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V Lateran Council

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1001 Intro, 12| persons to the harmony we had longed for. We think that all Christ' 1002 Intro, 9| promoted is obliged, by longstanding practice and laudable custom, 1003 Intro, 11| well-disposed and liberal in loving generosity, and that in 1004 Intro, 9| sacred character, will not lower themselves to menial chores 1005 Intro, 10| the next feast day of St Lucy. Let nobody therefore ... 1006 Intro, 10| since our Lord, according to Luke the evangelist, has bound 1007 Intro, 10| of which we have spoken, m order to meet the costs 1008 Intro, 3| heretics and have worked madly to their own and others' 1009 Intro, 5| canons) and to avoid him as a magician, a heathen, a publican and 1010 Intro, 5| apostate and, like Simon, a magicianl and a heresiarch, and perpetually 1011 Intro, 5| in accordance with the magnitude and seriousness of the case, 1012 Intro, 10| which in no way concerns the main business. For, redress cannot 1013 Intro, 11| preaching, are entering into and maintaining that succession of the author 1014 Intro, 5| everlasting record. The supreme maker of things, the creator of 1015 | makes 1016 Intro, 10| the church is very much maligned and serious scandals arise, 1017 Intro, 4| grants of concessions, mandates and indults, of whatever 1018 Intro, 8| quickly as possible and manfully complete the undertaking, 1019 Intro, 11| and secular clergy from manimposed penalties. They may not 1020 Intro, 9| related to them by blood or by marriage, especially if they are 1021 Intro, 10| Rome by our vicar and the master of the sacred palace, in 1022 Intro, 10| not arise from them, or material be provided to anyone for 1023 Intro, 11| Raccolta di concordati su materie ecclesiastiche tra la Santa 1024 Intro, 9| are obliged, if they have meals in private, apart from the 1025 Intro, 9| which has increased beyond measure towards a supreme contempt 1026 Intro, 5| declare that cardinals, mediators, spokesmen, envoys and others 1027 Intro, 10| poisons become mixed with medicines. It is our desire to provide 1028 Intro, 7| June 1513 ~The constitution Meditatio cordis nostri1 {Msi 32, 1029 Intro, 11| these preachers spread this medley of fraud and error, backed 1030 Intro, 10| the privilege of staff membership in no way entitles them 1031 Intro, 9| constitution Execrabilis of our memorable predecessor, pope John XXII. 1032 Intro, 11| interpretation, various terrors, menaces and many other evils, which 1033 Intro, 11| whatever order including mendicants, and other persons without 1034 Intro, 9| not lower themselves to menial chores and generally bring 1035 Intro, 11| autorita civili, edited by A. Mercati. I Rome. 1954. 233-25} ~ 1036 Intro, 9| Oh that the almighty and merciful God would assist from on 1037 Intro, 10| such a type of lending is meritorious and should be praised and 1038 Intro, 11| holy memory, which begins Meruit . ~In virtue of holy obedience 1039 Intro, 11| instructing in the gospel message, and retaining and preserving 1040 Intro, 9| it known by letters and messages to us, that the sending 1041 Intro, 10| themselves or by another messenger, so as to be carefully examined 1042 Intro, 6| had been taken from our midst, we postponed the sixth 1043 Intro, 11| peevish, but rather as easy, mild, well-disposed and liberal 1044 Intro, 11| question is not more than a mile away from the city . ~The 1045 Intro, 9| churches, monasteries or military orders may not be detached 1046 Intro, 11| persons requesting their ministrations except during a period of 1047 Intro, 5| faithful may look upon him as a mirror of purity and honesty, all 1048 Intro, 9| them deserve to be called mirrors of moderation and frugality. 1049 Intro, 8| the Apostle says) the most miserable of all people. ~And since 1050 Intro, 8| that legates with a special mission from us -- who will be cardinals 1051 Intro, 9| experience, a practical mistress, has quite often taught) 1052 Intro, 4| its corrupting effect and misuse in matters concerning the 1053 Intro, 10| good skills, from being misused for the opposite purposes 1054 Intro, 9| everywhere else, should be models of and bound to them, and 1055 Intro, 9| contributes to priestly modesty; let them act with kindness 1056 Intro, 9| other authority) which could modify in any respect or impede 1057 Intro, 6| to molest or cause to be molested directly or indirectly, 1058 Intro, 10| rights, or disturbing or molesting them in the exercise of 1059 Intro, 4| profits of this kind, and money-taxes imposed by the said quasi-council, 1060 Intro | by cardinal Antonio del Monte, acting on the orders of 1061 Intro, 10| of credit organisations (Montes pietatis)] ~Leo, bishop, 1062 Intro, 12| and a resulting union. The moral habits of churchmen as well 1063 Intro, 8| assertion