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St. Thomas Aquinas
Summa Theologica

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    Part, Question
1 2, 105 | within certain degrees of ~consanguinity and affinity, according 2 2, 18 | by reason of usefulness, consanguinity, or some other ~human consideration, 3 2, 61 | as regards ~another: thus consanguinity makes a man worthy to be 4 2, 61 | benefice on account of ~consanguinity, since consanguinity is 5 2, 61 | of ~consanguinity, since consanguinity is not a cause whereby a 6 2, 152 | woman who is related by consanguinity or ~affinity. Secondly, 7 2, 152 | man and a woman related by consanguinity or affinity." Now affinity ~ 8 2, 152 | Now affinity ~differs from consanguinity. Therefore it is not one 9 2, 152 | those who are related by consanguinity or affinity does not, of 10 2, 152 | with a woman related by consanguinity or affinity ~as stated ( 11 2, 152 | intercourse with women related ~by consanguinity or affinity is unbecoming 12 2, 152 | through one who is related ~by consanguinity: and therefore since the 13 2, 152 | one depends on the other, ~consanguinity and affinity entail the 14 Suppl, 52| or not, as in the case of consanguinity. ~Now the slavery of one 15 Suppl, 54| 1 - OF THE IMPEDIMENT OF CONSANGUINITY (FOUR ARTICLES)~We must 16 Suppl, 54| consider the impediment of consanguinity. Under this head ~there 17 Suppl, 54| of inquiry:~(1) Whether consanguinity is rightly defined by some?~( 18 Suppl, 54| Thes. Para. 1/1~Whether consanguinity is rightly defined?~Aquin.: 19 Suppl, 54| OBJ 1: It would seem that consanguinity is unsuitably defined by 20 Suppl, 54| defined by some as ~follows: "Consanguinity is the tie contracted between 21 Suppl, 54| the above definition of consanguinity is right, all men ~would 22 Suppl, 54| men ~would be related by consanguinity: which is false.~Aquin.: 23 Suppl, 54| other men do. ~Therefore consanguinity is not a tie.~Aquin.: SMT 24 Suppl, 54| eats. Since then ~no tie of consanguinity arises between the person 25 Suppl, 54| animals. But no ~tie of consanguinity is contracted among animals 26 Suppl, 54| included as being the genus of ~consanguinity; the "persons descending 27 Suppl, 54| go no further. Since then consanguinity ~results from this power 28 Suppl, 54| Consequently in defining ~consanguinity we must not take a remote 29 Suppl, 54| the reason why the tie of consanguinity is ~contracted among men 30 Suppl, 54| according to this, matrimonial consanguinity would never come to an end. ~ 31 Suppl, 54| Thes. Para. 1/1~Whether consanguinity is fittingly distinguished 32 Suppl, 54| OBJ 1: It would seem that consanguinity is unfittingly distinguished 33 Suppl, 54| and lines. For a line of consanguinity is described as "the ~ordered 34 Suppl, 54| in various degrees." Now consanguinity is nothing else but a ~series 35 Suppl, 54| persons. Therefore a line of consanguinity is the same as ~consanguinity. 36 Suppl, 54| consanguinity is the same as ~consanguinity. Now a thing ought not to 37 Suppl, 54| distinguished by itself. ~Therefore consanguinity is not fittingly distinguished 38 Suppl, 54| the above definition of consanguinity. Therefore consanguinity 39 Suppl, 54| consanguinity. Therefore consanguinity cannot be ~divided into 40 Suppl, 54| reason it would seem that consanguinity should not be divided ~into 41 Suppl, 54| between them." Now since ~consanguinity is a kind of propinquity, 42 Suppl, 54| between persons is ~opposed to consanguinity rather than a part thereof.