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cell 12
cellar 2
cells 1
certain 41
certainly 1
chaldea 1
chamber 3
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44 our
43 venerable
42 place
41 certain
41 day
41 where
40 could
Gregory I
Gregory I Second Dialogue

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1 1 | travelling to this place, a certain monk called Romanus met 2 1 | very virtuously did steal certain hours, and likewise sometime 3 1 | other, seeing a loaf upon a certain day let down, threw a stone 4 1 | vouchsafed to appear unto a certain Priest dwelling a good way 5 1 | the same time likewise, certain shepherds found him in that 6 2 | TEMPTATION OF THE FLESH. ~Upon a certain day being alone, the tempter 7 2 | like in all his life. ~A certain woman there was which some 8 6 | AGAIN. ~At another time, a certain Goth, poor of spirit, that 9 6 | a bill, and to cleanse a certain plot of ground from briers, 10 7 | WALKED UPON THE WATER. ~On a certain day, as venerable Bennet 11 9 | REMOVED AN HUGE STONE. ~Upon a certain day, when the monks were 12 11| the monks were making of a certain wall somewhat higher, because 13 11| monk, who was the son of a certain courtier. At which pitiful 14 12| prescription of their rule, upon a certain day some of the monks went 15 14| it was reported, or no. A certain man of his guard he had, 16 16| CHAPTER SIXTEEN: OF A CERTAIN CLERGYMAN, WHOM VENERABLE 17 16| DEVIL. ~At the same time a certain clergyman, that served in 18 17| OWN ABBEYS. ~GREGORY: A certain noble man called Theoprobus 19 18| FLAGON OF WINE. ~Upon a certain time, Exhilaratus our monk, 20 19| OF HIS MONKS HAD RECEIVED CERTAIN HANDKERCHIEFS. ~Not far 21 19| the true faith of Christ. Certain Nuns also there were in 22 19| entreaty of the Nuns took certain small napkins, and hid them 23 21| himself pleased, or only at certain times? ~GREGORY: The spirit 24 22| time he was desired by a certain virtuous man, to build an 25 22| this thing was done? For certain it is, that the soul is 26 23| CHAPTER TWENTY-THREE: OF CERTAIN NUNS ABSOLVED AFTER THEIR 27 23| the church: whereby it was certain that, seeing they did not 28 24| GRAVE. ~GREGORY: Upon a certain day, a young boy that was 29 25| IN THE WAY. ~GREGORY: A certain monk there was so inconstant 30 27| for he said that, upon a certain day, an honest man, who 31 27| beginning of this book. A certain man there was who had an 32 28| little oil in a glass. A certain sub-deacon called Agapitus 33 30| FROM THE DEVIL. ~Upon a certain time, as he was going to 34 30| which they had committed. Certain therefore it is that sometimes 35 31| LOOSED FORM HIS BANDS. ~A certain Goth there was called Galla, 36 31| departed alive. This man on a certain day, set upon rapine and 37 31| serve God, do sometime, by certain power and authority bestowed 38 32| but alive and in health. Certain it is, Peter, that this 39 35| before the tower there was a certain large room in which both 40 38| rehearse fell out lately. A certain woman falling mad, lost 41 38| John 16:7]: for, seeing certain it is that the comforting

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