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Meeting Christ in the Liturgy
Instruction of the Roman Missal

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   Chapter, Paragraph
1 4, 13 | Christ». The communicants reply: «Amen» and, holding the 2 Appen2 | places. Is this acceptable?~REPLY: The GIRM no. 12 clearly 3 Appen2 | faithful be seated or not? REPLY: After communion they may 4 Appen2 | c. sit after communion? REPLY: As usual the GIRM gives 5 Appen2 | adoration due to the eucharist. REPLY: The appointments of a place 6 Appen2 | silence after the homily? REPLY: Very much so. ~QUERY 2: 7 Appen2 | this interval of silence? REPLY: Yes, as long as it really 8 Appen2 | eucharistic celebration? REPLY: The words are to be understood 9 Appen2 | Asperges» rite still exist? REPLY: Yes. For it is a rite that 10 Appen2 | more solemn celebration?" REPLY: This occasion on which 11 Appen2 | keeping with the rubrics? REPLY: The rubrics of the Order 12 Appen2 | be Jesus Christ, etc.?" REPLY: It all depends on lawful 13 Appen2 | during the Easter octave? REPLY: Not per se; still, it may 14 Appen2 | offering» of the sacrifice. REPLY: History teaches that the 15 Appen2 | impoverished the offertory rite? REPLY: In no way. The former prayers: « 16 Appen2 | usage should be followed? REPLY: It must never be forgotten 17 Appen2 | the celebration of Mass? REPLY: In no way. 1. Both the 18 Appen2 | given for such a version? REPLY: The variant involved is 19 Appen2 | blessed also be mentioned? REPLY: a. The words quoted, as 20 Appen2 | singing of the «Agnus Dei»? REPLY: No. The Ordinary of the 21 Appen2 | indications in the Order of Mass? REPLY: The point of the «Agnus 22 Appen2 | final blessing of Mass? REPLY: Although nothing is said 23 Appen2 | hand missals still needed? REPLY: Since reform of the liturgy 24 Appen2 | suppress use of the veil? REPLY: There is no norm, not even 25 Appen2 | practice to be followed? REPLY: In this case it is helpful 26 Appen2 | communion. ~As noted in the Reply no. 2 of the comments in 27 Appen2 | to follow this practice? REPLY: Clearly not. As with all 28 Appen2 | at the chair and seated? REPLY: By rule of the GIRM no. 29 Appen2 | and of the Roman Missal? REPLY: Assuredly, the Eucharistic 30 Appen2 | GIRM no. 102 compatible? REPLY: There is no problem. For 31 Appen2 | gestures. What is right? REPLY: As is often the case, at 32 Appen2 | bell to be rung at Mass? REPLY: It all depends on the different 33 Appen2 | other a sign of peace»? REPLY: Yes. The rubric in the 34 Appen2 | Prayer. Is this acceptable? REPLY: The prolonged holding of 35 Appen2 | procedure still to be followed? REPLY: Traces of the former rites 36 Appen2 | into the concluding rite? REPLY: The GIRM no. 124 indicates 37 Appen2 | words of the blessing; all reply: «Amen» (see MR 495 and 38 Appen2 | blessing of almighty God».... REPLY: In this case also the queries 39 Appen2 | the place of celebration? REPLY: In all the liturgical rites, 40 Appen2 | of Ordinary's delegate? REPLY: Yes, just as this is granted 41 Appen2 | concluded. Which ways are right? REPLY: To decide which of the 42 Appen2 | rule should be followed? REPLY: In any meeting it customarily 43 Appen2 | proclaim the mystery of faith»? REPLY: No. The words «the mystery 44 Appen2 | GIRM no. 211). The same reply applies to a concelebration 45 Appen2 | gestures still to be observed? REPLY: Clearly people should express 46 Appen2 | is to be done about them. REPLY: The GIRM no. 237 must be 47 Appen2 | minister purify the vessels? REPLY: a. The directives in the 48 Appen2 | or metal be consecrated? ~REPLY: Yes, The GIRM no. 263 says: " 49 Appen2 | and where is it available? REPLY: According to the GIRM no. 50 Appen2 | or other vegetable oil? REPLY: The GIRM prescribes candles 51 Appen2 | designated as the left or right? REPLY: a. The liturgical norms 52 Appen2 | eucharistic bread» mean? ~REPLY: The term means the same 53 Appen2 | Roman Pontifical be used? ~REPLY: Yes. Whatever the material 54 Appen2 | omit wearing the stole? ~REPLY: No. The query arises from 55 Appen2 | in the palms procession? ~REPLY: No. Red is the color for 56 Appen2 | Christmas and Easter seasons? ~REPLY: The GIRM no. 316(c) speaks 57 Appen2 | chooses be celebrated? ~REPLY: Yes. The GIRM no. 316c 58 Appen2 | followed on Holy Thursday? REPLY: Yes. They are not in the 59 Appen2 | Eucharistic Prayers II and III? ~REPLY: The source of this query 60 Appen2 | be regarded as proper? ~REPLY: The problem arises mainly 61 Appen2 | various needs and occasions? ~REPLY: The GIRM no. 323 says: " 62 Appen2 | obligatory memorial occurs? ~REPLY: They may be celebrated 63 Appen2 | congregation" (GIRM no. 333)? ~REPLY: These are the weekdays 64 Appen2 | of Christmas and Easter? ~REPLY: Yes. The rule of the GIRM 65 Appen2 | during the Easter triduum? ~REPLY: No. The directives in the 66 Appen2 | even on weekdays of Lent? ~REPLY: Yes. The Masses mentioned 67 Appen2 | the octave of Christmas? ~REPLY: Yes. According to the GIRM

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