~ 43 Suppl, 54| 1/1~OBJ 5: Further, if consanguinity is distinguished and known 44 Suppl, 54| Parenteloe, 35, qu. v). Therefore consanguinity is not ~rightly divided 45 Suppl, 54| make a different degree of consanguinity, since father ~and uncle 46 Suppl, 54| are in the same degree of consanguinity, for they are side by ~side. 47 Suppl, 54| side by ~side. Therefore consanguinity is not rightly divided into 48 Suppl, 54| way. Yet the degrees of ~consanguinity are not always the same 49 Suppl, 54| Therefore ~the measure of consanguinity cannot be sufficiently known 50 Suppl, 54| Para. 1/2~I answer that, Consanguinity as stated (A[1]) is a certain 51 Suppl, 54| effect, and this is the consanguinity of ~father to son, wherefore 52 Suppl, 54| to cause, and this is the consanguinity of son to father, ~wherefore 53 Suppl, 54| there are three lines of ~consanguinity, namely the "descending" 54 Suppl, 54| do away with degrees of ~consanguinity; since no man is kin to 55 Suppl, 54| reason there is no degree of consanguinity where there ~is but one 56 Suppl, 54| lines. For the degree of consanguinity in the ascending and descending ~ 57 Suppl, 54| one of the parties whose ~consanguinity is in question, is descended 58 Suppl, 54| grandson and so on. But the consanguinity that exists ~between persons 59 Suppl, 54| wherefore the degrees of consanguinity in this line must be reckoned ~ 60 Suppl, 54| common stock than he is: and ~consanguinity must be reckoned according 61 Suppl, 54| on a false premise: for ~consanguinity is not the series but a 62 Suppl, 54| of whom forms a line of consanguinity.~Aquin.: SMT XP Q[54] A[ 63 Suppl, 54| attaches to every line of ~consanguinity, because carnal procreation 64 Suppl, 54| procreation whence the tie of consanguinity ~arises is a kind of descent: 65 Suppl, 54| namely from the person whose consanguinity is in question, that makes 66 Suppl, 54| the same with the line of consanguinity: wherefore one ~line contains 67 Suppl, 54| distance is ~opposed to consanguinity, but such as excludes the 68 Suppl, 54| quantity of the surface, so consanguinity is said to be greater or 69 Suppl, 54| reason of the very nature of ~consanguinity: secondly, extensively as 70 Suppl, 54| and thus the degree of ~consanguinity is measured by the persons 71 Suppl, 54| this way the degrees of ~consanguinity are distinguished. Wherefore 72 Suppl, 54| person in the same degree of consanguinity, one is more ~akin to him 73 Suppl, 54| consider the quantity of consanguinity ~in the first way: thus 74 Suppl, 54| in ~the first degree of consanguinity, because in neither case 75 Suppl, 54| common ancestor from whom the consanguinity ~descends, the greater is 76 Suppl, 54| descends, the greater is his consanguinity although he be not in a 77 Suppl, 54| respect of the root of consanguinity, since both are separated 78 Suppl, 54| respect of the person whose ~consanguinity is in question, they are 79 Suppl, 54| Thes. Para. 1/1~Whether consanguinity is an impediment to marriage 80 Suppl, 54| OBJ 1: It would seem that consanguinity is not by natural law an ~ 81 Suppl, 54| regards the natural law no consanguinity is an impediment to ~marriage.~ 82 Suppl, 54| from marriage by reason of ~consanguinity. Therefore, as regards the 83 Suppl, 54| regards the law of nature, consanguinity is ~no impediment to marriage.~ 84 Suppl, 54| marriage on account of ~consanguinity.~Aquin.: SMT XP Q[54] A[ 85 Suppl, 54| impediment to marriage. But consanguinity is not contrary ~to any 86 Suppl, 54| kind of union. Since then consanguinity is a kind of kinship, it 87 Suppl, 54| impediment to marriage. Now consanguinity ~hinders the good of the 88 Suppl, 54| according to the law of nature consanguinity is an impediment ~to matrimony.