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195 hast
195 incorruptible
195 lawfully
195 marry
194 confirmation
194 considers
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St. Thomas Aquinas
Summa Theologica

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    Part, Question
1 1, 97 | angels, "they shall neither marry nor be married," as is written 2 2, 102 | sometimes an act of piety to marry a loose woman, because she 3 2, 102 | were also ~forbidden to marry a "harlot" or "one that 4 2, 105 | enacted that heiresses should marry within their own tribe, 5 2, 105 | father's estate, should marry within their own tribe, 6 2, 105 | unfitting to allow them to ~marry captive women from strange 7 2, 105 | the Lord forbade them to marry within certain degrees of ~ 8 2, 105 | issue, his ~brother should marry his wife.~Aquin.: SMT FS 9 2, 105 | instance, that they should marry a wife ~from their own tribe ( 10 2, 105 | Also that a man should marry the wife of ~his deceased 11 2, 105 | It ~also forbade them to marry certain women; to wit, women 12 2, 105 | The Lord forbade them to marry strange women on account 13 2, 105 | it was not permitted to marry ~a captive woman unless 14 2, 105 | or one next of kin should marry the wife of the deceased, 15 2, 61 | Nevertheless dispensations to marry within forbidden degrees 16 2, 86 | vowed continency were to marry, the peace of their country 17 2, 152 | the abductor may lawfully marry her with her parents' consent. ~ 18 2, 167 | married nor wishful to ~marry, should think how they may 19 2, 183 | would not be lawful ~to marry a second time, lest one 20 2, 184 | marriage John who ~wished to marry" [*Prolog. in Joan. among 21 2, 184 | says that widows who "will marry have [Vulg.: 'having'] ~ 22 2, 187 | all be virgins, ~and none marry, the human race will perish. 23 3, 28 | reprehensible not only to marry, but ~also to desire to 24 3, 31 | wherefore he was bound by law to marry her as she was his ~kinswoman. 25 3, 89 | bishop of Braga]: "If a man marry a ~widow or the relict of 26 Suppl, 11| certain people who wish ~to marry are related to one another. 27 Suppl, 41| reason why men were bound to ~marry in olden times was lest 28 Suppl, 41| advisable for a wise man to marry, as Jerome relates (Contra 29 Suppl, 41| Cor. 7:28): "If a virgin marry she ~hath not sinned," and ( 30 Suppl, 41| that the younger ~should marry," and "bear children." But 31 Suppl, 42| 7:9): "It is better to marry than to burn." For though 32 Suppl, 42| 7:9): ~"It is better to marry than to burn." But it does 33 Suppl, 43| were one to ~say: "I will marry thee if thou pay me a hundred 34 Suppl, 43| he or she ~can lawfully marry without any sin. But if 35 Suppl, 45| cannot, as long as she lives, marry another. Therefore consent 36 Suppl, 45| future tense, promises to marry a certain ~woman. Therefore 37 Suppl, 45| woman. Therefore he does not marry her yet.~Aquin.: SMT XP 38 Suppl, 45| but promises that he will marry, it follows that a ~consent 39 Suppl, 46| therefore, ~after consenting to marry a woman by words expressive 40 Suppl, 46| Therefore if a man consent to marry a woman by a simple ~affirmation 41 Suppl, 46| after having consented to ~marry another in words of the 42 Suppl, 46| pretense of marriage unless he marry ~her. Therefore it would 43 Suppl, 46| other woman, is bound to marry the one to whom he was ~ 44 Suppl, 47| compelled by one's father to marry?~Aquin.: SMT XP Q[47] A[ 45 Suppl, 47| one's father's command to marry?