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thyself 1
tied 1
tilled 1
time 52
times 11
to 519
to-day 1
Frequency    [«  »]
57 yet
55 out
54 up
52 time
52 unto
48 peter
47 before
Gregory I
Gregory I Second Dialogue

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1 1 | dined, and bestowed some time in talking, the Priest returned 2 1 | church. ~About the same time likewise, certain shepherds 3 2 | woman there was which some time he had seen, the memory 4 2 | of the fire. ~From which time forward, as himself did 5 3 | government of their Abbey: long time he denied them, saying that 6 3 | his own presence. At that time also many noble and religious 7 4 | not abide within at the time of prayer: word whereof 8 4 | monk, which used at that time to go forth, was by a little 9 5 | and continued there a long time in prayer; and when he had 10 6 | HANDLE AGAIN. ~At another time, a certain Goth, poor of 11 7 | strange thing, and since the time of Peter the Apostle never 12 7 | miracle, not knowing at that time what he did. But the friendly 13 8 | hidden within. At dinner time, a crow daily used to come 14 8 | together, play and dance a long time before them, to the end 15 8 | which even to that very time, the mad multitude of infidels 16 11| because the devil was at that time coming amongst them. The 17 13| Being therefore upon a time in his journey, he lighted 18 13| at the first nor second time persuade you: but yet he 19 14| more important. For in the time of the Goths, when Totilas, 20 14| unto the Abbey: at which time the man of God sat a little 21 15| departed: and from that time forward he was nothing so 22 16| WHOM VENERABLE BENNET FOR A TIME DELIVERED FROM A DEVIL. ~ 23 16| FROM A DEVIL. ~At the same time a certain clergyman, that 24 16| mind, he observed for a time what the man of God had 25 16| forgotten through length of time, and took upon him holy 26 17| long since, in the night time, when the monks were asleep, 27 18| OF WINE. ~Upon a certain time, Exhilaratus our monk, a 28 20| ONE OF HIS MONKS. ~Upon a time, whiles the venerable Father 29 21| GOD'S CELL. ~At another time, there was a great dearth 30 22| TARACINA. ~GREGORY: At another time he was desired by a certain 31 22| when they asked at what time it was: "Why," quoth he, " 32 23| his mouth. And if at any time he spake aught, yet not 33 23| having borne with them a long time, at length he complained 34 23| them, beheld them at that time to rise out of their graves, 35 23| loosing those have at this time, which by faith and virtuous 36 25| The venerable man upon a time, wearied with his importunity, 37 28| AND NOT BROKEN. ~At such time as there was a great dearth 38 29| seeing at one and the same time, for a small glass almost 39 30| THE DEVIL. ~Upon a certain time, as he was going to the 40 31| Arian heretic, who, in the time of King Totilas, did with 41 32| venerable father. At the same time, the man of God was returning 42 33| she coming thither on a time according to her custom, 43 33| out of his Abbey. ~At that time, the sky was so clear that 44 33| that a woman which of long time had not seen her brother, 45 33| brother, might do more at that time than he could, seeing, according 46 35| ASCENDING TO HEAVEN. ~At another time, Servandus, the Deacon, 47 35| divine delights. When it was time to go to rest, the venerable 48 35| rose early up before the time of matins (his monks being 49 35| enquiring curiously the time, he understood that he died 50 35| of his soul, was at that time out of the world? But albeit 51 37| PROPHESY TO HIS MONKS THE TIME OF HIS OWN DEATH. ~The same 52 37| dwelled, even to this very time, worketh miracles, if the

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