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St. Thomas Aquinas
Summa Theologica

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1501 Suppl, 78| according to Boethius is "a state rendered perfect by the 1502 Suppl, 78| increase quantity. But in the state ~of the resurrection the 1503 Suppl, 78| to this in his ~present state of life by the action of 1504 Suppl, 78| nature which He had in that state wherein He ate and drank 1505 Suppl, 79| human body even in this ~state of life. Consequently others 1506 Suppl, 79| rational soul; but that in this state of life, on account of the ~ 1507 Suppl, 79| man otherwise than in this state of mortality." Or we may ~ 1508 Suppl, 79| mortality in the present state of life, namely ~composition 1509 Suppl, 79| was not the case in the state of innocence. ~Consequently 1510 Suppl, 79| new judgment. But in that state there will be no new judgment, ~ 1511 Suppl, 79| according to the present state of life, a natural ~aptitude 1512 Suppl, 80| say that in the present state this ~obstacle is its grossness 1513 Suppl, 81| is not becoming to that state. ~Hence the argument does 1514 Suppl, 83| Divine justice, as we shall state ~further on (A[3]), even 1515 Suppl, 84| after the judgment, the state of the world and of those 1516 Suppl, 85| wicked, so long as this state of life ~is governed by 1517 Suppl, 85| but to signify the last state of the world, which is the ~ 1518 Suppl, 86| which is in keeping with the state of this world: wherein men ~ 1519 Suppl, 86| this cannot refer to the state of the present time. ~Therefore 1520 Suppl, 88| our consideration: (1) The state and quality of the world; ( 1521 Suppl, 88| quality of the world; (2) The ~state of the blessed; (3) The 1522 Suppl, 88| of the blessed; (3) The state of the wicked.~Aquin.: SMT 1523 Suppl, 88| things ~belonging to the state of glory are not "under 1524 Suppl, 88| and hereafter in the state of glory man will ~no longer 1525 Suppl, 88| the earth in its present state, when ~it is able to be 1526 Suppl, 88| with regard to the present state. This is ~evident from the 1527 Suppl, 88| for ever." For after this state there will ~be no succession 1528 Suppl, 88| mentioned ~will cease after this state.~Aquin.: SMT XP Q[91] A[ 1529 Suppl, 88| Therefore in the ~original state before sin the moon shone 1530 Suppl, 88| wrought no change upon the state of the universe, since both ~ 1531 Suppl, 88| bring a change upon the state of all corporeal creatures, 1532 Suppl, 88| when he is brought from a state of sorrow to one of ~very 1533 Suppl, 88| renewed man will pass from the state of corruption to incorruptibility ~ 1534 Suppl, 88| incorruptibility ~and to a state of everlasting rest, wherefore 1535 Suppl, 88| their ~active and passive state. But this state will not 1536 Suppl, 88| passive state. But this state will not remain in the elements: ~ 1537 Suppl, 88| one corresponding to this state of changeableness, the other ~ 1538 Suppl, 88| other ~corresponding to the state of a future renewal. Now 1539 Suppl, 88| according to the present state, and not ~according to the 1540 Suppl, 88| and not ~according to the state of this renewal, since they 1541 Suppl, 89| then will be the final state of things, and in that state 1542 Suppl, 89| state of things, and in that state it is possible ~that all 1543 Suppl, 91| world they ~are in such a state that without prejudice to 1544 Suppl, 91| can ~be taken away from a state of unhappiness and sin to 1545 Suppl, 91| unhappiness and sin to a state of ~happiness. Consequently 1546 Suppl, 91| good men who are in the state of ~wayfarers. But in the 1547 Suppl, 91| wayfarers. But in the future state it will be impossible for 1548 Suppl, 92| burdens, especially in the state of the Church triumphant. ~ 1549 Suppl, 92| should be assigned to that state.~Aquin.: SMT XP Q[95] A[ 1550 Suppl, 92| with Christ by faith in the state ~of the Church militant. 1551 Suppl, 92| iii), "beatitude is a ~state made perfect by the aggregate 1552 Suppl, 92| all good things." Now the state of ~the blessed is perfected 1553 Suppl, 93| iii), beatitude ~is "a state rendered perfect by the 1554 Suppl, 93| observe virginity in the state of innocence, since then 1555 Suppl, 93| the aureole is due to the state and ~not to the act: so 1556 Suppl, 93| placed themselves in the state of observing perpetual virginity. 1557 Suppl, 93| an alteration from the state in which it was before. 1558 Suppl, 93| angels, or belong to their state in general, or to ~their 1559 Suppl, 93| glory ~and their common state: wherefore they do not merit 1560 Suppl, 94| were to ~remain in this state of generation and corruption. 1561 Suppl, 95| belong especially to the state of ~happiness and their 1562 Suppl, 95| their contraries to the state of unhappiness (Ethic. i, ~ 1563 Suppl, 95| the damned will be in a state of the greatest imperfection. ~ 1564 Suppl, 95| only ~that they are in a state of glory that surpasses 1565 Suppl, 96| a fitting member of the State, his punishment is ~prolonged 1566 Suppl, 96| inflicted by the earthly state is not deemed everlasting 1567 Suppl, 96| for ever, or because the state itself ~comes to an end. 1568 Suppl, 96| will ~puts himself in a state whence he cannot be rescued, 1569 Suppl, 96| others who remain in the state. Accordingly the ~damnation 1570 Suppl, 96| length ~pass from their happy state to the unhappiness of this 1571 Suppl, 96| statement applies ~to men in the state of wayfarer, inasmuch as 1572 Appen1, 1| original justice (as in the state of ~innocence) - it follows 1573 Appen1, 1| affliction on account of the ~state in which they are?~Aquin.: 1574 Appen1, 1| affliction on account of the state wherein they are, because 1575 Appen1, 2| Wherefore in the original state Adam would not have sinned 1576 Appen1, 2| this cannot happen in that ~state, since the acts of both 1577 Appen1, 2| in his ~sleep, being in a state of grace and yet having 1578 Appen1, 2| sin in one who dies in a ~state of grace, is remitted after 1579 Appen1, 2| sins do not alter a man's state, for they neither ~destroy 1580 Appen1, 2| long as man remains in the state of the way, in a sense. 1581 Appen2, 1| as those who are in the state of ~charity, do certain 1582 Appen2, 1| and God, as regards their state. But this is ~of no account,

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