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through 26
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thus 12
time 62
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times 17
timidity 1
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65 will
63 way
62 out
62 time
58 also
58 churches
58 things

V Lateran Council

IntraText - Concordances


1 Intro, 4| considerable periods of time there has been great disparagement 2 Intro, 5| this kind is never at any time to be made valid by a subsequent 3 Intro, 5| enthronement or the passage of time, or even by the act of adoration 4 Intro, 5| without penalty and at any time from obedience and loyalty 5 Intro, 5| benefices which at that time they held by title or in 6 Intro, 5| engagements made at any time for that purpose, even if 7 Intro, 5| church in office at the time, and their sacred college, 8 Intro, 8| to above, that from this time onwards none of those in 9 Intro, 8| without their giving some time to the study of theology 10 Intro, 8| do so only if at the same time, or in some other way, he 11 Intro, 8| princes and rulers -- at that time in disunion with each other -- 12 Intro, 8| expenses and that, at the same time, the ill-repute by which 13 Intro, 8| have failed for a second time in the same office, they 14 Intro, 9| hostile arms for a long time, the resources and large 15 Intro, 9| celebration of masses, during the time that the word of God is 16 Intro, 9| the people or outside that time, and in prayers which they 17 Intro, 9| convents, or at some other time in any kind of gathering, 18 Intro, 9| under that obligation at the time of their promotion -- whose 19 Intro, 9| lifetime, or bequeath at the time of his death, a sufficient 20 Intro, 9| the greater part of the time, and to rule and govern 21 Intro, 9| legate, or will hold it for a time, are obliged to go to their 22 Intro, 9| the greater part of the time, unless, by a command from 23 Intro, 9| the Roman pontiff of the time. If anyone acts to the contrary 24 Intro, 9| the Roman pontiff of the time, and with a declaration 25 Intro, 9| committed the fault a third time, he is automatically deprived 26 Intro, 9| such a fault: for the first time he blasphemed, he is to 27 Intro, 9| one year; for the second time he offended and was convicted, 28 Intro, 9| and convicted for a third time, he is automatically deprived 29 Intro, 9| persons have at the same time heard the said blasphemer 30 Intro, 9| constitutions published some time ago by Giles, the well-remembered 31 Intro, 9| omission and the length of time, but he is bound to spend 32 Intro, 9| the Roman pontiff of the time, and to those who legally 33 Intro, 9| the Roman pontiff of the time) or of alms-giving or under 34 Intro, 9| they have obtained for a time from us and from the Roman 35 Intro, 9| monastery for a period of time that is to be fixed by the 36 Intro, 10| not only clarified in our time but also made known to future 37 Intro, 10| spread, while at the same time permitting those seeds to 38 Intro, 10| After a fixed period of time has passed, they say, those 39 Intro, 10| is made; and at the same time certain other persons are 40 Intro, 10| censure them within a suitable time, which is to be determined 41 Intro, 10| hearing the inquiry for that time and are henceforth not to 42 Intro, 10| perhaps are absent for a time from the Roman curia to 43 Intro, 10| exemptions granted for a time without reasonable cause, 44 Intro, 10| assistance, particularly in our time. Without doubt it has brought 45 Intro, 10| henceforth, for all future time, no one may dare to print 46 Intro, 11| professing such things at the time of the establishment and 47 Intro, 11| writing to Timothy: For, a time is coming when people will 48 Intro, 11| preach or declare a fixed time for future evils, the coming 49 Intro, 11| kingdom, for all future time without limit, by all the 50 Intro, 11| be taken further. At the time we, who have been brought 51 Intro, 11| themselves at the appointed time (as stated above), we postponed, 52 Intro, 11| which was issued at the time of the schism by those who 53 Intro, 11| lawfully held within this time except the present Lateran 54 Intro, 11| have chosen to hear for a time the confessions of the prelate' 55 Intro, 11| confessions they have heard for a time, no matter of what standing 56 Intro, 11| conservators assigned for a time to the same friars by the 57 Intro, 12| said cardinals, both at the time of the said conclave, even 58 Intro, 12| dear son in Christ, in the time of our said predecessor 59 Intro, 12| happy memory, in our own time, as well as other kings 60 Intro, 12| councils held until this time). There was peace for the 61 Intro, 12| remained in Rome rather a long time beyond the normal usage 62 Intro, 12| everlasting oblivion. At this time of such great need, let

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