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84 communion
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Ioannes Paulus PP. II
Ecclesia in Asia

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   Chapter, Paragraph
1 Intro,2 | awareness of the bond of communion which they share with the 2 Intro,3 | the gift of hierarchical communion, gave concrete voice and 3 Intro,3 | ecclesial and fraternal communion. Of particular relevance 4 Intro,3 | genuine meeting of spirits, a communion of minds and hearts which, 5 Intro,3 | fraternal dialogue of life, communion and mission.~ ~ ~ 6 Intro,4 | great spiritual event of communion and episcopal collegiality. 7 Intro,4 | strength from the mystery of communion with the countless and often 8 I,8 | visibly profess their full communion with the See of Peter. 23~ 9 II,12 | remind the faithful of the communion of life of the Blessed Trinity 10 II,12 | revealed only within the communion of life and action of the 11 II,12 | Jesus has its origin in the communion of the Godhead, and opens 12 II,12 | him to enter into intimate communion with the Trinity and with 13 II,13 | Jesus not only restored communion between God and humanity; 14 II,13 | it also established a new communion between human beings alienated 15 II,13 | disciples might live in communion just as he is in communion 16 II,13 | communion just as he is in communion with the Father (cf. Jn 17 II,13 | 12). Sent by the God of communion and being truly God and 18 II,13 | truly man, Jesus established communion between heaven and earth 19 III,17 | unfailingly the bond of communion between Jesus and his Church. 20 III,17 | the promised fullness of communion with the Father (cf. Rom 21 III,17 | makes the Church grow in communion as one body made up of many 22 III,17 | the Church a sign of the communion of all humanity under the 23 IV,22 | compatibility with the Gospel and communion with the faith of the universal 24 IV,23 | from giving example of true communion of life and integrity of 25 V | CHAPTER V~COMMUNION AND DIALOGUE~FOR MISSION~ ~ ~ 26 V,24 | Communion and Mission Go Hand in Hand~ 27 V,24 | the Church is the bond of communion which unites Christ the 28 V,24 | this living and life-giving communion, "Christians no longer belong 29 V,24 | the Father, and from this communion flows the communion which 30 V,24 | this communion flows the communion which Christians share with 31 V,24 | God, and, because people's communion with one another is rooted 32 V,24 | that whoever enters into communion with the Lord is expected 33 V,24 | fruit does not remain in communion: "Each branch of mine that 34 V,24 | takes away" (Jn 15:2). Communion with Jesus, which gives 35 V,24 | which gives rise to the communion of Christians among themselves, 36 V,24 | condition for bearing fruit; and communion with others, which is the 37 V,24 | can give. In this sense, communion and mission are inseparably 38 V,24 | imply each other, so that "communion represents both the source 39 V,24 | source and fruit of mission: communion gives rise to mission and 40 V,24 | mission is accomplished in communion" 120~Using the theology 41 V,24 | Using the theology of communion, the Second Vatican Council 42 V,24 | the life of the Church as communion assumes greater importance".123 43 V,24 | local Churches in Asia, in communion with the Successor of Peter, 44 V,24 | need to foster greater communion of mind and heart through 45 V,24 | unity in all its dimensions. Communion and mission go hand in hand.~ ~ ~ 46 V,25 | Communion within the Church~25. Gathered 47 V,25 | personified as it were the communion of the Church in all the 48 V,25 | perspective of ecclesial communion that the universal authority 49 V,25 | Churches, in the spirit of communion and collegiality. 126 An 50 V,25 | the witness of ecclesial communion which constitutes its very 51 V,25 | describe the Diocese as a communion of communities gathered 52 V,25 | Diocese that the vision of a communion of communities can be actualized 53 V,25 | realities of Asia. Ecclesial communion implies that each local 54 V,25 | In order to build up the "communion for mission" and the "mission 55 V,25 | mission" and the "mission of communion", every member's unique 56 V,25(127)| the Church Understood as Communion Communionis Notio (28 May 57 V,25 | the mystery of ecclesial communion and to take part in the 58 V,25 | opportunity for fellowship and communion... by means of organized 59 V,25 | effective way of promoting communion and participation in parishes 60 V,25 | universal Church, in heartfelt communion with the Church's Pastors 61 V,25 | renewal movements in building communion, in providing opportunities 62 V,25 | structures and parish life. Communion grows stronger when the 63 V,26 | among the Churches~26. This communion ad intra contributes to 64 V,26 | legitimate and indispensable, but communion requires that the particular 65 V,26 | clearly manifest the bond of communion with the universal Church. 66 V,26 | with the universal Church. Communion calls for mutual understanding 67 V,26 | divisions have often wounded the communion of the Churches in Asia. 68 V,26 | Recognizing that wherever communion is weakened the Church's 69 V,26 | across Asia which foster communion and practical cooperation. 136 70 V,28 | of the need for effective communion and cooperation with the 71 V,28 | practise their faith in full communion with the See of Peter and 72 V,30 | together in the grace of God, communion needs to be restored among 73 V,30 | that the search for full communion demands from everyone charity, 74 V,31 | cooperation between religions.~Communion and dialogue are two essential 75 V,31 | the spirit of unity and communion at every level of ecclesial 76 VI,32 | people, is called to live a communion of life which shows itself 77 VII,42 | has to be carried out in communion with the whole community 78 VII,43 | ordination and hierarchical communion with the Head of the Episcopal 79 VII,43 | teaching and of their full communion in the Church.~Associated 80 VII,43 | and work in a spirit of communion and cooperation with the 81 VII,44 | its support in prayer and communion with God, the Church in 82 VII,44 | God, a life of fraternal communion, and service to others are 83 VII,44 | In the context of the communion of the universal Church, 84 Conclu,50 | and for their testimony of communion and generous dedication

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