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86 love
86 mission
84 communion
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Ioannes Paulus PP. II
Ecclesia in Asia

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   Chapter, Paragraph
1 Intro,2 | renewed commitment to the mission of making Jesus Christ better 2 Intro,2 | Christ the Saviour and his Mission of Love and Service in Asia:" 3 Intro,3 | confirmation in faith and mission. Day after day the Synod 4 Intro,3 | dialogue of life, communion and mission.~ ~ ~ 5 Intro,4 | Asia to a new commitment to mission. During the Synod Assembly, 6 I,5 | influence on the life and mission of the Redeemer as man. " 7 I,5 | Church lives and fulfils her mission in the actual circumstances 8 I,5 | insisted that the Church's mission of love and service in Asia 9 I,8 | she seeks to fulfil her mission. In Asia today the political 10 I,9 | a new understanding of mission dawned and with it a great 11 I,9 | Churches carry out their mission in peace and freedom, others 12 II,10 | bushel (cf. Mt 5:15), for her mission is to share that light with 13 II,12 | The Person and Mission of the Son of God~12. The " 14 II,12 | saved" (Acts 4:12).~The mission of the Saviour reached its 15 II,12 | entrusted his whole life and mission into the hands of the Father 16 II,13 | called to love".45~Thus, the mission of Jesus not only restored 17 II,13 | of God made man and the mission entrusted to him alone as 18 II,13 | him alone as the Son, a mission of service and love for 19 III,16 | shows how Jesus' saving mission bears the unmistakable mark 20 III,16 | his action in the life and mission of Jesus. The "seeds of 21 III,17 | Church to continue Jesus' mission, in the first place by witnessing 22 III,17 | bring to completion Jesus' mission of love and service in Asia".64~ 23 III,17 | the fruits of his saving mission are offered through the 24 III,17 | coming. Her identity and mission are inseparable from the 25 III,18 | Spirit and the Church's Mission in Asia~18. The Spirit who 26 III,18 | Led by the Spirit in her mission of service and love, the 27 III,18 | that she can accomplish her mission only in obedience to the 28 III,18 | discern the principal areas of mission for the Church in Asia as 29 IV,19 | true nature of the Church's mission, have repeatedly stressed 30 IV,21 | effective instrument of mission".85 This engagement with 31 IV,22 | of all Christian life and mission. 95 It is a decisive means 32 IV,23 | intimate union with him whose mission she continues. Mission is 33 IV,23 | whose mission she continues. Mission is contemplative action 34 IV,23 | view that the future of mission depends to a great extent 35 IV,23 | This proclamation is a mission needing holy men and women 36 V | COMMUNION AND DIALOGUE~FOR MISSION~ ~ ~ 37 V,24 | Communion and Mission Go Hand in Hand~24. In accordance 38 V,24 | this sense, communion and mission are inseparably connected. 39 V,24 | the source and fruit of mission: communion gives rise to 40 V,24 | communion gives rise to mission and mission is accomplished 41 V,24 | gives rise to mission and mission is accomplished in communion" 120~ 42 V,24 | also to their evangelizing mission are their relations with 43 V,24 | the Church's evangelizing mission on the continent. All this 44 V,24 | dimensions. Communion and mission go hand in hand.~ ~ ~ 45 V,25 | build up the "communion for mission" and the "mission of communion", 46 V,25 | communion for mission" and the "mission of communion", every member' 47 V,25 | take part in the Church's mission. Therefore, the Synod Fathers 48 V,25 | sharing fully in the life and mission of the parish because of 49 V,25 | the Church to fulfil her mission.~The Synod also recognized 50 V,25 | integrated into the life and mission of the parish and Diocese. 51 V,26 | coordinated approach to mission, without prejudice to the 52 V,29 | A Mission of Dialogue~29. The common 53 V,29 | essential part of the Church's mission because it has its origin 54 V,29 | Church can accomplish her mission only in a way that corresponds 55 V,29 | place. Responding to the mission she has received, she ventures 56 V,31 | the Church's evangelizing mission, an expression of the mission 57 V,31 | mission, an expression of the mission ad gentes. 153 Christians 58 V,31 | aspects of the Church's mission, which have their infinitely 59 V,31 | the Trinity, from whom all mission comes and to whom it must 60 V,31 | the unchanging grace and mission which sends her out among 61 VI,32(164)| themselves as called to a mission of service which necessarily 62 VI,32 | part of their evangelizing mission. The Synod Fathers therefore 63 VI,34 | better serve the Church's mission and so that the Church herself 64 VI,34 | and active in the Church's mission of love and service. 182~ ~ ~ 65 VI,36 | this is a vital part of her mission of offering the saving grace 66 VII,42 | community of faith. The mission is one and indivisible, 67 VII,42 | and his Gospel. Christian mission demands no less.~Conscious 68 VII,43 | Church to accomplish the mission entrusted to her by Christ. 69 VII,43 | in continuing the saving mission of Christ, and they are 70 VII,43 | another level this common mission is accomplished through 71 VII,43 | responsibility for the Church's mission has been entrusted by Christ 72 VII,44 | the consecrated life and mission. Under its three aspects 73 VII,44 | specific witness to the saving mission which Jesus accomplished 74 VII,44 | special commitment to the mission ad gentes, ad exteros and 75 VII,45 | proper role in the life and mission of the People of God, as 76 VII,45 | of women in the life and mission of the Church in Asia to 77 VII,45 | of women in the Church's mission of love and service contributes 78 VII,47 | to be effective agents of mission, the Church needs to offer 79 VII,47 | the human qualities that mission requires. Organized youth 80 VII,47 | co-workers in the Church's mission in her various apostolic 81 VII,48 | the Church's evangelizing mission too is deeply affected by 82 VII,48 | excellent instrument of mission, through appropriate language 83 Conclu,50 | their efforts to fulfil the mission they have received from 84 Conclu,50 | ambition is to continue his mission of service and love, so 85 Conclu,51 | with such a challenging mission, we turn to Mary, for whom, 86 Conclu,51 | she continues your Son's mission~of love and service in Asia.~

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