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Alphabetical    [«  »]
dissociated 2
dissoluble 4
dissolution 34
dissolve 32
dissolved 105
dissolvent 1
dissolves 13
Frequency    [«  »]
32 comeliness
32 deserved
32 detriment
32 dissolve
32 distinguishing
32 distress
32 domestic
St. Thomas Aquinas
Summa Theologica

IntraText - Concordances


   Part, Question
1 2, 152 | Nevertheless rape does not dissolve a marriage ~already contracted, 2 3, 51 | death our bodies begin to dissolve into dust, and are ~disposed 3 3, 51 | to putrefy in any way or dissolve no matter ~how; but for 4 Suppl, 50| contracted, it will "de facto" dissolve it after it has ~been contracted; 5 Suppl, 50| from being contracted, and dissolve it after it has been ~contracted.~ 6 Suppl, 50| marriage, but they do not dissolve the marriage once ~contracted; 7 Suppl, 50| contracting of marriage, but to dissolve it if contracted; and ~they 8 Suppl, 50| we do not mean that they dissolve a marriage ~contracted in 9 Suppl, 50| due form, but that they dissolve a marriage contracted "de ~ 10 Suppl, 50| contracted in due form, it cannot dissolve the marriage.~Aquin.: SMT 11 Suppl, 52| supervene to marriage it ~would dissolve it; which is unreasonable.~ 12 Suppl, 52| supervening to marriage can dissolve it, as stated above ~(Q[ 13 Suppl, 53| since a simple vow does not dissolve marriage, ~neither will 14 Suppl, 53| neither will a solemn vow dissolve it.~Aquin.: SMT XP Q[53] 15 Suppl, 53| added thereto, ~does not dissolve a marriage already contracted. 16 Suppl, 53| that a simple vow does not ~dissolve a marriage already contracted, 17 Suppl, 53| neither should a solemn vow ~dissolve it.~Aquin.: SMT XP Q[53] 18 Suppl, 53| pay it. But it does not dissolve the ~bond in respect of 19 Suppl, 56| it follows, it does not dissolve the marriage bond: but we ~ 20 Suppl, 59| married person does not dissolve but ~perfects the marriage. 21 Suppl, 59| which nevertheless cannot ~dissolve it if they follow it. Such 22 Suppl, 59| subsequent to marriage does not dissolve the ~marriage. Now, if the 23 Suppl, 59| to the Creator does not dissolve the marriage so that her ~ 24 Suppl, 59| lifetime. It does ~not however dissolve the marriage at once, since 25 Suppl, 59| 1/1~Whether other sins dissolve marriage?~Aquin.: SMT XP 26 Suppl, 59| other sins besides unbelief dissolve marriage. ~For adultery 27 Suppl, 59| reason any kind of sin will dissolve marriage.~Aquin.: SMT XP 28 Suppl, 61| consistent with marriage does not dissolve the marriage ~tie. Now the 29 Suppl, 62| tie, so does ~fornication dissolve the marriage-bed. Now after 30 Suppl, 62| supervenient to marriage can dissolve it: ~wherefore adultery 31 Suppl, 66| removes sin, but does not dissolve marriage. ~Wherefore since 32 Suppl, 75| living, even as it will dissolve other mixed bodies into

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