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secured 1
security 4
sede 1
see 68
seed 1
seeds 3
seek 2
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71 us
70 no
69 was
68 see
66 even
66 peace
65 each

V Lateran Council

IntraText - Concordances


1 Intro, 4| disparagement of the apostolic see and of the head, the liberty 2 Intro, 4| removing abuses in the church, see DThC 12/2 (1935) 2780-2786, 3 Intro, 4| church and the apostolic see, and the violation of sacred 4 Intro, 5| treasury of the apostolic see. if the aforesaid criminals 5 Intro, 5| vacancy in the apostolic see, to contravene the aforesaid, 6 Intro, 6| were of lesser rank, to see the general council being 7 Intro, 6| predecessors or of the apostolic see (except, of course, those 8 Intro, 6| law or by the aforesaid see, under any forms of words 9 Intro, 6| almighty God and the apostolic see, they are not to molest 10 Intro, 8| reverence for the apostolic see and the union of the faithful, 11 Intro, 8| ourself and the apostolic see to Hungary and Bohemia. 12 Intro, 9| envoys of the apostolic see endowed (as said before) 13 Intro, 9| service to the apostolic see. We wish the same to be 14 Intro, 9| admitted by the apostolic see. But if the question arises 15 Intro, 9| standing of the apostolic see, from which commendams of 16 Intro, 9| authority of the apostolic see and to oppose the evil designs 17 Intro, 9| all personal effect, to see that the cathedrals are 18 Intro, 9| what is open for all to see and what lies hidden within . 19 Intro, 9| sought from the apostolic see. We wish each and every 20 Intro, 9| disadvantages to the apostolic see, we decree and ordain that 21 Intro, 9| matters of the apostolic see, we have decided that all 22 Intro, 9| imposed by the apostolic see, or of a command or permission 23 Intro, 9| pontificis,9 April 1513; see Regesta Leonis X no. 14} 24 Intro, 9| reverence towards the apostolic see, for the advantage and honour 25 Intro, 9| obtain from the apostolic see an indulgence of ten years, 26 Intro, 9| from us or the apostolic see. Anyone who rashly dares 27 Intro, 10| authority of the apostolic see, do not introduce any kind 28 Intro, 10| purpose by the holy apostolic see; and in the future, with 29 Intro, 10| approval of the apostolic see, other similar credit organisations 30 Intro, 10| orders of the apostolic see, and anything else to the 31 Intro, 10| predecessors and the apostolic see, at the expense of the prelates 32 Intro, 10| obtained from the apostolic see, evade the corrections and 33 Intro, 10| committed by the apostolic see, are to attend carefully 34 Intro, 10| the witnesses. They shall see that the process itself -- 35 Intro, 10| despatched to the apostolic see, either by themselves or 36 Intro, 10| examined by the apostolic see, either by the Roman pontiff 37 Intro, 10| Notaries of the apostolic see, whose office is known to 38 Intro, 10| attached to us and to the said see, when they are actually 39 Intro, 10| own and those of the said see, when not actually engaged 40 Intro, 10| subject to the apostolic see. We renew this constitution 41 Intro, 10| appointed by the apostolic see, if they are not graduates 42 Intro, 10| ourself and the apostolic see but also from the peaceful 43 Intro, 10| reaction of the apostolic see. We decree that appointments 44 Intro, 10| matter by the apostolic see . ~We have also been carefully 45 Intro, 10| languages; and we desire to see in the Roman church, in 46 Intro, 10| and those of the apostolic see. In fact, some printers 47 Intro, 11| spirits have to be tested to see whether they come from God. 48 Intro, 11| examination by the apostolic see. If it is impossible to 49 Intro, 11| state and the apostolic see. Nevertheless, we sometimes 50 Intro, 11| accustomed devotion to the same see . ~Recently, in order that 51 Intro, 11| freedom, and of the apostolic see, should be duly discharged 52 Intro, 11| respect for the apostolic see. He therefore entrusted 53 Intro, 11| dignity of the apostolic see. It completely removes the 54 Intro, 11| and power of the apostolic see, the Roman pontiff and the 55 Intro, 11| against us and the apostolic see, their mother, and it opens 56 Intro, 11| pontiff and of this holy see, and for the unity and power 57 Intro, 11| notwithstanding if the apostolic see has granted to any communities 58 Intro, 11| placed by the apostolic see at the head of their churches 59 Intro, 11| pontiffs and the apostolic see have granted any such spiritual 60 Intro, 11| privilege of the apostolic see. Those acting otherwise 61 Intro, 11| friars by the apostolic see ought to be outstanding 62 Intro, 11| to us and the apostolic see, since they act as deputies 63 Intro, 12| vacancy in the apostolic see, and the election of a future 64 Intro, 12| even at lesser meetings, to see a general council being 65 Intro, 12| reverence for the apostolic see, not to molest those coming 66 Intro, 12| carrying them out are to see that they and their contents 67 Intro, 12| and that of the apostolic see . ~We decree, with the approval 68 Intro, 12| God and for the apostolic see, they assure the unbroken

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