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Ioannes Paulus PP. II
Ecclesia in Asia

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1 Intro,1 | God's Plan in Asia~1. The Church in Asia sings the praises 2 Intro,1 | for the good of all, the Church in Asia cannot cease to 3 Intro,1 | of the Holy Spirit, the Church went forth to make "disciples 4 Intro,1 | nations" (Mt 28:19). With the Church throughout the world, the 5 Intro,1 | throughout the world, the Church in Asia will cross the threshold 6 Intro,2 | out a programme for the Church to welcome the Third Millennium 7 Intro,2 | an important part of the Church's preparation for the Great 8 Intro,2 | providential opportunity for the Church in Asia to reflect further 9 Intro,2 | reminded the Bishops: "If the Church in Asia is to fulfil its 10 Intro,2 | share with the universal Church. In line with the original 11 Intro,2 | approach the Great Jubilee, the Church in Asia needs to be able 12 Intro,3 | voice and expression to the Church in Asia. It was indeed a 13 Intro,3 | characteristic mode of the Church's life in Asia. A sincere 14 Intro,3 | and suffering which the Church continues to endure in many 15 Intro,3 | continues to be present in his Church through the power of the 16 Intro,4 | I wish to share with the Church in Asia and throughout the 17 Intro,4 | Christian community, the early Church, Jesus' little flock on 18 Intro,4 | They remembered what the Church has received and heard from 19 Intro,4 | Almighty has done for the Church in Asia (cf. Lk 1:49). In 20 Intro,4 | conversion, so that the Church in Asia might become ever 21 I,5 | Birthplace of Jesus and of the Church~5. The Incarnation of the 22 I,5 | of God, which the whole Church will solemnly commemorate 23 I,5 | Jn 3:16).~Likewise, the Church lives and fulfils her mission 24 I,5 | Fathers insisted that the Church's mission of love and service 25 I,6 | religious teaching. The Church has the deepest respect 26 I,6 | complementarity and harmony, the Church can communicate the Gospel 27 I,7 | special challenge to the Church in Asia. It is perhaps appropriate 28 I,7 | this point to recall the Church's contribution to the defence 29 I,7 | service to life which the Church is offering in Asia, in 30 I,7 | a great challenge to the Church and to the proclamation 31 I,7 | international levels, and that the Church is actively seeking to address 32 I,8 | Political Realities~8. The Church always needs to have an 33 I,9 | The Church in Asia: Past and Present~ 34 I,9 | Present~9. The history of the Church in Asia is as old as the 35 I,9 | in Asia is as old as the Church herself, for it was in Asia 36 I,9 | history.~From Jerusalem, the Church spread to Antioch, to Rome 37 I,9 | spiritual energy for the Church, especially during times 38 I,9 | century. The first Christian Church was built there at the beginning 39 I,9 | dynasty (618-907 A.D.), the Church flourished for nearly two 40 I,9 | decline of this vibrant Church in China by the end of the 41 I,9 | drastic diminution of the Church in Asia, except for the 42 I,9 | community in South India. The Church in Asia had to await a new 43 I,9 | apostolic endeavours, the Church in many places was still 44 I,9 | missionary nature of the Church and the responsibility of 45 I,9 | responsibility of everyone in the Church for this task, so strongly 46 I,9 | Council's Decree on the Church's Missionary Activity Ad 47 I,9 | cultural world of Asia, the Church faces multiple philosophical, 48 I,9 | Whatever the circumstances, the Church in Asia finds herself among 49 I,9 | intense yearning for God. The Church knows that this yearning 50 I,9 | yearning and encourage the Church in Asia to proclaim with 51 I,9 | work in the history of the Church in Asia, continues to guide 52 I,9 | steady growth of the Catholic Church in China, by the efforts 53 I,9 | China, by the efforts of the Church in South Korea to offer 54 I,9 | to the situation of the Church in the Holy Land and in 55 I,9 | of the situation of the Church in Asia, though far from 56 I,9 | protectors, the glory of the Church in Asia in her work of evangelization. 57 I,9 | evangelization. With the whole Church I pray to the Lord to send 58 I,9 | God is opening before the Church the horizons of a humanity 59 II,10 | obvious to all that the Church's unique contribution to 60 II,10 | What distinguishes the Church from other religious communities 61 II,10 | light with everyone. "[The Church] wants to offer the new 62 II,10 | Christ is what inspires the Church's evangelizing work in Asia, 63 II,10 | transmit "the faith that the Church in Asia has inherited from 64 II,10 | Apostles and holds with the Church of all generations and places".37 65 II,10 | conviction that "the heart of the Church in Asia will be restless 66 II,10 | the Risen Lord".38~The Church's faith in Jesus is a gift 67 II,10 | greatest gift which the Church can offer to Asia. Sharing 68 II,10 | Missio, I wrote that "the Church, and every individual Christian 69 II,10 | incorporated in the Catholic Church ought to sense their privilege 70 II,12 | in the first days of the Church, Peter could proclaim: " 71 II,13(44) | Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modern World Gaudium 72 II,13 | of all. Together with the Church throughout the world, the 73 II,13 | throughout the world, the Church in Asia proclaims the truth 74 III,15(54) | Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modern World Gaudium 75 III,15 | as the prime agent of the Church's dialogue with all peoples, 76 III,15(55) | Missionary Activity of the Church Ad Gentes, 4 and 15; Dogmatic 77 III,15(55) | Dogmatic Constitution on the Church Lumen Gentium, 17; Pastoral 78 III,15(55) | Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modern World Gaudium 79 III,16 | promised to pour out on the Church when he returned to the 80 III,16 | the Body of Christ, the Church. 