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1166 between
1158 iv
1158 world
1153 second
1151 corporeal
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1149 iii
St. Thomas Aquinas
Summa Theologica

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     Part, Question
1001 Suppl, 58| Therefore neither is the second.~Aquin.: SMT XP Q[58] A[ 1002 Suppl, 59| that ~which tends to the second perfection. And since the 1003 Suppl, 59| and believers, while the second belongs only to ~believers, 1004 Suppl, 59| worship hinders not only the second perfection of the ~offspring, 1005 Suppl, 59| first wife he has ~married a second, and that he is converted 1006 Suppl, 59| cannot remain with ~this second wife.~Aquin.: SMT XP Q[59] 1007 Suppl, 59| would be impossible if the second marriage were ~valid. Therefore 1008 Suppl, 59| marriage is dissolved by the second marriage which the ~believing 1009 Suppl, 59| continence nor enter ~into a second marriage, if after his conversion 1010 Suppl, 61| finally perfect as to its second act ~which is operation. 1011 Suppl, 62| committed fornication; ~the second is if he has prostituted 1012 Suppl, 62| the husband to contract ~a second marriage.~Aquin.: SMT XP 1013 Suppl, 63| Q[63] Out. Para. 1/1~OF SECOND MARRIAGES (TWO ARTICLES)~ 1014 Suppl, 63| next place we must consider second marriage. Under this head ~ 1015 Suppl, 63| Thes. Para. 1/1~Whether a second marriage is lawful?~Aquin.: 1016 Suppl, 63| 1: It would seem that a second marriage is unlawful. Because 1017 Suppl, 63| Chrysostom] says that ~"to take a second husband is in truth fornication," 1018 Suppl, 63| Therefore neither is a second marriage lawful.~Aquin.: 1019 Suppl, 63| and De Viduis] says that a second marriage is not good. ~Therefore 1020 Suppl, 63| debarred from being ~present at second marriages, as stated in 1021 Suppl, 63| married twice. ~Therefore a second marriage is unlawful.~Aquin.: 1022 Suppl, 63| Abraham having contracted a second marriage ~(Gn. 25:1).~Aquin.: 1023 Suppl, 63| bear children." Therefore second ~marriages are lawful.~Aquin.: 1024 Suppl, 63| hindered from marrying a ~second time on account of the previous 1025 Suppl, 63| marriage. Therefore not only ~second marriages are lawful, but 1026 Suppl, 63| to incite a person to a second marriage, namely ~concupiscence 1027 Suppl, 63| Para. 1/1~Reply OBJ 2: A second marriage is stated not to 1028 Suppl, 63| consequently they are debarred from second marriages, ~which lack the 1029 Suppl, 63| Thes. Para. 1/1~Whether a second marriage is a sacrament?~ 1030 Suppl, 63| 1: It would seem that a second marriage is not a sacrament. 1031 Suppl, 63| an injury. Therefore if a second marriage were a sacrament, 1032 Suppl, 63| no blessing is given in a second marriage, as stated in the 1033 Suppl, 63| marriage is not preserved in a second marriage, because ~there 1034 Suppl, 63| receiving another. ~But a second marriage is an impediment 1035 Suppl, 63| is excused from sin in a second ~marriage even as in a first 1036 Suppl, 63| and sacrament. Therefore a second marriage is a sacrament.~ 1037 Suppl, 63| not contracted through a second and ~non-sacramental union, 1038 Suppl, 63| is ~contracted through a second marriage. Therefore it is 1039 Suppl, 63| sacrament. Wherefore, since in a second marriage we find all the ~ 1040 Suppl, 63| present), it is clear that a second marriage is a sacrament 1041 Suppl, 63| Reply OBJ 2: Although the second marriage, considered in 1042 Suppl, 63| blessing is omitted in a second marriage. This, ~however, 1043 Suppl, 63| to the case when it is a second marriage on the part of ~ 1044 Suppl, 63| reason when a woman marries a second time the marriage is not ~ 1045 Suppl, 63| signification is found in a second marriage ~considered in 1046 Suppl, 63| Para. 1/1~Reply OBJ 4: A second marriage in so far as there 1047 Suppl, 64| but with regard to the second it was a moral precept. 1048 Suppl, 64| New Law on account of ~the second reason, although not on 1049 Suppl, 64| suffices for the Reply to the Second Objection.