of the soul's mortality or of there being only one 1064 Intro, 9| reasonable fear or any other motive which justifiably excuses, 1065 Intro, 9| apostolate, as from the top of Mount Sion, to turn our immediate 1066 Intro, 2| awaited who live beyond the mountains and across the sea and who 1067 Intro, 9| funeral rites and formal mourning are to be on the first and 1068 Intro, 2| of the faith, so that the mouths of all schismatics and enemies 1069 Intro, 11| outstanding in this task, moved by the warmth of his charity, 1070 Intro, 9| because they are generally moving about and perform a somewhat 1071 Intro, 9| and beards, nor to possess mules or horses with trappings 1072 Intro, 9| is in holy orders, wears multi-coloured clothes or a garment that 1073 Intro, 8| can and ought to be and is multiplied. This is clearly established 1074 Intro, 9| ordinances, imperial laws or municipal statutes and customs (even 1075 Intro, 12| and occasion is given for murders and other scandals . ~We 1076 Intro, 11| currently in force and is mutually agreed upon. Those who wish 1077 | My 1078 Intro, 8| the incarnation and other mysteries of Christ would be of no 1079 Intro, 12| death, and by the ineffable mystery of his most holy life he 1080 Intro, 11| unbroken peace may abide in the mystical body, the church, and that 1081 Intro, 11| the truth and wander into myths . These preachers make no 1082 Intro, 11| plain reproof, with the names of the evildoers sometimes 1083 Intro, 4| DDrC 7 (1958) 109-113, and NCE 11 (1967) 662-663}. We do 1084 Intro, 8| cardinal-legate, who will be nearer to them. The purpose will 1085 Intro, 10| employed and of all the things necessarily pertaining to the upkeep 1086 Intro, 5| in accordance with the necessity of such an important matter 1087 Intro, 8| people in the Lord not to neglect to dispatch some of their 1088 Intro, 9| which, having often been neglected during particular generations, 1089 Intro, 10| similar faults . ~If they are neglectful in this matter, the diocesan 1090 Intro, 8| invited, in our name, to negotiate and listen with good will 1091 Intro, 8| remaining for as long as the negotiation of the aforesaid matters 1092 Intro, 11| charity towards God and our neighbour, and according to the precepts 1093 Intro, 11| proved by the testimony of neighbours or by an investigation carried 1094 | neither 1095 Intro, 11| and violating the sacred nerve of obedience to ecclesiastical 1096 Intro, 4| council (we have received news that some have already set 1097 Intro, 9| whose obstinacy as being non-attenders at various sessions became 1098 Intro, 11| and subjects, exempt and non-exempt, belong to the one universal 1099 Intro, 11| verbal errors as if with nooses, and while perhaps they 1100 Intro, 8| persons, we restored to the norm whatever had deviated either 1101 Intro, 12| rather a long time beyond the normal usage of sacred councils, 1102 Intro, 11| each and all of the above norms are to be extended to and 1103 Intro, 7| constitution Meditatio cordis nostri1 {Msi 32, 815-818}, postponing 1104 Intro | lived outside Italy were notably absent to such an extent 1105 Intro, 11| carried out before a pubic notary. They have no authority 1106 Intro | constitutions, among which are to be noted the condemnation of the 1107 Intro, 11| mentioned above which are so notorious that they cannot be hidden 1108 Intro, 3| favours, sustenance and help notoriously provided to schismatics 1109 Intro, 11| instituted religion, as being novelties and foreign to it, it is 1110 Intro | SA. Lateranense concilium novissimum sub Iulio II et Leone X 1111 Intro, 9| settled and (as is right) the noxious brambles of heresies had 1112 Intro, 11| among whom we were then numbered. Together with the same 1113 Intro, 11| though such persons are numerous in the curia and it is by 1114 Intro, 11| not deliver them to our nuncio attached to the king, in 1115 Intro, 10| once a year the convents of nuns, in their dioceses, that 1116 Intro, 2| acts, legacies, creations, obediences, withdrawals, enjoined censures 1117 Intro, 11| humbled himself and became obedient unto death. Moreover, when 1118 Intro, 9| established long ago with this object: that the ready presence 1119 Intro, 9| obliged to call, after the objectors have been summoned, competent, 1120 Intro, 12| committed to everlasting oblivion. At this time of such great 1121 Intro, 11| can justly be regarded as obstinate; as indeed, by the demands 1122 Intro, 9| alms to the poor. If he obstinately remains in such negligence 1123 Intro, 8| the threatening and very obvious danger from the infidels 1124 Intro, 8| But it does not suffice occasionally to clip the roots of the 1125 Intro, 8| in these holy and useful occupations, for cleansing and healing 1126 Intro, 9| and ninth days; within the octave, however, masses may be 1127 Intro, 8| punished as detestable