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unit 1
united 5
unites 1
unity 20
universal 20
universality 3
universities 1
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20 help
20 presence
20 still
20 unity
20 universal
19 6
19 cannot
Ioannes Paulus PP. II
Ecclesia in Asia

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   Chapter, Paragraph
1 II,12 | Blessed Trinity and the unity of the three Persons in 2 III,17| The Spirit gathers into unity all kinds of people, with 3 V,24 | also the sacrament of the unity of the human race. 118 In 4 V,24 | human race. 118 In her this unity is already begun; and at 5 V,24 | full realization of the unity yet to come. 119~It is an 6 V,24 | the Church's service of unity has a specific relevance 7 V,24 | recognizing that building unity, working for reconciliation, 8 V,24 | earnestly to serve the cause of unity in all its dimensions. Communion 9 V,25 | primacy at the service of the unity of faith and life of the 10 V,25 | guaranteeing and promoting the unity of the Church",125 the Synod 11 V,29 | As the sacrament of the unity of all mankind, the Church 12 V,30 | Christians a clearer sign of unity. For all peoples to come 13 V,30 | to call for the visible unity of his disciples, so that 14 V,30 | searching for harmony and unity through their own religions 15 V,30 | especially impelled to work for unity with other Christians, realizing 16 V,30 | often recognize a cultural unity with one another, a sense 17 V,30 | associations to promote Christian unity. The Synod's suggestion 18 V,30 | of Prayer for Christian Unity be celebrated more fruitfully 19 V,31 | strengthening of the spirit of unity and communion at every level 20 VII,43| exercises a special ministry of unity. Bishops therefore are to

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