~Aquin.: SMT XP Q[47] A[ 46 Suppl, 47| one's father's command ~to marry. For it is written (Col. 47 Suppl, 47| his father ~command him to marry. Therefore he is not bound 48 Suppl, 47| command compel his son to marry, since ~the latter is of 49 Suppl, 48| 2) Whether consent to marry a person for an immoral 50 Suppl, 48| it is wicked, not only to marry, but even to wish to ~marry." 51 Suppl, 48| marry, but even to wish to ~marry." But it would not be wicked 52 Suppl, 48| manner he who intends to ~marry, although he fail to direct 53 Suppl, 49| resurrection "they shall neither marry ~nor be married" (Mt. 22: 54 Suppl, 50| a particular ~person to marry.~Aquin.: SMT XP Q[50] A[ 55 Suppl, 50| unlawful for a person to marry.~Aquin.: SMT XP Q[50] A[ 56 Suppl, 50| is married to one cannot marry another, ~which constitutes 57 Suppl, 51| that she is consenting to marry, and ~that she has had carnal 58 Suppl, 51| directly to ~consent to marry the king's son, whoever 59 Suppl, 51| not consent previously to marry his brother, she ~may hold 60 Suppl, 52| 2) Whether a slave can marry without his master's consent?~( 61 Suppl, 52| lies; so that if a slave marry a bondswoman, thinking her 62 Suppl, 52| 1/1~Whether a slave can marry without his master's consent?~ 63 Suppl, 52| seem that a slave cannot marry without his master's ~consent. 64 Suppl, 52| command him not to consent to marry. Therefore he cannot marry 65 Suppl, 52| marry. Therefore he cannot marry without ~his consent.~Aquin.: 66 Suppl, 52| Therefore if a slave can marry without his master's consent, 67 Suppl, 52| Therefore a slave cannot marry without his master's consent.~ 68 Suppl, 52| enjoy the same ~liberty to marry in the faith of Christ Jesus.~ 69 Suppl, 52| would seem that a slave can marry without his master's ~consent.~ 70 Suppl, 52| extent of being unable to marry freely, even without his 71 Suppl, 52| command his slave not to ~marry, the slave is not bound 72 Suppl, 52| 2/2~Further, a slave can marry without his master's consent, 73 Suppl, 53| in the case of those who marry within the degrees of kindred ~ 74 Suppl, 53| would seem that if a person marry in despite of a vow his ~ 75 Suppl, 53| that it is a ~mortal sin to marry after taking a simple vow 76 Suppl, 53| is damnable not only to marry, but even to wish to ~marry." 77 Suppl, 53| marry, but even to wish to ~marry." Now the marriage contract 78 Suppl, 53| marriage, since it is a sin to marry after taking a simple vow 79 Suppl, 53| orders are not forbidden to marry by ~virtue of their order; 80 Suppl, 53| her will, since she cannot marry another man ~during her 81 Suppl, 53| Now a ~Greek priest cannot marry again after his wife's death. 82 Suppl, 53| husband's act of the right to marry after his death. Therefore 83 Suppl, 53| binds herself never ~to marry another man, because the 84 Suppl, 54| due to parents if the son marry his mother than if the father ~ 85 Suppl, 54| mother than if the father ~marry his daughter; since the 86 Suppl, 54| be forfeit if a man could marry any ~blood-relation, since 87 Suppl, 54| who are not forbidden to marry by the Divine law.~Aquin.: 88 Suppl, 54| forbid certain people to marry, any more than she can ~ 89 Suppl, 54| Law a man was forbidden to marry his father's sister but ~ 90 Suppl, 55| forbade a certain woman to marry a certain man, because she 91 Suppl, 55| 35, qu. iii): "No man may marry his ~wife's surviving blood-relation": 92 Suppl, 55| cousins are forbidden to ~marry, one after the other, the 93 Suppl, 55| connection with two women can marry neither of them, because 94 Suppl, 55| man dies the former cannot marry ~his widow on account of 95 Suppl, 55| affinity. Again if a man A ~marry a widow B, C, a relation 96 Suppl, 55| and consequently if a man marry one of these women, the ~ 97 Suppl, 55| not forbid the same man to marry successively ~two women 98 Suppl, 55| so is one forbidden to marry the husband's wife.