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Alphabetical    [«  »]
confirms 10
confiteor 1
conflagration 17
conflict 38
conflicting 3
conflicts 6
confluence 2
Frequency    [«  »]
38 certainly
38 circle
38 communication
38 conflict
38 conform
38 consents
38 differing
St. Thomas Aquinas
Summa Theologica

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   Part, Question
1 1, 27 | into a subject (which would conflict with the ~divine self-subsistence); 2 2, 98 | concupiscence ~which is in conflict with reason, as evidenced 3 2, 50 | said to have won in the ~conflict, or not to have won."~Aquin.: 4 2, 123 | at the very thought of ~conflict; yet he is not so wholly 5 3, 46 | Christ, either ~endure the conflict of martyrdom or keep the 6 Suppl, 72| have won or lost ~in the conflict. Yet the supreme will of 7 Suppl, 90| those who engage in the conflict" ~(Ethic. i, 8) and "he . . . 8 Suppl, 93| there is a special kind of conflict, there should be a special 9 Suppl, 93| there is a special kind of conflict. Therefore they ~deserve 10 Suppl, 93| is ~gained by a kind of conflict - since "the life of man 11 Suppl, 93| because she ~experienced no conflict in being continent, for 12 Suppl, 93| virgins experience a greater conflict in ~remaining continent; 13 Suppl, 93| widows experience the ~lesser conflict, yet theirs is the greater 14 Suppl, 93| yet theirs is the greater conflict by reason of their ~recollection 15 Suppl, 93| may say of the degree of ~conflict, this is certain - that 16 Suppl, 93| sense as referring to a conflict, but that she has ~something 17 Suppl, 93| though she ~experienced no conflict, she had a certain conflict 18 Suppl, 93| conflict, she had a certain conflict of the flesh, but ~owing 19 Suppl, 93| that she did not feel this conflict. This, however, would seem 20 Suppl, 93| that there was ~in her any conflict with the flesh, since such 21 Suppl, 93| the flesh, since such like conflict is only from ~the inclination 22 Suppl, 93| and ~although she had no conflict by reason of the temptation 23 Suppl, 93| not due to him, since his ~conflict did not last until death. 24 Suppl, 93| in the spirit there is a conflict with the ~internal concupiscences, 25 Suppl, 93| concupiscences, so is there in man a conflict with the passion ~that is 26 Suppl, 93| of view of the motive ~of conflict, when, to wit, a man strives 27 Suppl, 93| difficulty inherent to the ~conflict itself of martyrdom: wherefore 28 Suppl, 93| that in Him there is ~both conflict and victory, and consequently 29 Suppl, 93| lawfully." But there is no ~conflict in the angels. Therefore 30 Suppl, 93| beset every man. For in the conflict with the flesh, he above 31 Suppl, 93| due to ~virginity. In the conflict with the world, the chief 32 Suppl, 93| victory in this battle. In the conflict with ~the devil, the chief 33 Suppl, 93| Reply OBJ 1: There is no conflict to be observed in the act 34 Suppl, 93| highest place in a spiritual conflict, because the love of ~temporalities 35 Suppl, 93| intensely painful; while the ~conflict with the flesh is fraught 36 Suppl, 93| of all others, since this conflict ~is about intelligible goods. 37 Suppl, 93| considered in ~view of the conflict is more essential to the 38 Suppl, 93| standpoint through the conflict being at closer quarters.

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