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Ordinary of Mass 1962

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1 Abbrev | are denoted as follows ~P. Priest~D. Deacon~L. Subdeacon/ 2 Asperg | with holy water.~Antiphon ~P. Thou shalt sprinkle me,~ 3 Asperg | during Easter time~Antiphon ~P. I saw water coming ~C. 4 Asperg | say alleluia, alleluia. ~P. Show us, Lord, Your mercy. ( 5 Asperg | Your salvation. (Alleluia)~P. O Lord, hear my prayer.~ 6 Asperg | let my cry come unto You. ~P. May the Lord be with you. ~ 7 Asperg | S. And with your spirit~P. Let us pray. Hear us Lord, 8 Mass, MassCatech | Mass of the Catechumens ~P. In the Name of the Father, 9 Mass, MassCatech, 1 | Omit during Passiontide)~P. I will go to the altar 10 Mass, MassCatech, 1 | God, the joy of my youth.~P. Do me justice, O God, and 11 Mass, MassCatech, 1 | the enemy harasses me? ~P. Send forth Thy light and 12 Mass, MassCatech, 1 | God, the joy of my youth. ~P. I shall yet praise Thee 13 Mass, MassCatech, 1 | my Savior, and my God. ~P. Glory be to the Father, 14 Mass, MassCatech, 1 | world without end. Amen. ~P. I will go to the altar 15 Mass, MassCatech, 1 | God, the joy of my youth. ~P. Our help + is in the Name 16 Mass, MassCatech, 2 | Confiteor~ (Priest's Confession)~P. I confess to Almighty God, 17 Mass, MassCatech, 2 | me to the Lord our God. ~~P. Amen.~S. May almighty God 18 Mass, MassCatech, 2 | you to everlasting life.~P. Amen.~ (People's Confession)~ 19 Mass, MassCatech, 2 | me to the Lord our God. ~P. May Almighty God have mercy 20 Mass, MassCatech, 2 | everlasting life. ~S. Amen ~P. May the Almighty and Merciful 21 Mass, MassCatech, 2 | of our sins. ~S. Amen. ~P. Turn to us, O God, and 22 Mass, MassCatech, 2 | people will rejoice in You.~P. Show us, Lord, Your mercy.~ 23 Mass, MassCatech, 2 | grant us Your salvation.~P. O Lord, hear my prayer. ~ 24 Mass, MassCatech, 2 | let my cry come to You.~P. May the Lord be with you.~ 25 Mass, MassCatech, 2 | And with your spirit. ~P. Let us pray. ~ (The Priest 26 Mass, MassCatech, 2 | while going to the Altar)~P. Take away from us, O Lord, 27 Mass, MassCatech, 2 | relics are enclosed an says:)~P. We beseech You, O Lord, 28 Mass, MassCatech, 2 | censes the altar. He says:)~P: May this incense be blessed 29 Mass, MassCatech, 4 | Kyrie~P. Lord, have mercy. ~S. Lord, 30 Mass, MassCatech, 4 | mercy. ~S. Lord, have mercy.~P. Lord, have mercy.~P. Christ, 31 Mass, MassCatech, 4 | mercy.~P. Lord, have mercy.~P. Christ, have mercy.~S. 32 Mass, MassCatech, 4 | mercy.~S. Christ, have mercy~P. Christ, have mercy.~P. 33 Mass, MassCatech, 4 | mercy~P. Christ, have mercy.~P. Lord, have mercy.~S. Lord, 34 Mass, MassCatech, 4 | mercy.~S. Lord, have mercy.~P. Lord, have mercy ~ 35 Mass, MassCatech, 5 | at Mass for the Dead.~ ~P. Glory to God in the highest. ~ ( 36 Mass, MassCatech, 6 | the collect for the day.)~P. May the Lord be with you. ~ 37 Mass, MassCatech, 6 | S. And with your Spirit.~P. Let us pray. ~ (after having 38 Mass, MassCatech, 6 | more Prayers of the day:)~P. For ever and ever ~S. Amen. ~ 39 Mass, MassCatech, 7 | The Epistle~(sit)~P/L: A reading from the.... ~ ( 40 Mass, MassCatech, 7 | reading, the server responds:)~P/L. The Word of the Lord. ~ 41 Mass, MassCatech, 9 | grant me your blessing. ~P. The Lord be in your heart 42 Mass, MassCatech, 10| TheGospel~ (stand)~P/D. May the Lord be with 43 Mass, MassCatech, 10| And with your spirit. ~P/D. + A continuation of the 44 Mass, MassCatech, 10| who kisses it, saying:)~P. May the words of the gospel 45 Mass, MassCatech, 12| the world to come. Amen. ~P. May the Lord be with you. ~ 46 Mass, MassCatech, 12| S. And with your spirit.