and odious heretics and infidels who 1128 Intro, 9| for the second time he offended and was convicted, he is 1129 Intro, 10| excommunication. Finally, if the offender's contumacy increases, he 1130 Intro, 11| prosperous state. Thus it offers excuses to church prelates 1131 Intro, 8| council;{This bull Pastoralis officii was published on 13 Dec. 1132 Intro, 9| our envoys and letters. ~Oh that the almighty and merciful 1133 Intro, 8| the task of healing with oil and wine, lest that rebuke 1134 Intro, 10| been uprooted and the wild olive cut down. Indeed, we have 1135 Intro, 6| supreme ordinance of the omnipotent who governs the things of 1136 Intro, 11| accordance with the constitution Omnis utriusque sexus, let them 1137 Intro, 8| above, that from this time onwards none of those in sacred 1138 Intro, 10| which desires to prevent the opening up of the chasm of usury, 1139 Intro, 11| see, their mother, and it opens the way for them to attempt 1140 Intro, 9| dishonour and provide real opportunities for contradictions and false 1141 Intro, 9| presses demands (unless the opportunity for a legitimate defence 1142 Intro, 8| disposing of the philosophers' opposing arguments, since all the 1143 Intro, 11| discipline and for setting up opposition against us and the apostolic 1144 Intro, 9| responsibility to those who are oppressed and unjustly burdened . ~ 1145 Intro, 9| issued against violators and oppressors of ecclesiastical liberties, 1146 Intro, 11| the enthusiasm of their oratory, they entangle the hearts 1147 Intro, 10| way, either directly or by ordering others, the tithes of everything 1148 Intro, 9| commendams of this kind originate. In order that sounder measures 1149 Intro, 9| horses with trappings and ornaments of velvet or silk, but for 1150 Intro, 1| Romanus pontifex, are read out1{Msi 32, 681-690}. Masses 1151 Intro, 10| of exemption, they commit outrages on many occasions as a result 1152 Intro, 9| be accused of the vice of over-display and extravagance. Let them 1153 Intro, 10| that their obstinacy may be overcome, we once again, with the 1154 Intro, 9| himself an excellent ruler and overseer of his house and personal 1155 Intro, 11| false prophets striving to overturn the faith, have shown that 1156 Intro, 9| been disfigured, partly overturned and partly levelled, provinces 1157 Intro, 11| respect, out of the reverence owed to us and the apostolic 1158 Intro, 11| and to undergo innumerable pains so that the same church 1159 Intro, 10| the master of the sacred palace, in other cities and dioceses 1160 Intro, 8| frenzy of the infidels, panting to have their fill of christian 1161 Intro | recommendations, especially since the papacy showed slight inclination 1162 Intro, 9| with without any hope of pardon or forgiveness . ~Since 1163 Intro, 2| citations, warnings, decrees, pardons, sentences, acts, legacies, 1164 Intro, 11| disobedience of the first parent, he humbled himself and 1165 Intro, 11| chapter. Friars may not enter parishes bearing a cross in order 1166 Intro, 9| also rule that henceforth parochial churches, major and principal 1167 Intro, 9| decided, lest they adopt partiality of any kind, that they are 1168 Intro, 10| reason which must be at least partially proved otherwise than by 1169 Intro, 11| the bishops have become partners in our anxiety . Ambrose 1170 Intro, 11| the interests of a third party are involved, unless satisfaction 1171 Intro, 5| subsequent enthronement or the passage of time, or even by the 1172 Intro, 8| sacred council;{This bull Pastoralis officii was published on 1173 Intro, 12| longer be without their pastors; and when we supervise these 1174 Intro, 9| each and every primate, patriarch and archbishop, on chapters 1175 Intro, 5| churches, even metropolitan and patriarchical ones, monasteries, dignities 1176 Intro, 10| under colour of a right of patronage which they pretend to hold 1177 Intro, 9| improper for them to be patrons of or special pleaders for 1178 Intro, 9| church discipline and the pattern of a sound and upright life 1179 Intro, 11| been brought to the highest peak of the apostolate by the 1180 Intro, 11| sense difficult or hard or peevish, but rather as easy, mild, 1181 Intro, 10| then, so that they may be penalised for their fault, they are 1182 Intro, 9| hundred days of imposed penances to those who, individually 1183 Intro, 9| first place, but also before peoplel so that we can offer to 1184 | per 1185 Intro, 12| the times and with what we perceive in the Lord to be soundly 1186 Intro, 10| or rather improved and perfected, with God's assistance, 1187 Intro, 4| Moreover, for considerable periods of time there has been great 1188 Intro, 9| way, under pain of being a perjurer and disobedient, the votes 1189 Intro, 5| any other approval for its permanence and validity. For a more 1190 Intro, 10| while at the same time permitting those seeds to be planted 1191 Intro, 5| magicianl and a heresiarch, and perpetually debarred from each and all 1192 Intro, 12| enemies of God and most bitter persecutors of the christian religion. 