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The Rig Veda
Ralph T.H. Griffith, translator 1889

II IntraText Edition CT
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Statistics and graphs (Occurrences: 309392. Words: 13062)


Printed sourceGriffith translation of the Rig Veda
II edition published 1896
Source of the electronic transcription
ETML taggingIntraText editorial staff
Publication detailsE-text notes: This text was scanned especially for from the Griffith translation of the Rig Veda, second edition (published 1896). We believe that this text is in the public domain since its date of publication was over a century ago. Poor typesetting in the original text created special problems with the scanning procedure, which resulted in many months of cleanup by hand. The files presented here have been proofread extensively but there are still some transcription errors which we are in the process of cleaning up. Griffith used a florid poetic style with many intentional spelling anachronisms; we have not made any corrections or alterations to the original except to correct a few obvious typographical errors. Additionally, Sanskrit terms have been spelled without any attempt to reproduce the diacritic marks in the original text.

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