~P. Let us pray. ~ (In the 47 Mass, MassFaithf, 14| choir sings Offertory verse)~P. Accept, O Holy Father, 48 Mass, MassFaithf, 14| everlasting. ~S. Amen. ~P. O God, + who established 49 Mass, MassFaithf, 14| forever and ever. Amen. ~P. We offer You, O Lord, the 50 Mass, MassFaithf, 14| the whole world. Amen. ~P. In a humble spirit and 51 Mass, MassFaithf, 14| please You, O Lord God. ~P. Come, O Sanctifier, Almighty 52 Mass, MassFaithf, 14| blesses incense, saying)~P. Through the intercession 53 Mass, MassFaithf, 14| and the altar, saying:)~P. May this incense blessed 54 Mass, MassFaithf, 14| while incensing the altar)~P. Let my prayer, O Lord, 55 Mass, MassFaithf, 14| handing the thurible back)~P. May the Lord enkindle in 56 Mass, MassFaithf, 14| these verses of Psalm 25:)~P. I wash my hands in innocence, 57 Mass, MassFaithf, 14| altar, the priest prays~P. Accept, most Holy Trinity, 58 Mass, MassFaithf, 14| their prayers with his:)~P. Pray brethren, that my 59 Mass, MassFaithf, 15| the Priest says audibly:)~P. ..forever and ever. ~S. 60 Mass, MassFaithf, 16| Canon of the Mass~ (Stand)~ ~P. May the Lord be with you. ~ 61 Mass, MassFaithf, 16| S. And with your spirit.~P. Lift up your hearts.~S. 62 Mass, MassFaithf, 16| lifted them up to the Lord.~P. Let us give thanks to the 63 Mass, MassFaithf, 16| Preface of the Holy Trinity)~ ~P. It is indeed fitting and 64 Mass, MassFaithf, 18| The Roman Canon~ (kneel)~P. Therefore, most gracious 65 Mass, MassFaithf, 18| Catholic and Apostolic Faith. ~P. Remember, O Lord, Your 66 Mass, MassFaithf, 18| This is the usual version.)~P. In the unity of holy fellowship 67 Mass, MassFaithf, 18| Christ our Lord. Amen. ~P. Graciously accept, then, 68 Mass, MassFaithf, 18| Christ our Lord. Amen. ~P. O God, deign to bless + 69 Mass, MassFaithf, 19| The Consecration ~P. Who, the day before He 70 Mass, MassFaithf, 19| lifted up for worship).~P. Similarly, when the supper 71 Mass, MassFaithf, 19| lifted up for worship).~P. Mindful, therefore, Lord, 72 Mass, MassFaithf, 19| of perpetual salvation. ~P. Deign to regard with gracious 73 Mass, MassFaithf, 19| and a spotless victim. ~P. Most humbly we implore 74 Mass, MassFaithf, 19| Christ our Lord. Amen. ~P. Remember also, Lord, Your 75 Mass, MassFaithf, 19| Christ our Lord. Amen. ~P. To us sinners also, Your 76 Mass, MassFaithf, 19| Through Christ our Lord. ~P. Through Whom, Lord, You 77 Mass, MassFaithf, 20| The Elevation~P. Through Him, + ~and with + 78 Mass, MassFaithf, 21| The Communion Rite~P. Let us pray:~Taught by 79 Mass, MassFaithf, 21| But deliver us from evil. ~P. Amen. ~ 80 Mass, MassFaithf, 22| Breaking of the Bread~P. Deliver us, we beg You, 81 Mass, MassFaithf, 23| The Peace~P. May the peace + of the 82 Mass, MassFaithf, 23| is placed in the Chalice)~P. May this mingling and consecration 83 Mass, MassFaithf, 24| world, grant us peace. ~P. O Lord Jesus Christ, Who 84 Mass, MassFaithf, 24| world without end. Amen. ~P. Lord Jesus Christ, Son 85 Mass, MassFaithf, 24| forever and ever. Amen. ~P. Let not the partaking of 86 Mass, MassFaithf, 25| Communion of the Priest~P. I will take the Bread of 87 Mass, MassFaithf, 25| upon the Name of the Lord. ~P. Lord, I am not worthy that 88 Mass, MassFaithf, 25| healed. ~ (said three times)~P. May the Body of our Lord 89 Mass, MassFaithf, 25| reverently consumes the Host)~P. What return shall I make 90 Mass, MassFaithf, 25| saved from my enemies. ~P. May the Blood of our Lord 91 Mass, MassFaithf, 25| me to the Lord our God. ~P. May Almighty God have mercy 92 Mass, MassFaithf, 25| everlasting life.~S. Amen ~P. May the Almighty and Merciful 93 Mass, MassFaithf, 26| Communion of the Faithful~P. Behold the Lamb of God, 94 Mass, MassFaithf, 26| placed on his or her tongue)~P. May the Body of our Lord 95 Mass, MassFaithf, 27| now cleanses the chalice)~P. What has passed our lips 96 Mass, MassFaithf, 27| eternity. ~ (and his fingers)~P. May Your Body, Lord, which 97 Mass, MassFaithf, 29| Postcommunion~ (stand)~P. May the Lord be with you. ~ 98 Mass, MassFaithf, 29| S. And with you spirit. ~P. Let us pray. ~ (Here he 99 Mass, MassFaithf, 30| Final Prayer and Dismissal~P. May the Lord be with you. ~ 100 Mass, MassFaithf, 30| celebrant prays in a low voice)~P. May the tribute of my worship 101 Mass, MassFaithf, 30| Christ our Lord. Amen. ~P. May Almighty God bless 102 Mass, MassFaithf, 31| The Last Gospel~P. The Lord be with you. ~ 103 Mass, MassFaithf, 31| And with your spirit. ~P. + The beginning of the 104 Mass, MassFaithf, 31| Glory be to You, O Lord. ~P. (The Priest reads John

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