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indulge 3
indulged 2
indulgence 116
indulgences 114
indulgent 5
indulges 1
industry 6
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115 spiritually
115 writ
114 became
114 indulgences
114 line
114 per
114 remitted
St. Thomas Aquinas
Summa Theologica

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    Part, Question
1 Suppl, 17| excommunication, thirdly, of indulgences, ~since these two things 2 Suppl, 25| 25] Out. Para. 1/2 - OF INDULGENCES (THREE ARTICLES)~We must 3 Suppl, 25| satisfaction of sins?~(2) Whether indulgences are as effective as they 4 Suppl, 25| Church approves and grants indulgences. ~Therefore indulgences 5 Suppl, 25| indulgences. ~Therefore indulgences have some value.~Aquin.: 6 Suppl, 25| answer that, All admit that indulgences have some value, for it 7 Suppl, 25| Church by ~granting such indulgences would do more harm than 8 Suppl, 25| say on the contrary that indulgences hold good both in the ~Church' 9 Suppl, 25| which is granted by means of indulgences does ~not destroy the proportion 10 Suppl, 25| which is not produced by indulgences. But he who ~grants indulgences 11 Suppl, 25| indulgences. But he who ~grants indulgences pays the debt of punishment 12 Suppl, 25| granted, it follows that indulgences provide a ~remedy against 13 Suppl, 25| is not harmful to grant indulgences ~unless this be done without 14 Suppl, 25| Nevertheless those who gain ~indulgences should be advised, not, 15 Suppl, 25| Thes. Para. 1/1~Whether indulgences are as effective as they 16 Suppl, 25| OBJ 1: It would seem that indulgences are not as effective as 17 Suppl, 25| as they claim ~to be. For indulgences have no effect save from 18 Suppl, 25| penitent's sorrow. Since then indulgences ~depend on the mere will 19 Suppl, 25| above all things. Now, if ~indulgences are as effective as they 20 Suppl, 25| setting ~himself to gain indulgences might become immune from 21 Suppl, 25| and devote himself to gain indulgences.~Aquin.: SMT XP Q[25] A[ 22 Suppl, 25| building. If, therefore, indulgences ~produce the effect which 23 Suppl, 25| beyond the just estimate. Now indulgences are often ~published which 24 Suppl, 25| the Church, in ~publishing indulgences, does not lie; and so they 25 Suppl, 25| mortally. If therefore indulgences are not as effective as 26 Suppl, 25| to ~be, all who publish indulgences would commit a mortal sin: 27 Suppl, 25| For some maintain ~that indulgences have not the efficacy claimed 28 Suppl, 25| the Church publishes her ~indulgences in such a way as, by a kind 29 Suppl, 25| others have maintained that indulgences avail as much as is ~claimed 30 Suppl, 25| First, because in that case ~indulgences would no longer be a remission, 31 Suppl, 25| untruth, since, at times, indulgences are granted far in excess 32 Suppl, 25| of punishment effected by indulgences is no other than the ~abundance 33 Suppl, 25| Hence, according to others, indulgences have precisely the efficacy ~ 34 Suppl, 25| remission granted through indulgences is ~the effect of this key, 35 Suppl, 25| not priests, can ~grant indulgences. Consequently the decision 36 Suppl, 25| he sins by granting such indulgences, although the ~indulgence 37 Suppl, 25| 1~Reply OBJ 2: Although indulgences avail much for the remission 38 Suppl, 25| in this way, even without indulgences, a person shares in all 39 Suppl, 25| some individual through indulgences.~Aquin.: SMT XP Q[25] A[ 40 Suppl, 25| necessary than temporal. ~But indulgences do not appear to be granted 41 Suppl, 25| the Church in granting ~indulgences for pilgrimages and almsgiving.~ 42 Suppl, 25| 2 Para. 1/1~Reply OBJ 2: Indulgences can be, and sometimes are, 43 Suppl, 26| OF THOSE WHO CAN GRANT INDULGENCES (FOUR ARTICLES)~We must 44 Suppl, 26| consider those who can grant indulgences: under which head ~there 45 Suppl, 26| parish priest can grant indulgences? ~(2) Whether a deacon or 46 Suppl, 26| not a priest, can grant ~indulgences?~(3) Whether a bishop can 47 Suppl, 26| parish priest can grant indulgences?~Aquin.: SMT XP Q[26] A[ 48 Suppl, 26| parish priest can grant indulgences. For ~an indulgence derives 49 Suppl, 26| congregation, can ~grant indulgences, and, in like manner, so 50 Suppl, 26| seems that he can grant indulgences.~Aquin.: SMT XP Q[26] A[ 51 Suppl, 26| excommunicate is less than to grant indulgences. But ~a parish priest cannot 52 Suppl, 26| Para. 1/2~I answer that, Indulgences are effective, in as much 53 Suppl, 26| of the Church can grant ~indulgences. Since, however, the Church 54 Suppl, 26| like prelates cannot grant ~indulgences.~Aquin.: SMT XP Q[26] A[ 55 Suppl, 26| priest alone can grant ~indulgences.