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begun 5
behalf 3
behaviour 3
being 56
beings 3
believe 1
bells 1
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57 against
57 christian
57 therefore
56 being
56 there
55 but
54 had

V Lateran Council

IntraText - Concordances


1 Intro, 2| for word, even though, as being definite and valid, they 2 Intro, 5| universal church, despite being of little merit, desire, 3 Intro, 5| any way involves simony being committed -- by the gift, 4 Intro, 5| all, without a scrutiny being made, then not only is this 5 Intro, 5| whole christian religion is being disturbed in a variety of 6 Intro, 5| with a view to the letter being observed with greater determination 7 Intro, 5| greater determination and being more difficult to remove, 8 Intro, 6| see the general council being celebrated (as a principal 9 Intro, 8| s mortality or of there being only one soul or of the 10 Intro, 8| blood, which even then was being poured out because of our 11 Intro, 8| be removed. and we were being compelled to seek with all 12 Intro, 8| a constant complaint was being pressed concerning the officials 13 Intro, 8| with notice of what was being side-tracked by which persons, 14 Intro, 8| insist on the decisions being kept. With the approval 15 Intro, 9| that the word of God is being set before the people or 16 Intro, 9| promotion -- whose obstinacy as being non-attenders at various 17 Intro, 9| all exceptions and excuses being completely set aside and 18 Intro, 9| release the rest, only four being retained in the meantime. 19 Intro, 9| present regulations, despite being given a legitimate warning, 20 Intro, 9| and princes or peoples are being troubled, or fear to be 21 Intro, 9| to the peoples; not that, being free from toils and cares, 22 Intro, 9| and cares, under cover of being the legate, they would fix 23 Intro, 9| other way, under pain of being a perjurer and disobedient, 24 Intro, 9| punished further as follows for being found guilty of such a fault: 25 Intro, 9| bound to spend them, as being unjustly received, on the 26 Intro, 9| seized and held if, after being warned, they refuse to obey. 27 Intro, 9| and declaring otherwise being removed and taken away from 28 Intro, 10| grounds that nothing is being sought nor hoped for from 29 Intro, 10| either to the extent of being condemned or on account 30 Intro, 10| condemned or on account of there being sufficient evidence to justify 31 Intro, 10| canon law, are obliged, on being asked by the parties concerned 32 Intro, 10| both sides of the Alps, are being troubled and disturbed in 33 Intro, 10| propagation of good skills, from being misused for the opposite 34 Intro, 10| addition to the printed books being seized and publicly burnt, 35 Intro, 10| Sanction . ~To prevent them being able to bring up some further 36 Intro, 11| church, so long as it is being exercised rightly, from 37 Intro, 11| less educated people, as being more exposed to deceit, 38 Intro, 11| instituted religion, as being novelties and foreign to 39 Intro, 11| the evildoers sometimes being stated by them . Finally, 40 Intro, 11| of the Spirit himself is being extinguished if fervour 41 Intro, 11| variety of impediments were being alleged by the said persons 42 Intro, 11| aforesaid persons, despite being warned and summoned, have 43 Intro, 11| corruption and abuse, not being able to confront it completely 44 Intro, 11| took place -- the transfer being made by pope Eugenius IV, 45 Intro, 11| pass over in silence as being sufficiently well known . ~ 46 Intro, 11| council with no mention being made of the council's consent. 47 Intro, 11| legal acts of any kind, being branded as infamous, and 48 Intro, 11| may freely punish them as being subject to their jurisdiction. 49 Intro, 11| first stone of a church being built for them to be laid 50 Intro, 11| and sentences of interdict being regarded as of little importance, 51 Intro, 12| Roman pontiff is actually being discussed by the cardinals 52 Intro, 12| to see a general council being celebrated as a very important 53 Intro, 12| Several other matters, after being carefully examined and debated 54 Intro, 12| business of the council was being explained. On several occasions 55 Intro, 12| with all mutual hatred being set aside and quarrels and 56 Intro, 12| conflicts among themselves being committed to everlasting

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