~Aquin.: SMT XP 1050 Suppl, 64| But with ~reference to the second kind of equality, they are 1051 Suppl, 64| rights, but not in the second. Seeing, however, that if 1052 Suppl, 65| natural law, but by the second ~which are derived from 1053 Suppl, 65| as he is an animal: the second, inasmuch as he ~is a man; 1054 Suppl, 65| not wholly ~destroy the second end, it hinders it considerably 1055 Suppl, 65| natural right ~taken in the second sense, because it is forbidden 1056 Suppl, 65| woman may be impregnated a ~second time after impregnation 1057 Suppl, 66| Therefore neither in the second should he become irregular.~ 1058 Suppl, 66| is it on ~account of the second, for then a man who had 1059 Suppl, 66| wives successively; ~the second is when a man has several 1060 Suppl, 66| is contracted in the two second kinds of ~bigamy, for although 1061 Suppl, 66| suffices for the Reply to the Second Objection.~Aquin.: SMT XP 1062 Suppl, 66| a man who has ~married a second wife, though he was a catechumen 1063 Suppl, 66| have taken to themselves a second wife."~Aquin.: SMT XP Q[ 1064 Suppl, 67| of ~dispensation in this second way; but, if it be one of 1065 Suppl, 67| but, if it be one of the second precepts ~of the natural 1066 Suppl, 67| to the first but to ~the second precepts of the natural 1067 Suppl, 67| belongs seemingly to the second intention of the natural 1068 Suppl, 67| But in respect of nature's second intention, even the ~having 1069 Suppl, 67| indissolubility belongs to the second intention of ~marriage as 1070 Suppl, 67| dispensation, except perhaps by the second kind of dispensation.~Aquin.: 1071 Suppl, 67| the apostles permitted ~second marriages, so Moses allowed 1072 Suppl, 67| the bill of divorce. But second ~marriages are not sinful. 1073 Suppl, 67| marriage (1 Cor. 7). The second is by absence of prohibition: ~ 1074 Suppl, 67| time. But according to the second opinion, ~just as it was 1075 Suppl, 67| wife was debarred from a second marriage, ~though this was 1076 Suppl, 68| To incur a loss in this second way is not a punishment. ~ 1077 Suppl, 69| suffices for the Reply to the Second Objection.~Aquin.: SMT XP 1078 Suppl, 71| and then a quarter of this second quarter, and so on ~indefinitely. 1079 Suppl, 71| is taken away, and by the second an equally ~proportionate 1080 Suppl, 71| there is no reason why the second suffrage, ~if it be of equal 1081 Suppl, 71| virtue of charity. ~In the second place suffrages derive their 1082 Suppl, 71| there is more truth in the second opinion than in the ~first.~ 1083 Suppl, 72| that He ~works by means of second causes, but it is for the 1084 Suppl, 72| which does not apply to His second coming. Now no such signs ~ 1085 Suppl, 72| neither will they precede ~the second.~Aquin.: SMT XP Q[73] A[ 1086 Suppl, 72| above the mountains; in the "second" day all the waters will 1087 Suppl, 72| as will appear at His ~second advent, when He will come 1088 Suppl, 72| explained according to the second ~acceptation, so as to denote 1089 Suppl, 72| contrary, namely water. But the second ~cleansing regards both 1090 Suppl, 72| like manner the fire of the second ~cleansing will be of the 1091 Suppl, 72| qualities belong to the ~second perfection of the elements, 1092 Suppl, 72| will remain, not as to this second, ~but as to the first. ~ 1093 Suppl, 72| same answer ~applies to the Second Objection.~Aquin.: SMT XP 1094 Suppl, 72| fears and persecutions. The second is because they will suffer ~ 1095 Suppl, 72| resurrection itself; the second will be the cause of the ~ 1096 Suppl, 72| at the beginning of the ~Second Book (Sent. ii, D, 4, qu. 1097 Suppl, 72| related to nature in the second way is simply ~natural: 1098 Suppl, 73| not tied to any particular second causes, ~but that He can 1099 Suppl, 74| gift of grace: while the second ~resurrection is of bodies. 