~ 89 Suppl, 54| union of marriage. Therefore consanguinity ~is an impediment to marriage 90 Suppl, 54| is hindered by a certain consanguinity, ~namely that which is between 91 Suppl, 54| Church, several degrees ~of consanguinity are debarred from marriage.~ 92 Suppl, 54| what has been said that consanguinity is by ~natural law an impediment 93 Suppl, 54| R.O. 3 Para. 2/2~Moreover consanguinity does not result from carnal 94 Suppl, 54| 4: It has been shown how consanguinity between married persons ~ 95 Suppl, 54| like manner the tie of consanguinity may hinder the union of 96 Suppl, 54| 1~Whether the degrees of consanguinity that are an impediment to 97 Suppl, 54| seem that the degrees of consanguinity that are an ~impediment 98 Suppl, 54| within the fourth degree of consanguinity, since their union is ~not 99 Suppl, 54| which are natural. Now consanguinity is a natural tie which is 100 Suppl, 54| effect; for instance, that consanguinity be an impediment as far 101 Suppl, 54| Now the causes for which consanguinity is an impediment to ~marriage 102 Suppl, 54| Therefore the degrees of consanguinity should ~have equally impeded 103 Suppl, 54| this is not true since ~consanguinity is now an impediment to 104 Suppl, 54| decided which degrees of consanguinity impede ~marriage, and which 105 Suppl, 54| The degrees within which consanguinity has been an ~impediment 106 Suppl, 54| permitted other degrees of consanguinity, in fact ~to a certain extent 107 Suppl, 54| more remote degrees of ~consanguinity, in order that consanguinity 108 Suppl, 54| consanguinity, in order that consanguinity and affinity might be the ~ 109 Suppl, 54| to more remote degrees of consanguinity. Useless, because ~charity 110 Suppl, 54| fourth generation, so that consanguinity cannot lapse into ~oblivion, 111 Suppl, 54| identity of which causes consanguinity, ~receives a further addition 112 Suppl, 54| OBJ 3: Although the tie of consanguinity is natural, it is not ~natural 113 Suppl, 54| it is not ~natural that consanguinity forbid carnal intercourse, 114 Suppl, 54| for different degrees of ~consanguinity.~Aquin.: SMT XP Q[54] A[ 115 Suppl, 54| reason for the impediment of consanguinity is not the ~same at different 116 Suppl, 54| prohibiting the degrees of consanguinity the Church ~considers chiefly 117 Suppl, 54| prohibit the degrees of ~consanguinity in uncles and nephews. On 118 Suppl, 55| as far as the degrees of consanguinity?~(9) Whether marriages of 119 Suppl, 55| related to one another by consanguinity ~or affinity should always 120 Suppl, 55| was, the tie, namely of consanguinity, albeit in a different degree 121 Suppl, 55| extremes. It is the same ~with consanguinity and affinity, because the 122 Suppl, 55| Para. 1/1~OBJ 2: Further, consanguinity is the cause of affinity. 123 Suppl, 55| cause of affinity. Now the ~consanguinity of the husband with his 124 Suppl, 55| contrary, Affinity is caused by consanguinity. Now consanguinity ~binds 125 Suppl, 55| caused by consanguinity. Now consanguinity ~binds persons together 126 Suppl, 55| 2 Para. 1/1~Reply OBJ 2: Consanguinity is not the chief cause of 127 Suppl, 55| Further, where there is consanguinity there cannot be affinity; ~ 128 Suppl, 55| there can be ~affinity and consanguinity between two persons, not 129 Suppl, 55| himself, since affinity, like consanguinity, ~requires diversity of 130 Suppl, 55| marriage even ~as affinity and consanguinity are, and according to the 131 Suppl, 55| degrees of affinity and consanguinity are reckoned ~equally. But 132 Suppl, 55| are reckoned ~equally. But consanguinity causes affinity. Therefore 133 Suppl, 55| Para. 1/1~OBJ 6: Further, consanguinity is a stronger tie than affinity. 