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mater 1
matthew 1
matthias 1
may 47
me 27
means 1
melchisedech 1
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54 our
50 be
47 all
47 may
46 amen
46 for
46 i

Ordinary of Mass 1962

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1 Asperg | my cry come unto You. ~P. May the Lord be with you. ~S. 2 Mass, MassCatech, 2 | Lord our God. ~~P. Amen.~S. May almighty God have mercy 3 Mass, MassCatech, 2 | to the Lord our God. ~P. May Almighty God have mercy 4 Mass, MassCatech, 2 | everlasting life. ~S. Amen ~P. May the Almighty and Merciful 5 Mass, MassCatech, 2 | let my cry come to You.~P. May the Lord be with you.~S. 6 Mass, MassCatech, 2 | we beseech You, that we may enter with pure minds into 7 Mass, MassCatech, 2 | the altar. He says:)~P: May this incense be blessed 8 Mass, MassCatech, 6 | collect for the day.)~P. May the Lord be with you. ~S. 9 Mass, MassCatech, 9 | deign so to purify me that I may worthily proclaim Your holy 10 Mass, MassCatech, 9 | and on your lips that you may worthily and fittingly proclaim 11 Mass, MassCatech, 10| TheGospel~ (stand)~P/D. May the Lord be with you.~S. 12 Mass, MassCatech, 10| who kisses it, saying:)~P. May the words of the gospel 13 Mass, MassCatech, 12| world to come. Amen. ~P. May the Lord be with you. ~S. 14 Mass, MassFaithf, 14| living and dead, that it may profit me and them as a 15 Mass, MassFaithf, 14| of this water and wine, may we come to share in His 16 Mass, MassFaithf, 14| begging of Your mercy that it may arise before Your divine 17 Mass, MassFaithf, 14| and with a contrite heart, may we be accepted by You, O 18 Mass, MassFaithf, 14| accepted by You, O Lord, and may our sacrifice so be offered 19 Mass, MassFaithf, 14| incense, and of all His elect may the Lord vouchsafe to bless + 20 Mass, MassFaithf, 14| and the altar, saying:)~P. May this incense blessed by 21 Mass, MassFaithf, 14| before You, O Lord, and may Your mercy come down upon 22 Mass, MassFaithf, 14| handing the thurible back)~P. May the Lord enkindle in us 23 Mass, MassFaithf, 14| all the Saints; that it may add to their honor and aid 24 Mass, MassFaithf, 14| and aid our salvation; and may they deign to intercede 25 Mass, MassFaithf, 14| that my Sacrifice and yours may be acceptable to God the 26 Mass, MassFaithf, 14| the Father Almighty. ~S. May the Lord receive the Sacrifice 27 Mass, MassFaithf, 16| of the Mass~ (Stand)~ ~P. May the Lord be with you. ~S. 28 Mass, MassFaithf, 18| and prayers grant that we may be always fortified by the 29 Mass, MassFaithf, 18| pleasing in every way, that it may become for our good, the 30 Mass, MassFaithf, 19| Your Divine Majesty. And may those of us who by sharing 31 Mass, MassFaithf, 22| riches of Your mercy, we may be always free from sin 32 Mass, MassFaithf, 23| The Peace~P. May the peace + of the Lord 33 Mass, MassFaithf, 23| placed in the Chalice)~P. May this mingling and consecration 34 Mass, MassFaithf, 24| but through Your goodness, may it become a safeguard and 35 Mass, MassFaithf, 25| said three times)~P. May the Body of our Lord Jesus 36 Mass, MassFaithf, 25| saved from my enemies. ~P. May the Blood of our Lord Jesus 37 Mass, MassFaithf, 25| to the Lord our God. ~P. May Almighty God have mercy 38 Mass, MassFaithf, 25| everlasting life.~S. Amen ~P. May the Almighty and Merciful 39 Mass, MassFaithf, 26| on his or her tongue)~P. May the Body of our Lord Jesus 40 Mass, MassFaithf, 27| our lips as food, Lord, may we posses in purity of heart, 41 Mass, MassFaithf, 27| and his fingers)~P. May Your Body, Lord, which I 42 Mass, MassFaithf, 29| Postcommunion~ (stand)~P. May the Lord be with you. ~S. 43 Mass, MassFaithf, 30| Prayer and Dismissal~P. May the Lord be with you. ~S. 44 Mass, MassFaithf, 30| Masses for the dead)~D. May they rest in peace.~S. Amen. ~ ( 45 Mass, MassFaithf, 30| prays in a low voice)~P. May the tribute of my worship 46 Mass, MassFaithf, 30| presence of Your Majesty, may be acceptable to You, and 47 Mass, MassFaithf, 30| Christ our Lord. Amen. ~P. May Almighty God bless you,

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