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reality 1
really 1
realm 1
reason 20
reasonable 7
reasonably 1
reasons 27
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20 issued
20 penalty
20 pragmatic
20 reason
20 rule
20 state
20 subject

V Lateran Council

IntraText - Concordances


1 Intro, 8| between them. This was the reason for having to arrange one 2 Intro, 9| death -- for that special reason, as is clear from all the 3 Intro, 9| be attributed to us. The reason, of course, why we refrained 4 Intro, 9| whom they have authority by reason of a prelature or any other 5 Intro, 9| not be frustrated for any reason or pretext, and that those 6 Intro, 9| council initiated for that reason, among others, by our predecessor 7 Intro, 9| resignation or for some other reason which has been considered 8 Intro, 9| who happen to be absent by reason of a duty imposed by the 9 Intro, 9| with a declaration of the reason . ~Reforms of the curia 10 Intro, 9| for any other unapprovable reason, we here and now renew and 11 Intro, 10| the capital sum. For this reason they cannot avoid the crime 12 Intro, 10| itself -- regarding which, by reason of the solemnity of the 13 Intro, 10| acceptable and honourable reason which must be at least partially 14 Intro, 10| otherwise for some just reason to be approved in our secret 15 Intro, 11| order to bring forward a reason why the said sanction should 16 Intro, 11| corruption, in any way or for any reason, by keeping silence or by 17 Intro, 11| of any fiefs held for any reason from the Roman or some other 18 Intro, 11| belong to the same friars by reason of their residences, with 19 Intro, 11| was made without a just reason and this is proved by the 20 Intro, 11| refuses without any just reason after he has been asked

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