1193 Intro, 10| obedience as well as from perseverance in the divine service . ~ 1194 Intro, 11| quiet and delight and may persevere more fervently in their 1195 Intro, 11| so that these things may persist with greater steadiness 1196 Intro, 8| these messengers. ~We were persuading ourself that they will do 1197 Intro, 12| and princes, by means of persuasive reasons, through the nuncios 1198 Intro, 9| the care for whom or which pertains to them because of some 1199 Intro, 4| appointed. Everything that can pervert human judgment is to cease, 1200 Intro, 9| found in solemn form both a petition for proceedings against 1201 Intro, 4| confirmations of elections and petitions, grants of concessions, 1202 Intro, 8| balm in Gilead, is there no physician there? Consequently, since 1203 Intro, 10| credit organisations (Montes pietatis)] ~Leo, bishop, servant 1204 Intro, 10| against fire-raisers and pillagers of fields; against those 1205 Intro, 12| church, who are the chief pillars of the catholic church. 1206 Intro | council totally suppressed the Pisan schism. It is clear that 1207 Intro, 12| Christ. Callistus III and Pius II, of happy memory our 1208 Intro, 11| preach the truth . ~We are placing a restriction on each and 1209 Intro, 11| extravagantly but also by open and plain reproof, with the names 1210 Intro, 12| accomplished with profit; when we plan to apply suitable remedies 1211 Intro, 12| granted to us what we had planned in our own mind and for 1212 Intro, 12| measures which, by wise planning, were established by our 1213 Intro, 9| assist from on high our plans for peace and our constant 1214 Intro, 10| permitting those seeds to be planted in the Lord's field and 1215 Intro, 8| beings, and since some, playing the philosopher without 1216 Intro, 9| be patrons of or special pleaders for individuals. We have 1217 Intro, 9| before God, whom we ought to please in the first place, but 1218 Intro, 9| If he is of no rank and a plebian, he is to be cast into prison. 1219 Intro, 5| action, are promises and pledges or solemn engagements made 1220 Intro, 12| to all their attendants a plenary remission and indulgence 1221 Intro, 9| that they enjoy great and plentiful revenues and yet offer sustenance 1222 Intro, 10| Vienne, which begins In plerisque that no persons, especially 1223 Intro, 12| wall, the mob rushes in to plunder all the goods that are there, 1224 Intro, 11| about the council at Rimini, pointed out that the number of bishops 1225 Intro, 2| from such pernicious and poisonous contagion. ~Accordingly, 1226 Intro, 10| up with the good seed or poisons become mixed with medicines. 1227 Intro | teaching of the philosopher Pomponazzi (session 8), and the approval 1228 Intro, 11| sacred Lateran council, he pondered on the fact that the corruption 1229 Intro, 1| Inscrutabilis and Romanus pontifex, are read out1{Msi 32, 681- 1230 Intro, 9| coronation1{Bull Licat Romani pontificis,9 April 1513; see Regesta 1231 Intro, 10| public authorities. They are popularly called credit organisations 1232 Intro, 11| conscience to pay tithes, or a portion of their goods or produce, 1233 Intro, 2| settled and valid, and that it possesses and holds the same strength, 1234 Intro, 11| of all virtues, it alone possessing the reward of faith. Therefore, 1235 Intro, 9| those holding the chief posts in colleges, and chaplains 1236 Intro, 10| make a loan so much per pound in addition to the capital 1237 Intro, 8| which even then was being poured out because of our blatant 1238 Intro, 12| measures decided upon as powerful safeguards in the eleven 1239 Intro, 10| and support for the above practices. Since these acts are not 1240 Intro, 11| for rooting out vices, praising virtues and saving the souls 1241 Intro, 9| glorious mother, in the Lord's prayer and the Hail Mary, for the 1242 Intro, 11| and which is indeed one, preaches and worships one God and 1243 Intro, 3| for the sake of greater precaution. We wish the meaning and 1244 Intro, 12| condemned by the same Julius who preceded us, was treated by them 1245 Intro, 9| the holy Roman church take precedence in honour and dignity over 1246 Intro | constitutions from the summary which precedes it. ~ 1247 Intro, 11| without the need for any preceding formal citation, yet, from 1248 Intro, 11| neighbour, and according to the precepts and examples of the holy 1249 Intro, 11| of their order within the precincts of the religious house, 1250 Intro, 10| over the printing of books, precisely so that thorns do not grow 1251 Intro, 11| they are not to keep on predicting some future events as based 1252 Intro, 11| nor that strange and empty predictions are matters which must be 1253 