foot of the table, ~ 13 Exo 37:25| height two cubits: from the corners of which went out horns. ~ 14 Exo 38:2 | whereof went out from the corners, and he overlaid it with 15 Exo 39:17| hooks that stood out in the corners of the ephod. ~ 16 Num 15:38| themselves fringes in the corners of their garments, putting 17 Deu 22:12| strings in the hem at the four corners of thy cloak, wherewith 18 1Sa 14:38| said: Bring hither all the corners of the people: and know, 19 3Ki 6:31| tree, and posts of five corners, ~ 20 3Ki 7:31| cubit and a half: and in the corners of the pillars were divers 21 3Ki 7:32| which were at the four corners of the base, were joined 22 3Ki 7:36| were of brass. and in the corners, cherubims, and lions, and 23 2Pa 26:15| in the towers, and in the corners of the walls, to shoot arrows, 24 2Pa 28:24| himself altars in all the corners of Jerusalem. ~ 25 Job 1:19| desert, and shook the four corners of the house, and it fell 26 Pro 7:12| now lying in wait near the corners. ~ 27 Isa 44:12| plane: he hath made it with corners, and hath fashioned it round 28 Eze 41:22| was two cubits: and the corners thereof, and the length 29 Eze 43:17| cubits broad in the four corners thereof: and the crown round 30 Eze 43:20| thereof, and upon the four corners of the brim, and upon the 31 Eze 45:19| the house, and on the four corners of the brim of the altar, 32 Eze 46:21| led me about by the four corners of the court: and behold 33 Eze 46:22| 22 In the four corners of the court were little 34 Zac 14:10| even to the gate of the corners: and from the tower of Hananeel 35 Matt 6:5| pray in the synagogues and corners of the streets, that they 36 Act 10:11| sheet let down by the four corners from heaven to the earth: ~ 37 Act 11:5 | down from heaven by four corners, and it came even unto me. ~ 38 Apoc 7:1| angels standing on the four corners of the earth, holding the

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