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divisions 11
divite 1
divorce 119
divorced 29
divorces 3
divorcing 7
divortiis 1
Frequency    [«  »]
29 detained
29 disparity
29 disposing
29 divorced
29 enjoying
29 epist
29 equivalent
St. Thomas Aquinas
Summa Theologica

IntraText - Concordances


   Part, Question
1 2, 105 | Law permitted a wife to be divorced, not as though it ~were 2 Suppl, 59| take the ~first whom he had divorced and to put the other away.~ 3 Suppl, 62| 5) Whether, after being divorced, they must remain unmarried?~( 4 Suppl, 62| be reconciled after being divorced?~Aquin.: SMT XP Q[62] A[ 5 Suppl, 62| fornication, they cannot be ~divorced on that account. Neither 6 Suppl, 62| very shame of having been divorced ought to keep her ~from 7 Suppl, 62| be reconciled after being divorced?~Aquin.: SMT XP Q[62] A[ 8 Suppl, 62| reconciled after ~being divorced. For the law contains the 9 Suppl, 67| Whether a wife who has been divorced may take another husband? ~( 10 Suppl, 67| again the wife whom he has divorced?~(6) Whether the cause of 11 Suppl, 67| Whether it was lawful for a divorced wife to have another husband?~ 12 Suppl, 67| that it was lawful for a divorced wife to have ~another husband. 13 Suppl, 67| wife than the wife by being divorced. But the husband ~could, 14 Suppl, 67| New ~Testament that the divorced wife marry not another husband ( 15 Suppl, 67| it was not lawful for the divorced ~wife to have another husband.~ 16 Suppl, 67| written (Dt. 24:3) that a divorced woman who ~marries another 17 Suppl, 67| another husband after being divorced, because her ~first marriage 18 Suppl, 67| not ~marry a widow or a divorced woman.~Aquin.: SMT XP Q[ 19 Suppl, 67| take back the wife he had divorced?~Aquin.: SMT XP Q[67] A[ 20 Suppl, 67| take back the wife he ~had divorced. For it is lawful to undo 21 Suppl, 67| taking back the wife he had divorced was indulgent to one who ~ 22 Suppl, 67| unlawful to ~take back a divorced wife was "because she is 23 Suppl, 67| she is defiled." But the divorced ~wife is not defiled except 24 Suppl, 67| was lawful to take back a divorced wife before she married 25 Suppl, 67| away the wife, and for the ~divorced wife to take another husband; 26 Suppl, 67| secondly that the ~husband who divorced his wife could not take 27 Suppl, 67| could not take back ~his divorced wife, as stated above: and 28 Suppl, 67| that it ~was lawful for a divorced wife to be reconciled to 29 Suppl, 67| reason, a woman could be divorced on ~account of her virtue,

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