Intro, 5| together with those serving as prefects, castellans, captains and 1254 Intro, 11| whose decrees were to be preferred before all others, had not 1255 Intro, 9| do not wish, however, to prejudge the cardinals further with 1256 Intro, 10| ordinaries are not to be prejudiced by cases in which jurisdiction 1257 Intro, 9| authority by reason of a prelature or any other ecclesiastical 1258 Intro, 11| Those summoned and not presenting themselves were accused 1259 Intro, 11| can be done only if each preserves as far as possible his own 1260 Intro | council, at which the pope presided in person, are in the form 1261 Intro, 11| Martin V authorised his presidents at the council of Siena 1262 Intro, 8| constant complaint was being pressed concerning the officials 1263 Intro, 9| anyone urges a charge or presses demands (unless the opportunity 1264 Intro, 5| Nobody can be bound or under pressure by the strength of these 1265 Intro, 10| to be imposed upon anyone presuming to act otherwise the sentence 1266 Intro, 5| traps of Satan and to human presumption and ambition, so far as 1267 Intro, 10| of their jurisdiction, or presumptuously forcing them to confer ecclesiastical 1268 Intro, 10| of patronage which they pretend to hold in ecclesiastical 1269 Intro, 3| Guillaume Briconnet, Rene de Prie, and Frederick of San Severino, 1270 Intro, 9| ecclesiastical status. Those in the priesthood, therefore, ought to wear 1271 Intro, 9| satisfaction in what contributes to priestly modesty; let them act with 1272 Intro, 9| things that seem to be of primary importance for the salvation, 1273 Intro, 9| enjoin on each and every primate, patriarch and archbishop, 1274 Intro, 11| our letter which follows, Primitiva illa ecclesia . . . {Msi 1275 Intro, 10| at the beginnings of the primitive church, for the purpose 1276 Intro, 12| the Lord, whose cause is principally in question, upon kings 1277 Intro, 8| address to their audience the principles or conclusions of philosophers, 1278 Intro, 10| apostolic see. In fact, some printers have the boldness to print 1279 Intro, 11| orders, including abbots and priors of monasteries, dukes, counts, 1280 Intro, 9| plebian, he is to be cast into prison. If he has been caught committing 1281 Intro, 10| them, notwithstanding any privelege or custom to the contrary. 1282 Intro, 11| proper conclusion. We are proceeding on the strength of the many 1283 Intro, 11| prelates to take part in solemn processions ought to agree, provided 1284 Intro, 11| apostles -- the heavens alike proclaiming the glory of the true God 1285 Intro, 9| the date of the present proclamation if the provinces are in 1286 Intro, 10| from its use, a thing which produces nothing is applied to the 1287 Intro, 11| have produced and are daily producing abundant fruit. Consequently 1288 Intro, 11| and firmly and sincerely professes one faith. We wish that 1289 Intro, 12| they might be unable to proffer any excuse, we provided 1290 Intro, 9| whenever this is necessary and profitable for the setting up of a 1291 Intro, 9| the invoking of demons, is prohibited by both civil laws and the 1292 Intro, 6| of course, those under prohibition), and to the attendants 1293 Intro, 10| and to the reputation of prominent persons of rank. The readers 1294 Intro, 12| been so often proposed and promised by us and our predecessor 1295 Intro, 11| again brought forward by the promoter of the sacred council, the 1296 Intro, 9| they are not to set up as promoters or defenders of princes 1297 Intro, 10| Christ's faithful ought to be prompted, by a grant of substantial 1298 Intro, 12| through. Zeal for the faith prompts us to this. It has been 1299 Intro, 9| within a year from the day of promulgation of this present constitution 1300 Intro, 5| the need for any further pronouncement to the same effect. ~Also 1301 Intro, 11| unsupported by legitimate proofs and merely following their 1302 Intro, 11| is to be supported by no prop except of a temporary nature, 1303 Intro, 11| and then their successors propagated far and wide and rooted 1304 Intro, 11| with the interpretations, properly and wisely understood, of 1305 Intro, 11| miracles, new and false prophecies and other frivolities hardly 1306 Intro, 11| the Spirit, do not despise prophesying, we have no wish for them 1307 Intro, 11| Christians and confronting false prophets striving to overturn the 1308 Intro, 9| christian name, would give a propitious hearing to their devout 1309 Intro | anyone wished to reject a proposal, he made his dissenting 1310 Intro, 11| alone is the mother and protector of all virtues, it alone 1311 Intro, 10| wearing the dress of the protonotariate, unless they have adopted 1312 Intro, 10| elevated to the office of protonotary and wear an official garment 1313 Intro, 10| justice. They endeavour to prove this on the grounds that 1314 Intro, 9| carry out the duty of a provident shepherd, in order to care 1315 Intro, 9| been set up for the use and provisioning of the poor, shall not be 1316 Intro, 4| with regard to each and all provisions and collations of ecclesiastical 1317 Intro, 9| faith, sacred hymns and psalms, and the lives of the saints. 