~Aquin.: SMT XP Q[26] A[ 56 Suppl, 26| punishment is granted by ~indulgences than by the tribunal of 57 Suppl, 26| Therefore he can grant indulgences, ~since they derive their 58 Suppl, 26| that, The power of granting indulgences follows jurisdiction, ~as 59 Suppl, 26| are not priests can ~grant indulgences, although they cannot absolve 60 Suppl, 26| because the granting of indulgences ~belongs to the key of jurisdiction 61 Suppl, 26| Whether a bishop can grant indulgences?~Aquin.: SMT XP Q[26] A[ 62 Suppl, 26| even a bishop cannot grant indulgences. ~Because the treasury of 63 Suppl, 26| the Pope alone ~can grant indulgences.~Aquin.: SMT XP Q[26] A[ 64 Suppl, 26| with ~which bishops grant indulgences.~Aquin.: SMT XP Q[26] A[ 65 Suppl, 26| of the power of granting indulgences ~resides in the Pope, because 66 Suppl, 26| Thes. Para. 1/1~Whether indulgences can be granted by one who 67 Suppl, 26| OBJ 1: It would seem that indulgences cannot be granted by one 68 Suppl, 26| nothing to others by ~granting indulgences.~Aquin.: SMT XP Q[26] A[ 69 Suppl, 26| Para. 1/1~On the contrary, Indulgences are granted in virtue of 70 Suppl, 26| in mortal sin can grant ~indulgences.~Aquin.: SMT XP Q[26] A[ 71 Suppl, 26| answer that, The granting of indulgences belongs to jurisdiction. 72 Suppl, 26| jurisdiction. Consequently indulgences ~are equally valid, whether 73 Suppl, 27| Para. 1/1 - OF THOSE WHOM INDULGENCES AVAIL (FOUR ARTICLES)~We 74 Suppl, 27| now consider those whom indulgences avail: under which head ~ 75 Suppl, 27| of inquiry:~(1) Whether indulgences avail those who are in mortal 76 Suppl, 27| he be in mortal sin. Now indulgences derive their ~efficacy from 77 Suppl, 27| receives no inflow, through indulgences, from the merits of ~living 78 Suppl, 27| answer that, Some hold that indulgences avail those even who are 79 Suppl, 27| of the Church neither by indulgences nor in ~the tribunal of 80 Suppl, 27| conditions for gaining all indulgences. If however the merits were ~ 81 Suppl, 27| Thes. Para. 1/1~Whether indulgences avail religious?~Aquin.: 82 Suppl, 27| OBJ 1: It would seem that indulgences do not avail religious. 83 Suppl, 27| their ~own abundance. Now indulgences are derived from the abundance 84 Suppl, 27| unreasonable for ~them to profit by indulgences.~Aquin.: SMT XP Q[27] A[ 85 Suppl, 27| in ~the Church. But, if indulgences were to avail religious, 86 Suppl, 27| become lax on ~account of indulgences, and would neglect the penances 87 Suppl, 27| imposed in ~chapter. Therefore indulgences do not avail religious.~ 88 Suppl, 27| profit to ~be derived from indulgences.~Aquin.: SMT XP Q[27] A[ 89 Suppl, 27| Para. 1/1~I answer that, Indulgences avail both seculars and 90 Suppl, 27| conditions for gaining the indulgences: ~for religious can be helped 91 Suppl, 27| religious can be helped by indulgences no less than persons living 92 Suppl, 27| expiate this debt by means of ~indulgences. For it is not unreasonable 93 Suppl, 27| There is no reason why indulgences should be detrimental to ~ 94 Suppl, 27| their rule than by gaining indulgences; ~although, as to the remission 95 Suppl, 27| merit less. Nor again do indulgences remit the punishment enjoined 96 Suppl, 27| OBJ 3: Further, to grant indulgences and to excommunicate belong 97 Suppl, 27| of punishment by means of indulgences.~Aquin.: SMT XP Q[27] A[ 98 Suppl, 71| the departed?~(10) Whether indulgences granted by the Church profit 99 Suppl, 71| Thes. Para. 1/1~Whether the indulgences of the Church profit the 100 Suppl, 71| It would seem that the indulgences granted by the Church profit ~ 101 Suppl, 71| profited the dead. Therefore indulgences profit the dead.~Aquin.: 102 Suppl, 71| merit of the Church whereon indulgences are founded.~Aquin.: SMT 103 Suppl, 71| 1/1~OBJ 3: Further, the indulgences of the Church profit those 104 Suppl, 71| Therefore ~it would seem that indulgences profit the departed.~Aquin.: 105 Suppl, 71| contrary, In order that indulgences may avail a person, there ~ 106 Suppl, 71| is for such a cause that ~indulgences are chiefly granted. Therefore, 107 Suppl, 71| granted. Therefore, seemingly, indulgences profit ~not the dead.~Aquin.: 108 Suppl, 71| OTC Para. 2/2~Further, indulgences are regulated according 109 Suppl, 71| grants them. If, therefore, indulgences could avail the dead, ~it 110 Suppl, 71| those things for which ~indulgences are granted, indulgences 111 Suppl, 71| indulgences are granted, indulgences cannot avail them directly. 112 Suppl, 71| common ~suffrages whence indulgences derive their value, as stated 113 Suppl, 71| the common merits, whereon indulgences are based, to the living ~ 114 Suppl, 71| just as he lists, since for indulgences to ~avail there must be

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