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cultivating 1
cultivation 1
curates 1
curia 29
curial 1
current 3
currently 1
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31 given
31 very
29 before
29 curia
29 divine
29 julius
29 power

V Lateran Council

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1 Intro | decisions on the reform of the curia produced almost no effect 2 Intro, 2| withdraw from the Roman curia and to stay wherever they 3 Intro, 4| general reform of the Roman curia's officials and of their 4 Intro, 8| the officials of the Roman curia. For these reasons there 5 Intro, 8| that those attached to the curia and others approaching it 6 Intro, 9| ecclesiastical reform of our curia and of our venerable brothers, 7 Intro, 9| Bull on reform of the curia] ~Leo, bishop, servant of 8 Intro, 9| lengthy contact with the curia (together with adequate 9 Intro, 9| promoted, if he is at the curia, shall have first visited 10 Intro, 9| cardinals who are then in the curia. This practice and praiseworthy 11 Intro, 9| persons who come to the Roman curia; and let them undertake 12 Intro, 9| have been present in the curia, and by a suitable deputy 13 Intro, 9| orders, even those in the curia . There is one single exception: 14 Intro, 9| are held back in the Roman curia for some business of greater 15 Intro, 9| shall reside at the Roman curia, and those who are absent 16 Intro, 9| reason . ~Reforms of the curia and of other things ~Since 17 Intro, 9| not only from the Roman curia but also from all christian 18 Intro, 9| especially from the Roman curia, and punished with an appropriate 19 Intro, 9| particularly in the said curia, by means of judges appointed 20 Intro, 9| both those in the Roman curia and those everywhere else, 21 Intro, 10| for a time from the Roman curia to refresh themselves. But 22 Intro, 10| settled outside the Roman curia and before the local ordinaries. 23 Intro, 10| and concluded in the Roman curia, even in the first instance . 24 Intro, 10| travel in safety to the Roman curia, so that they may be able 25 Intro, 11| were at Bologna with our curia, and which were to take 26 Intro, 11| persons are numerous in the curia and it is by their counsel 27 Intro, 12| including the reform of the curia; and the third had the special 28 Intro, 12| observed, namely: in the Roman curia, the current governor of 29 Intro, 12| them; and outside the Roman curia, we depute for this purpose

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