1318 Intro, 11| investigation carried out before a pubic notary. They have no authority 1319 Intro, 5| a magician, a heathen, a publican and a heresiarch. To discomfort 1320 Intro, 11| hundred ducats. They are to publish and observe in the churches 1321 Intro, 8| the thorns and brambles be pulled up from the Lord's field, 1322 Intro, 10| responsible for correcting and punishing them fail to do so. In our 1323 Intro, 9| of the fabric, or for the purchase or repair of furnishings, 1324 Intro, 10| are at fault; to remove, purloin and usurp in an arbitrary 1325 Intro, 12| is fully adorned as by a purple garment, contempt for the 1326 Intro, 12| happy memory, against those pursuing any cardinal of the said 1327 Intro, 9| Therefore we shall not put off sending the special 1328 Intro, 10| must lawfully assemble (putting aside every excuse and delaying 1329 Intro, 9| prudent about the manner and quantity of what has to be kept, 1330 Intro, 9| common table, to assign a quarter of their board for the renewal 1331 Intro, 11| revoked, made void, abrogated, quashed, annulled and condemned. 1332 Intro, 2| condemnations, revocations, quashings, invalidations and annulments 1333 Intro, 3| said condemned and rejected quasicouncil of Pisa, by the king of 1334 Intro, 9| including imperial, royal, queenly, ducal or any other, the 1335 Intro, 9| consideration and attention than the quelling of these wars and the re-ordering 1336 Intro, 11| preachers, says, Do not quench the Spirit, do not despise 1337 Intro, 11| those beginning to speak is quietened by contradiction. In that 1338 Intro, 9| Clement V which begins Si quis suadente, and also any other 1339 Intro, 11| Msi 32, 948-963, Raccolta di concordati su materie 1340 Intro, 12| sallies by which, in wild rage, they move savagely amidst 1341 Intro, 8| infidels, but there would be a rallying of forces to crush the terrible 1342 Intro, 9| throughout almost all the ranks of Christ's faithful, with 1343 Intro, 11| places, often giving it rash and false interpretations, 1344 Intro, 10| from thoughtless acts of rashness, not so much by new penalties 1345 Intro, 11| in the event of the said ratification and approval, and not otherwise 1346 Intro, 11| France does not approve and ratify the aforesaid letter, and 1347 Intro, 8| especially on the nature of the rational soul, with the claim that 1348 Intro, 5| restored, rehabilitated and re-established in their former state, honours 1349 Intro, 11| dissenting members may be re-grafted into the body in a convenient 1350 Intro, 9| quelling of these wars and the re-ordering of ecclesiastical discipline 1351 Intro, 10| displeasure and the fitting reaction of the apostolic see. We 1352 Intro, 10| prominent persons of rank. The readers are not edified. Indeed, 1353 Intro, 12| in the Lord's field. We realised that an obligation had been 1354 Intro, 11| approval for the validity and reality of the same letter, however, 1355 Intro, 4| and that unless they have really and completely given up 1356 Intro, 10| great errors not only in the realm of faith but also in that 1357 Intro, 2| ecumenical council, justly, reasonably, and for true and lawful 1358 | recent 1359 Intro, 9| benefice, if he fails to recite it at least twice during 1360 Intro, 9| of souls, if he has not recited the divine office after 1361 Intro, 8| remedy by which they may recognise the errors to which they 1362 Intro, 9| someone's urging, by means of recommendation, direction or enforcement, 1363 Intro | timidity and inadequacy of the recommendations, especially since the papacy 1364 Intro, 11| Lord, the most generous recompenser of all good deeds, the reward 1365 Intro, 5| Pragmatic Sanction were also recorded, especially Julius II's 1366 Intro, 10| purpose of investigating and recording the acts of saints, and 1367 Intro, 10| sufficient evidence to justify recourse to torture so that the truth 1368 Intro, 9| Roman pontiffs may wear red garments, in keeping with 1369 Intro, 12| church itself, which has been redeemed by Christ's blood, and to 1370 Intro, 10| the main business. For, redress cannot be obtained from 1371 Intro, 9| divine worship is gradually reduced, and matter for contempt 1372 Intro, 9| themselves to teaching what has reference to religion and good habits, 1373 Intro, 10| have also been carefully reflecting that, after Christ's ascension 1374 Intro, 11| find useful, by means of reflection and practical application, 1375 Intro, 12| secular and other persons were reformed, insofar as this seemed 1376 Intro, 9| declaration of the reason . ~Reforms of the curia and of