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Alphabetical    [«  »]
caldron 6
caldrons 8
caleb 41
calf 90
calita 1
call 223
called 739
Frequency    [«  »]
92 victims
91 sold
91 vision
90 calf
90 gifts
90 kindreds
90 maketh

Douay-Rheims Bible

IntraText - Concordances


   Book Chapter:Verse
1 Gen 18:7 | and took from thence a calf very tender and very good, 2 Gen 18:8 | butter and milk, and the calf which he had boiled, and 3 Exo 29:1 | me in priesthood. Take a calf from the herd, and two rams 4 Exo 29:3 | and offer them: and the calf and the two rams. ~ 5 Exo 29:10| Thou shalt present also the calf before the tabernacle of 6 Exo 29:12| some of the blood of the calf, thou shalt put it upon 7 Exo 29:14| 14 But the flesh of the calf and the hide and the dung, 8 Exo 29:36| 36 And thou shalt offer a calf for sin every day for expiation. 9 Exo 32:4 | and made of them a molten calf. And they said: These are 10 Exo 32:8 | made to themselves a molten calf, and have adored it, and 11 Exo 32:19| to the camp, he saw the calf, and the dances: and being 12 Exo 32:20| 20 And laying hold of the calf which they had made, he 13 Exo 32:24| into the fire, and this calf came out. ~ 14 Exo 32:35| guilt on occasion of the calf which Aaron had made. ~ 15 Lev 1:5 | And he shall immolate the calf before the Lord, and the 16 Lev 4:3 | to the Lord for his sin a calf without blemish. ~ 17 Lev 4:5 | also of the blood of the calf, and carry it into the tabernacle 18 Lev 4:8 | take off the fat of the calf for the sin offering, as 19 Lev 4:10| it is taken off from the calf of the sacrifice of peace 20 Lev 4:14| shall offer for their sin a calf, and shall bring it to the 21 Lev 4:15| before the Lord. And the calf being immolated in the sight 22 Lev 4:20| 20 Doing so with this calf, as he did also with that 23 Lev 4:21| 21 But the calf itself he shall carry forth 24 Lev 4:21| it as he did the former calf: because it is for the sin 25 Lev 8:2 | and the oil of unction, a calf for sin, two rams, a basket 26 Lev 8:14| 14 He offered also the calf for sin: and when Aaron 27 Lev 8:17| 17 And the calf with the skin, and the flesh 28 Lev 9:2 | 2 Take of the herd a calf for sin, and a ram for a 29 Lev 9:3 | a he goat for sin, and a calf, and a lamb, both of a year 30 Lev 9:8 | the altar, immolated the calf for his sin: ~ 31 Lev 16:3 | things: He shall offer a calf for sin, and a ram for a 32 Lev 16:6 | when he hath offered the calf and prayed for himself, 33 Lev 16:11| celebrated, he shall offer the calf, and praying for himself 34 Lev 16:14| also of the blood of the calf, and sprinkle with his finger 35 Lev 16:15| do with the blood of the calf, that he may sprinkle it 36 Lev 16:18| taking the blood of the calf, and of the buck goat, let 37 Lev 16:27| 27 But the calf and the buck goat, that 38 Lev 23:18| the first year, and one calf from the herd, and two rams, 39 Num 15:24| do it: they shall offer a calf out of the herd, a holocaust 40 Num 23:2 | Balaam, they laid together a calf and a ram upon every altar. ~ 41 Num 23:4 | have laid on everyone a calf and a ram. ~ 42 Num 23:14| and laying on every one a calf and a ram, ~ 43 Num 23:30| he laid on every altar, a calf and a ram. ~ 44 Num 28:12| oil in sacrifice for every calf: and two tenths of flour 45 Num 28:14| victim: Half a hin for every calf, a third for a ram, and 46 Num 28:20| tempered with oil to every calf, and two tenths to every 47 Num 28:28| tempered with oil to every calf, two to every ram, ~ 48 Num 29:2 | sweet odour to the Lord, one calf of the herd, one ram and 49 Num 29:3 | tempered with oil to every calf, two tenths to a ram, ~ 50 Num 29:8 | a most sweet odour, one calf of the herd, one ram, and 51 Num 29:9 | tempered with oil to every calf, two tenths to a ram, ~ 52 Num 29:14| tempered with oil to every calf, being in all thirteen calves: 53 Num 29:36| sweet odour to the Lord, one calf, one ram, and seven lambs 54 Deu 9:16| made to yourselves a molten calf, and had quickly forsaken 55 Deu 9:21| committed, that is, the calf, I took, and burned it with 56 Judg 15:8| astonishment they laid the calf of the leg upon the thigh. 57 1Sa 1:25| 25 And they immolated a calf, and offered the child to 58 1Sa 16:2 | Thou shalt take with thee a calf of the herd, and thou shalt 59 1Sa 28:24| Now the woman had a fatted calf in the house, and she made 60 3Ki 12:30| people went to adore the calf as far as Dan. ~ 61 Neh 9:18| also to themselves a molten calf, and had said: This is thy 62 Psa 29:6 | reduce them to pieces, as a calf of Libanus, and as the beloved 63 Psa 69:32| God better than a young calf, that bringeth forth horns 64 Psa 106:19| 19 They made also a calf in Horeb: and they adored 65 Psa 106:20| glory into the likeness of a calf that eateth grass. ~ 66 Pro 15:17| with love, than to a fatted calf with hatred. ~ 67 Isa 11:5 | lie down with the kid: the calf and the lion, and the sheep 68 Isa 11:6 | 7 The calf and the bear shall feed: 69 Isa 27:9 | a wilderness : there the calf shall feed, and there shall 70 Jer 34:18| presence, when they cut the calf in two and passed between 71 Jer 34:19| between the parts of the calf: ~ 72 Eze 1:7 | foot was like the sole of a calf's foot, and they sparkled 73 Eze 43:19| Lord God, to offer to me a calf of the herd for sin. ~ 74 Eze 43:22| And thou shalt take the calf, that is offered for sin: 75 Eze 43:23| they expiated it with the calf. ~ 76 Eze 43:24| thereof, thou shalt offer a calf of the herd without blemish, 77 Eze 43:26| they shall offer also a calf of the herd, and a ram of 78 Eze 45:18| month, thou shalt take a calf of the herd without blemish, 79 Eze 45:22| the people of the land, a calf for sin. ~ 80 Eze 45:24| sacrifice of an ephi for every calf, and an ephi for every ram: 81 Eze 46:6 | the day of the new moon a calf of the herd without blemish: 82 Eze 46:7 | sacrifice an ephi for a calf, an ephi also for a ram: 83 Eze 46:11| sacrifice of an ephi to a calf, and an ephi to a ram: and 84 Ose 8:5 | 5 Thy calf, O Samaria, is cast off, 85 Ose 8:6 | and it is no god: for the calf of Samaria shall be turned 86 Luk 15:23| bring hither the fatted calf, and kill it, and let us 87 Luk 15:27| father hath killed the fatted calf, because he hath received 88 Luk 15:30| killed for him the fatted calf. ~ 89 Act 7:41| 41 And they made a calf in those days, and offered 90 Apoc 4:7| second living creature like a calf: and the third living creature,

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