~Aquin.: 99 Suppl, 55| wherefore he was forbidden to marry on account of the justice 100 Suppl, 55| s wife whom a man could marry although he could not marry 101 Suppl, 55| marry although he could not marry her ~sister. Therefore now 102 Suppl, 55| is clear that he did not marry her in his own person ~as 103 Suppl, 55| case when two brothers ~marry two sisters, if one be separated 104 Suppl, 56| Wherefore a priest's son can ~marry a woman whose confession 105 Suppl, 56| find a woman whom he could marry. Nor does it matter ~that 106 Suppl, 56| Hence the ~verse: "I may not marry my own child's godmother, 107 Suppl, 56| my ~godchild: but I may marry the godmother of my wife' 108 Suppl, 57| and would be ~unable to marry his son. Neither therefore 109 Suppl, 57| comes of age, the latter can marry her. Therefore he was not 110 Suppl, 58| frigid. Yet old people can marry. ~Therefore, etc.~Aquin.: 111 Suppl, 58| intercourse is unfit ~to marry, so also those who are impotent 112 Suppl, 58| carnal copulation, cannot marry.~Aquin.: SMT XP Q[58] A[ 113 Suppl, 58| marriage, while the other may "marry to whom she will . . ~. 114 Suppl, 58| Wherefore they are allowed ~to marry, in so far as marriage is 115 Suppl, 58| unlawful for ~their subjects to marry.~Aquin.: SMT XP Q[58] A[ 116 Suppl, 58| he is not ~permitted to marry another woman. whereas through 117 Suppl, 58| Therefore they can also ~marry.~Aquin.: SMT XP Q[58] A[ 118 Suppl, 58| it is not safe for him to marry during that interval, since 119 Suppl, 58| if the incestuous husband marry even after his wife's death, ~ 120 Suppl, 58| intercourse. If, however, he marry without a dispensation, 121 Suppl, 58| Therefore neither could a person marry if defective age were ~an 122 Suppl, 58| the woman. Now a woman can marry before ~the age of fourteen. 123 Suppl, 58| intercourse is unfit to ~marry." But in the majority of 124 Suppl, 58| Wherefore if the parties who marry before the ~age of puberty 125 Suppl, 59| Whether a believer can marry an unbeliever?~(2) Whether 126 Suppl, 59| 1~Whether a believer can marry an unbeliever?~Aquin.: SMT 127 Suppl, 59| seem that a believer can marry an unbeliever. For Joseph ~ 128 Suppl, 59| heresy. Yet if such a person marry a believer, it is ~nevertheless 129 Suppl, 59| the light of ~faith cannot marry one who is in the darkness 130 Suppl, 59| Law it was allowable to marry with certain ~unbelievers, 131 Suppl, 59| whom they ~could lawfully marry, or to the case when the 132 Suppl, 59| Consequently if a believer marry a baptized heretic, the 133 Suppl, 59| he would sin were he to marry an excommunicate woman, 134 Suppl, 59| having been baptized were to marry a baptized ~believer, the 135 Suppl, 59| are not baptized, ~cannot marry any more than they can receive 136 Suppl, 59| actually since they do ~not marry actually in the faith of 137 Suppl, 59| believer is forbidden to marry an unbeliever for fear of 138 Suppl, 59| unbelievers. Now, if believers marry within ~the degrees forbidden 139 Suppl, 59| he has the same right to marry her again as ~he would have 140 Suppl, 59| again as ~he would have to marry another. We shall treat 141 Suppl, 59| slave or free, knowingly marry a ~bondwoman, he cannot 142 Suppl, 59| marriage to one woman he cannot marry another. Therefore a believer 143 Suppl, 59| since the husband cannot ~marry another. Therefore the sin 144 Suppl, 59| the unbelieving wife to marry again while her ~husband 145 Suppl, 59| parting is not permitted to marry again. But if the ~unbeliever 146 Suppl, 59| wife so as to be unable to marry again during her lifetime. 