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III Lateran Council

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1 Intro | and especially the Roman church which after its struggle 2 Intro | to the schism within the church and the quarrel between 3 Intro | single legate from the Greek church. It began on 5 March, according 4 Intro | Roman pontiff and the Roman church, "that church to which alone 5 Intro | the Roman church, "that church to which alone belongs the 6 Intro | strengthening the unity of the church and condemning heretics, 7 Intro | strengthening the unity of the church. In addition, Alexander 8 Intro | canons for the reform of the church and some concerning morals 9 Intro | future government of the church. They were frequently included 10 Intro | through the whole Latin church, and were of great weight 11 Canons, 1 | and reckless ambition the church has often suffered serious 12 Canons, 1 | authority; whereas in the Roman church there is a special constitution, 13 Canons, 2 | and are to return to the church without any burden to it. 14 Canons, 4 | subjects are forced to sell church ornaments and a short hour 15 Canons, 5 | clerical service in some church, unless it happens that 16 Canons, 7 | Since in the body of the church everything should be treated 17 Canons, 7 | installation of priests in a church, for burials and funerals, 18 Canons, 8 | have any place in God's church when even pagans have taken 19 Canons, 8 | happen to become vacant in a church, or are even now vacant, 20 Canons, 9 | to the sacraments of the church and to burial; that in their 21 Canons, 9 | or Hospitallers come to a church which is under an interdict, 22 Canons, 9 | hold the services of the church only once a year and let 23 Canons, 10| deprived of ministry in the church. Priors, when they have 24 Canons, 12| own case or that of their church, or acting on behalf of 25 Canons, 13| is necessary to entrust a church or ecclesiastical ministry 26 Canons, 14| property and other goods of the church for the most part according 27 Canons, 14| receive the charge of a church from the hands of lay persons 11 , 28 Canons, 14| not hand them over to the church, let him be deprived of 29 Canons, 16| 16~Since in every church what is approved by the 30 Canons, 16| preserve the custom of his church. For this is not to be called 31 Canons, 16| to the advantage of the church and the decrees of the holy 32 Canons, 17| abuse the power in which the church has supported them until 33 Canons, 17| to be one superior in the church of God they nevertheless 34 Canons, 17| to be one rector in each church they nevertheless put forward 35 Canons, 17| should be in charge of the church who is supported by greater 36 Canons, 18| 18~Since the church of God is bound to provide 37 Canons, 18| parents, in every cathedral church a master is to be assigned 38 Canons, 18| teach the clerics of that church and the poor scholars. Thus 39 Canons, 18| seems only right that in the church of God a person should not 40 Canons, 20| he is to be deprived of a church burial. ~ 41 Canons, 23| with the healthy or come to church with others, to have their 42 Canons, 23| are able to establish a church for themselves with a cemetery 43 Canons, 24| from the communion of the church and be excommunicated for 44 Canons, 27| though the discipline of the church should be satisfied with 45 Canons, 27| into the communion of the church, unless they abjure their 46 Canons, 27| under the protection of the church, as we do those who visit

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