1100 Suppl, 76| Resurrection is the ~second rising of that which has 1101 Suppl, 76| for they held that this second union ~was not with the 1102 Suppl, 76| to various ~bodies. The second is that they held intellect 1103 Suppl, 76| since resurrection is a second rising, and the same thing ~ 1104 Suppl, 76| 2] R.O. 2 Para. 4/4~The second reason does not disprove 1105 Suppl, 77| considered in the light of the second relationship, then ~their 1106 Suppl, 77| A[3] Body Para. 2/2~The second kind of humidity is one 1107 Suppl, 77| exposed and examined in the ~Second Book (Sent. ii, D, 30); 1108 Suppl, 77| A[4] Body Para. 6/8~The second opinion, since it maintains 1109 Suppl, 77| watery: so ~that although the second water be drawn into the 1110 Suppl, 77| differs somewhat from the second and in some respects ~agrees 1111 Suppl, 77| of the species, as ~the second opinion asserted. But it 1112 Suppl, 77| opinion agrees with the second, because it ~holds that 1113 Suppl, 77| rises again in man as the ~second opinion maintains, but not 1114 Suppl, 77| perfectly: which same order the second opinion applied to those 1115 Suppl, 77| fashioned shall rise again. The second opinion, however, grants ~ 1116 Suppl, 77| former. according to the second and third opinions, each ~ 1117 Suppl, 77| it to rise again in the second: otherwise what belonged 1118 Suppl, 77| again in him and not in the ~second; but in the second its place 1119 Suppl, 77| the ~second; but in the second its place is taken either 1120 Suppl, 77| the first but ~not in the second. The remainder of the eaten 1121 Suppl, 77| it as may be seen in the Second ~Book (Sent. ii, D, 30; 1122 Suppl, 77| totality of ~matter. The second and first opinions, however, 1123 Suppl, 77| from food, ~whereas the second holds that something but 1124 Suppl, 77| resurrection. But the first and ~second opinions which draw a distinction 1125 Suppl, 78| is found in children, the second in the aged: and consequently 1126 Suppl, 79| glorified bodies, but the second, which of itself causes 1127 Suppl, 80| thing in being, though the second causes be done away, as ~ 1128 Suppl, 80| same answer applies to the Second Objection.~Aquin.: SMT XP 1129 Suppl, 84| merits and demerits; the second will be the general judgment 1130 Suppl, 84| conscience, and by the second book we may understand the 1131 Suppl, 85| judge the same thing a second time." But God judges now 1132 Suppl, 85| judge "the same thing a second ~time," since He will not 1133 Suppl, 85| do we look forward to the second. But the holy Fathers knew 1134 Suppl, 85| seem that the time of the second coming when ~God will come 1135 Suppl, 85| the other hand, at the ~second coming, He will come openly, 1136 Suppl, 85| do ~not all refer to the second advent which will happen 1137 Suppl, 86| same answer applies to the Second ~Objection.~Aquin.: SMT 1138 Suppl, 86| not judge the same thing a second time." But the ~wicked angels 1139 Suppl, 87| weakness. Therefore at the second ~coming, when He will come 1140 Suppl, 87| weakness. But since at His second coming He will come in order 1141 Suppl, 88| Again man will not need the second service as to ~intellective 1142 Suppl, 88| R.O. 10 Para. 3/3~To the second we reply that although immobility 1143 Suppl, 89| that is similar to it. The second argument is that our ~intellect 1144 Suppl, 89| separate substance, as the second opinion affirmed; but the ~ 1145 Suppl, 89| light is a ~medium. The second is the light "by which" 1146 Suppl, 89| nor will there ~be the second medium, because the essence 1147 Suppl, 89| which acts directly ~in this second way on a sense is called 1148 Suppl, 90| part. But as regards the second ~consideration the union 1149 Suppl, 90| the Divine vision. In the second way the mansions are distinguished ~ 1150 Suppl, 93| until death: wherefore the second aureole is ~due to martyrs 1151 Suppl, 95| suffices for the ~Reply to the Second Objection, since conscience 1152 Suppl, 96| by the punishment of the second death." That the punishment ~ 1153 Appen1, 1| contempt of Baptism; of the ~second, that they will be punished,

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