147 Suppl, 59| that she is forbidden to marry again. If however she be ~ 148 Suppl, 59| so that it is ~lawful to marry again. Therefore adultery 149 Suppl, 60| penance he is not forbidden to marry.~Aquin.: SMT XP Q[60] A[ 150 Suppl, 60| absolutely forbidden to marry." Further, in whatsoever 151 Suppl, 60| by the Church so as ~to marry lawfully. Sometimes it also 152 Suppl, 60| kills his wife in order to marry her with whom he has committed 153 Suppl, 60| declares him simply unfit to marry her, so that if he ~actually 154 Suppl, 60| so that if he ~actually marry her his marriage is void. 155 Suppl, 61| by marriage, she cannot marry another. Therefore, etc.~ 156 Suppl, 61| world. If then the wife can marry again ~when her husband 157 Suppl, 61| enters religion, he also can marry again when he returns ~to 158 Suppl, 61| wife ~receive the power to marry again.~Aquin.: SMT XP Q[ 159 Suppl, 61| and consequently she can marry.~Aquin.: SMT XP Q[61] A[ 160 Suppl, 61| a way that the wife may marry whom she will, ~according 161 Suppl, 61| entering religion, she can marry whom she ~will.~Aquin.: 162 Suppl, 61| yet has not the power to marry again, so is it in this 163 Suppl, 62| 1~Whether a husband can marry again after having a divorce?~ 164 Suppl, 62| seem that a husband can marry again after having a ~divorce. 165 Suppl, 62| least in this ~case he can marry again.~Aquin.: SMT XP Q[ 166 Suppl, 62| seem lawful for ~her to marry again.~Aquin.: SMT XP Q[ 167 Suppl, 62| 7:2]. Therefore she can marry again; and the same applies ~ 168 Suppl, 62| for fornication, and shall marry another committeth ~adultery." 169 Suppl, 62| not commit adultery if he marry ~again after putting away 170 Suppl, 62| afforded those who wish to marry again. ~Therefore it is 171 Suppl, 62| while the other ~lives, to marry again.~Aquin.: SMT XP Q[ 172 Suppl, 62| consequently ~she cannot marry again during her husband' 173 Suppl, 63| namely widows, "should marry, bear children." Therefore 174 Suppl, 63| the sacrament if a ~woman marry again after her husband' 175 Suppl, 63| woman only. For if a virgin ~marry a man who has had another 176 Suppl, 66| the marriage, ~he were to marry another, he would become 177 Suppl, 66| irregular if she were to marry a man who is not a virgin, 178 Suppl, 66| xliii] says: "If a ~Reader marry a widow, let him remain 179 Suppl, 67| Whether the husband can marry again the wife whom he has 180 Suppl, 67| husband ~could, without sin, marry another wife. Therefore 181 Suppl, 67| wife could without ~sin, marry another husband.~Aquin.: 182 Suppl, 67| a wife after divorce to marry ~another husband: "When 183 Suppl, 67| Testament that the divorced wife marry not another husband (Mt. 184 Suppl, 67| Mt. 5:32, "He that shall marry ~her that is put away committeth 185 Suppl, 67| wife, so could the wife marry another husband, because 186 Suppl, 67| having put one away ~he could marry another even though the 187 Suppl, 67| Wherefore a priest could not ~marry a widow or a divorced woman.~ 188 Suppl, 67| OBJ 5: Further, "If a man marry a wife and afterwards hate 189 Suppl, 68| known to the ~parties who marry in the presence of the Church: 190 Suppl, 68| the Church: or they may marry in ~secret and be ignorant 191 Suppl, 68| not of the impediment and marry secretly, ~because such 192 Suppl, 77| then they "shall neither marry, nor be married" (Mt. 22: 193 Suppl, 78| resurrection they ~shall neither marry nor be married."~Aquin.: 194 Suppl, 93| those who ~have the will to marry and nevertheless die before 195 Suppl, 93| they have the will to ~marry if they could, they do not

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