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mare 3
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margin 1
marital 24
maritum 1
mark 78
marked 22
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24 jew
24 letters
24 lot
24 marital
24 mirth
24 mourn
24 nights
St. Thomas Aquinas
Summa Theologica

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   Part, Question
1 Suppl, 44| follows: "Marriage ~is the marital union of man and woman involving 2 Suppl, 44| woman in ~matrimony. Now "marital union" is put in the definition 3 Suppl, 44| not be described ~as a "marital union" rather than an uxorial 4 Suppl, 44| the species, by the ~word "marital," for since matrimony is 5 Suppl, 44| matrimony we say that it is a ~"marital union," by which we mean 6 Suppl, 44| those things required by the marital office, all of which ~could 7 Suppl, 58| boy who is incapable of marital intercourse is unfit ~to 8 Suppl, 58| bound to ~pay the other the marital debt: wherefore just as 9 Suppl, 58| one who ~cannot pay the marital debt. This impediment is 10 Suppl, 58| endeavored to ~fulfil their marital intercourse, the marriage 11 Suppl, 58| other's body in relation to ~marital intercourse.~Aquin.: SMT 12 Suppl, 58| to prove an impediment to marital intercourse for ~three years 13 Suppl, 58| husband loses his right to marital intercourse, nor can he 14 Suppl, 58| the ~age of puberty have marital intercourse before the aforesaid 15 Suppl, 59| as to ~cohabitation and marital intercourse, wherein unbelief 16 Suppl, 61| the union which precedes marital intercourse ~was made by 17 Suppl, 61| 1~I answer that, Before marital intercourse there is only 18 Suppl, 61| Wherefore, just as after marital intercourse marriage is 19 Suppl, 61| of a better life. But ~by marital intercourse the aforesaid 20 Suppl, 62| the latter is not bound to marital intercourse ~with the unfaithful 21 Suppl, 62| fornication a ~husband has marital intercourse with his wife, 22 Suppl, 63| Para. 1/2~On the contrary, Marital intercourse is excused from 23 Suppl, 63| in a first marriage. Now marital intercourse is excused ~[* 24 Suppl, 64| liable to infection from ~marital intercourse as from continual

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