134 Suppl, 55| for the same reason as consanguinity. ~For just as there is a 135 Suppl, 55| with him. Wherefore just as consanguinity is an ~impediment to marriage 136 Suppl, 55| apart from the ~degrees of consanguinity by which it is caused.~Aquin.: 137 Suppl, 55| Therefore affinity like ~consanguinity admits itself of degrees.~ 138 Suppl, 55| contrary, Affinity is caused by consanguinity. Therefore all the ~degrees 139 Suppl, 55| caused by the degrees of consanguinity: and so it ~has no degrees 140 Suppl, 55| has a direct relation to consanguinity, ~because the tie of consanguinity 141 Suppl, 55| consanguinity, ~because the tie of consanguinity is immediately contracted 142 Suppl, 55| affinity except through consanguinity which ~is the latter's cause. 143 Suppl, 55| immediately referable to consanguinity, and to ~affinity through 144 Suppl, 55| and to ~affinity through consanguinity. Hence the general rule 145 Suppl, 55| that in whatever degree of consanguinity I am ~related to the husband, 146 Suppl, 55| is compared only through consanguinity. Wherefore affinity has ~ 147 Suppl, 55| according to the degrees of ~consanguinity.~Aquin.: SMT XP Q[55] A[ 148 Suppl, 55| same way as the degrees of ~consanguinity?~Aquin.: SMT XP Q[55] A[ 149 Suppl, 55| same way as the degrees of consanguinity. For the tie of affinity 150 Suppl, 55| strong than the tie of consanguinity, since affinity arises from ~ 151 Suppl, 55| since affinity arises from ~consanguinity in diversity of species, 152 Suppl, 55| same number of degrees as consanguinity.~Aquin.: SMT XP Q[55] A[ 153 Suppl, 55| Divine law certain degrees of consanguinity were forbidden, in which ~ 154 Suppl, 55| prohibition of affinity and consanguinity ~should not extend to the 155 Suppl, 55| number as the degrees of consanguinity.~Aquin.: SMT XP Q[55] A[ 156 Suppl, 55| according to ~the degrees of consanguinity, the degrees of affinity 157 Suppl, 55| same in number as those of consanguinity. Nevertheless, affinity 158 Suppl, 55| being a ~lesser tie than consanguinity, both formerly and now, 159 Suppl, 55| in the ~remote degrees of consanguinity.~Aquin.: SMT XP Q[55] A[ 160 Suppl, 55| is less than the tie of ~consanguinity causes a difference in the 161 Suppl, 55| degrees of affinity or ~consanguinity should always be annulled?~ 162 Suppl, 55| degrees of affinity or consanguinity ought not always to be annulled 163 Suppl, 55| be annulled on account of consanguinity, in the case when two brothers ~ 164 Suppl, 55| separated on account of consanguinity, the ~other ought to be 165 Suppl, 55| account of ~affinity or consanguinity.~Aquin.: SMT XP Q[55] A[ 166 Suppl, 55| Para. 1/1~On the contrary, Consanguinity and affinity forbid the 167 Suppl, 55| Therefore if affinity or consanguinity be ~proved, the parties 168 Suppl, 55| is annulled on account of consanguinity, the ~Church does not therefore 169 Suppl, 55| each other by affinity or ~consanguinity?~Aquin.: SMT XP Q[55] A[ 170 Suppl, 55| related by ~affinity or consanguinity. Because accusation is preceded 171 Suppl, 55| relatives by affinity and consanguinity is unlawful. Therefore it 172 Suppl, 55| Strangers cannot know of the consanguinity except from the ~relatives, 173 Suppl, 56| bodily ~goods. But the bodily consanguinity of the husband passes to 174 Suppl, 56| relationship both by affinity ~and consanguinity to the same person.~Aquin.: 175 Suppl, 58| de jure," for instance consanguinity, voids ~the marriage contract, 176 Suppl, 62| becomes ~cognizant of his consanguinity with his wife, he sins mortally 177 Suppl, 62| parallel, because the effect of consanguinity ~is that there is no marriage

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