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Meeting Christ in the Liturgy
Instruction of the Roman Missal

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221. The antiphon for the preparation of the gifts is omitted. The minister places the corporal, purificator, and chalice on the altar, unless they have already been put there at the beginning of Mass.

222. Preparation of the bread and wine, including the pouring of the water, are carried out as at a Mass with a congregation, with the formularies given in the Order of Mass. After placing the bread and wine on the altar, the priest washes his hands at the side of the altar as the server pours the water.

223. The priest says the prayer over the gifts and the eucharistic prayer, following the rite described for Mass with a congregation.

224. The Lord's Prayer and the embolism, «Deliver us», are said as at Mass with a congregation.

225. After the acclamation concluding the embolism, the priest says the prayer, «Lord Jesus Christ, you said». He then adds: «The peace of the Lord be with you always», and the server answers: «And also with you». The priest may give the sign of peace to the server.

226. Then, while he says the «Agnus Dei» with the server, the priest breaks the eucharistic bread over the paten. After the «Agnus Dei», he places a particle in the chalice, saying softly: «May this mingling

227. After the commingling, the priest says softly the prayer, «Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God», or «Lord Jesus Christ, with faith in your love and mercy». Then he genuflects and takes the eucharistic bread. If the server is to receive communion, the priest turns to him and, holding the eucharistic bread a little above the paten, says: «This is the Lamb of God», adding once with the server: «Lord, I am not worthy». Facing the altar, the priest then receives the body of Christ. If the server is not receiving communion, the priest, after making a genuflection, takes the host and, facing the altar, says once quietly: «Lord, I am not worthy», and eats the body of Christ. The blood of Christ is received in the way described in the Order of Mass with a congregation.

228. Before giving communion to the server, the priest says the communion antiphon.

229. The chalice is washed at the side of the altar and then may be carried by the server to a side table or left on the altar, as at the beginning.

230. After the purification of the chalice, the priest may observe a period of silence. Then he says the prayer after communion.


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