other 1377 Intro, 9| reason, of course, why we refrained from doing so is this: nearly 1378 Intro, 10| from the Roman curia to refresh themselves. But for others, 1379 Intro, 9| open lodging, a harbour and refuge for upright and learned 1380 Intro, 8| extent of their energies to refuting and disposing of the philosophers' 1381 Intro, 11| as accepted at least as regards confession, and they can 1382 Intro, 9| pontificis,9 April 1513; see Regesta Leonis X no. 14} remain 1383 Intro, 10| recognised judge in the region of the exempt persons, they 1384 Intro, 11| reading, publication, oath and registration referred to, or does not 1385 Intro, 10| in the future who do not regularly wear the official dress 1386 Intro, 10| harmful. Thus we are glad to regulate the indults and privileges 1387 Intro, 5| reintegrated, restored, rehabilitated and re-established in their 1388 Intro, 11| divine mercy by which kings reign and princes rule, established 1389 Intro, 9| and customs (even those reinforced by oath and apostolic confirmation 1390 Intro, 11| confirmation or any other form of reinforcement; and privileges, indults 1391 Intro, 5| shall immediately stand reintegrated, restored, rehabilitated 1392 Intro, 11| gospel to every creature, rejecting vices and commending virtues. 1393 Intro, 9| wish that those who have relapsed are to be dealt with without 1394 Intro, 9| unfitting to pass over persons related to them by blood or by marriage, 1395 Intro, 9| are suitable and in good relations with them. We do not wish, 1396 Intro, 11| learning and their other skills relative to this sacrament. If they 1397 Intro, 5| towards all), after God has released us or our successors from 1398 Intro, 11| the souls of the faithful. Reliable report has it, rather, that 1399 Intro, 11| of happy memory beginning Religiosi, which we renew and approve 1400 Intro, 8| recognised to have grown to a remarkable extent. Therefore, with 1401 Intro, 9| penalty of excommunication and removal from office. For these reasons 1402 Intro, 11| apostolic see. It completely removes the power of the Roman pontiff 1403 Intro, 4| July 1438, with the aim of removing abuses in the church, see 1404 Intro, 11| our Redeemer, let them not rend the seamless garment of 1405 Intro, 2| of Pisa, with its aim of rending and hampering the union 1406 Intro, 3| Carvajal, Guillaume Briconnet, Rene de Prie, and Frederick of 1407 Intro, 9| quarter of their board for the renewal of the fabric, or for the 1408 Intro, 5| Bull renewing and confirming the Constitution 1409 Intro, 9| or, if the basilica needs repairs or some other form of aid, 1410 Intro, 11| expressly and specifically repeal anything to the contrary. 1411 Intro, 11| evidence we have decided to repeat, and some to pass over in 1412 Intro, 10| learnt, by many and frequent reports, that very many churches 1413 Intro, 8| glory of him whose place we represent on earth, who develops peace 1414 Intro, 2| arrival of the bishop of Gurk, representative of the most serene emperor, 1415 Intro, 12| spokesmen at our court representing kings and princes. Pope 1416 Intro, 11| but also by open and plain reproof, with the names of the evildoers 1417 Intro, 8| for them to be exhorted, requested and warned. We omitted nothing ( 1418 Intro, 11| these sacraments to persons requesting their ministrations except 1419 Intro, 2| definite and valid, they require no other confirmation or 1420 Intro, 9| and rank of such people requires. Rather, separated from 1421 Intro, 8| the weaknesses of souls requiring to be healed, of which the 1422 Intro, 10| not been under a general reservation and the incomes, rents and 1423 Intro, 9| to which they may have a reserve claim . ~We also ordain 1424 Intro, 11| friars by reason of their residences, with regard to what concerns 1425 Intro, 6| council in Rome, and of residing in the city and freely exchanging 1426 Intro, 9| due for release, can be resigned into the hands of the ordinaries 1427 Intro, 9| the quality of the persons resigning. Once the period of two 1428 Intro, 5| shall endure and the more resolutely they shall be observed and 1429 Intro, 11| we therefore judge and resolve, with Augustine as our witness, 1430 Intro, 12| remains it will soon be resolved (by God's favour). Our heart 1431 Intro, 9| priests and deacons clad in respectable garments, and make careful 1432 Intro, 11| their superiors in their respective dioceses, since they have 1433 Intro, 11| who are engaged without respite or rest. So great is the 1434 Intro, 11| whole situation, gave no response to the request, for definite 1435 Intro, 10| record. Among the anxieties resting on our shoulders we come 1436 Intro, 10| churchmen. We desire too, to restrain from thoughtless acts of 1437 Intro, 10| end to lawsuits, and to restrict the immoderate expenses 1438 Intro, 5| whatsoever, even if the election resulted in a majority of two-thirds 1439 Intro, 8| pontificate, did not delay to resume the synod, to promote peace 1440 Intro, 8| benefit to us, nor would resurrection be something to look forward 1441 Intro, 3| council, we nevertheless retain this present condemnation 1442 Intro, 9| the rest, only four being retained in the meantime. Such benefices, 1443 Intro, 11| the gospel message, and retaining and preserving in the true 1444 Intro, 9| sequestrations, seizures or retentions, then restoration of the 1445 Intro, 10| be extracted, are to be returned to the diocesans or ordinaries 1446 Intro, 9| for which great and rich returns have been assigned and ordained 1447 Intro, 9| down that no cardinal may reveal in writing or by word or 1448 Intro, 8| wisdom and the light of revealed truth -- sometimes leads 1449 Intro, 11| and glory. But if the Lord reveals to certain of them, by some 1450 Intro, 11| holy Spirit or from divine revelation, nor that strange and empty 1451 Intro, 11| virtue of holy obedience, to revere bishops with fitting honour 1452 Intro, 3| Christ, Maximilian, ever revered emperor-elect of the Romans ~ 1453 Intro, 9| they are to keep under review the divine worship and the 1454 Intro, 11| withdraw from or abandon the revocation of so evil a sanction and 1455 Intro, 2| rejections condemnations, revocations, quashings, invalidations 1456 Intro, 11| extensive safeguard, we revoke, make void, abrogate, quash, 1457 Intro | quasi-council of Pisa, and with the revoking and annulment of the French " 1458 Intro, 9| instruct them in grammar, rhetoric and similar subjects but 1459 Intro, 9| piety, for which great and rich returns have been assigned 1460 Intro, 9| blasphemers and have not imposed rightful penalties on them, insofar 1461 Intro, 11| secular clerics may not ring the bells of their churches 1462 Intro, 9| should be spent. The funeral rites and formal mourning are 1463 Intro, 11| representatives on the firmness of a rock. It is necessary to obey 1464 Intro, 10| these same bishops to a role of responsibility, and by 1465 Intro, 9| our coronation1{Bull Licat Romani pontificis,9 April 1513; 1466 Intro, 3| revered emperor-elect of the Romans ~We condemn, reject and 1467 Intro, 1| postponing it, Inscrutabilis and Romanus pontifex, are read out1{ 1468 Intro, 11| propagated far and wide and rooted deeply the word itself through 1469 Intro, 8| occasionally to clip the roots of the brambles, if the 1470 Intro, 12| this same flock has been roused by the warmth of mutual 1471 Intro, 10| purpose, that there was no route which would allow them to 1472 Intro, 11| then in accordance with the rules of their order within the 1473 Intro, 9| and citizens governing or ruling their states, to grant to 1474 Intro, 12| cardinals in conclave, if some rumour leaks out, even if false, 1475 Intro, 11| mother church have been rung, even if they are supported 1476 Intro, 12| under the wall, the mob rushes in to plunder all the goods 1477 Intro | title of this edition is: SA. Lateranense concilium novissimum 1478 Intro, 9| well-remembered bishop of Sabina, and we enjoin and command 1479 Intro, 1| bull convoking the council, Sacrosancta Romanae Ecclesiae, and the 1480 Intro | pope Julius II by the bull Sacrosanctae Romanae Ecclesiae, issued 1481 Intro, 9| promise to give readily other safe-conducts and guarantees to those 1482 Intro, 12| our predecessors for the safe-guarding of the high office of the 1483 Intro, 12| decided upon as powerful safeguards in the eleven sessions, 1484 Intro, 9| make the journey and arrive safely and unharmed. However, many 1485 Intro, 9| with due arrangements and salaries. Anyone who does not observe 1486 Intro, 9| appropriate and adequate salary; and that they provide for 1487 Intro, 5| acknowledged receipt, gift, pledge, sale, exchange or any other kind 1488 Intro, 12| the bitter and frequent sallies by which, in wild rage, 1489 Intro, 8| we may exercise, like the Samaritan in the gospel, the task 1490 Intro, 3| de Prie, and Frederick of San Severino, formerly cardinals, 1491 Intro, 11| predecessor, which begins Unam sanctam, we therefore, with the 1492 Intro, 5| officials at the Castel Sant' Angelo in Rome and any 1493 Intro, 11| materie ecclesiastiche tra la Santa Sede e le autorita civili, 1494 Intro, 5| the tricks and traps of Satan and to human presumption 1495 Intro, 11| of their churches on Holy Saturday before those of the cathedral 1496 Intro, 8| Christians from the hands of the savage ruler of the Turks or from 1497 Intro, 12| in wild rage, they move savagely amidst christian blood . ~ 1498 Intro, 11| let them refrain from any scandalous detraction of bishops, prelates 1499 Intro, 8| human race, has dared to scatter and multiply in the Lord' 1500 Intro, 9| by law. If they have been scattered and can nowhere be found,

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