62~ ~ ~ 81 III,16(61) | Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modern World Gaudium 82 III,17 | communion between Jesus and his Church. Dwelling in her as in a 83 III,17 | the Spirit guides the Church, first of all, to the fullness 84 III,17 | Spirit who empowers the Church to continue Jesus' mission, 85 III,17 | work of the Spirit in the Church is also to testify that 86 III,17 | Rom 8:15-17). Endowing the Church with different charisms 87 III,17 | gifts, the Spirit makes the Church grow in communion as one 88 III,17 | and talents, making the Church a sign of the communion 89 III,17 | The Spirit shapes the Church as a community of witnesses 90 III,17 | Spirit has been given to the Church by the Father and the Son 91 III,17(63) | Dogmatic Constitution on the Church Lumen Gentium, 13.~ 92 III,17 | are offered through the Church to all peoples of all times 93 III,17 | Vatican Council observed, "the Church is driven by the Holy Spirit 94 III,17 | salvation on earth, the Church is the seed of the Kingdom 95 III,17 | The Spirit reminds the Church that she is not an end unto 96 III,17 | creation, in history and in the Church are all part of the one 97 III,17(65) | Dogmatic Constitution on the Church Lumen Gentium, 17.~ 98 III,18 | The Holy Spirit and the Church's Mission in Asia~18. The 99 III,18 | Jesus Christ and the early Church, moves now among Asian Christians, 100 III,18 | Holy Spirit at work in the Church. In this process, Bishops, 101 III,18 | the earth" (Acts 1:8).~The Church is convinced that deep within 102 III,18 | alone can fully satisfy. The Church looks to the Holy Spirit 103 III,18 | of service and love, the Church can offer an encounter between 104 III,18 | sent (cf. Jn 17:3).~The Church well knows that she can 105 III,18 | 8:16-17). Therefore the Church ceaselessly cries out, " 106 III,18 | casts upon the earth. The Church in Asia shares his zeal 107 III,18 | areas of mission for the Church in Asia as she crosses the 108 IV,19 | with the gift of faith, the Church, after two thousand years, 109 IV,19 | about the true nature of the Church's mission, have repeatedly 110 IV,19 | question now facing the Church in Asia is how to share 111 IV,20 | Jesus Christ in Asia~20. The Church in Asia is all the more 112 IV,20 | sense of superiority. The Church evangelizes in obedience 113 IV,20 | supreme service which the Church can offer to the peoples 114 IV,20 | in love" (Eph 4:15), the Church proclaims the Good News 115 IV,20 | are an invitation to the Church to withhold from these non-Christians 116 IV,20 | stated clearly that "the Church's approach to other religions 117 IV,20 | Ecumenical Councils of the Church which formulated doctrines 118 IV,20 | doctrines binding on the Church had to use the linguistic, 119 IV,20 | possession of the whole Church, capable of expressing her 120 IV,20 | remaining faithful both to the Church's theological doctrine and 121 IV,20 | cosmic perspectives. The Church, the Synod Fathers noted, 122 IV,20 | The faith which the Church offers as a gift to her 123 IV,20 | mystery of Jesus and his Church. 83 The penetrating insight 124 IV,21 | different cultures, the Church not only transmits her truths 125 IV,21 | Through inculturation the Church, for her part, becomes a 126 IV,21 | always been part of the Church's pilgrimage through history. 127 IV,21(87) | Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modern World Gaudium 128 IV,21 | News of the Redemption, the Church strives to understand their 129 IV,21 | God, since the life of the Church as a whole must show forth 130 IV,22 | the Scriptures and to the Church's Tradition, in sincere 131 IV,22 | the faith of the universal Church, in full compliance with 132 IV,22 | full compliance with the Church's Tradition and with a view 133 IV,22 | the heritage of the whole Church, cannot be determined by 134 IV,22 | isolation from the universal Church.~The Synod Fathers stressed 135 IV,22 | among the members of the Church in Asia. The Synod Fathers 136 IV,22 | detailed and firm grasp of the Church's theological and philosophical 137 IV,23 | heart of the particular Church must be set on the contemplation 138 IV,23 | thirsting for the divine, the Church is called to be a praying 139 IV,23 | is called to be a praying Church, deeply spiritual even as 140 IV,23 | context demands attention. The Church realizes that the silent 141 IV,23 | systematically restricted. The Church consciously lives this type 142 IV,23 | the implantation of the Church, inculturation and integral 143 IV,23 | Christ, as presented by the Church in every time and place, 144 V,24 | Father's eternal design, the Church, foreshadowed from the world' 145 V,24(113) | Dogmatic Constitution on the Church Lumen Gentium, 8.~ 146 V,24 | the Holy Spirit",114 the Church is in the world "the visible 147 V,24(114) | Missionary Activity of the Church Ad Gentes, 7; cf. Dogmatic 148 V,24(114) | Dogmatic Constitution on the Church Lumen Gentium, 17.~ 149 V,24 | sacrament of salvation".115 The Church cannot therefore be understood 150 V,24 | women in her midst, the Church must be seen as the privileged 151 V,24 | heart of the mystery of the Church is the bond of communion 152 V,24 | the Holy Spirit. 117 The Church's first purpose then is 153 V,24 | that union with God, the Church is also the sacrament of 154 V,24(117) | Dogmatic Constitution on the Church Lumen Gentium, 4.~ 155 V,24(118) | Catechism of the Catholic Church, 775.~ 156 V,24 | Council could describe the Church as the pilgrim People of 157 V,24 | mysterious link between the Church and the followers of other 158 V,24 | they are "related to [the Church] in varying degrees and 159 V,24(121) | Dogmatic Constitution on the Church Lumen Gentium, 16.~ 160 V,24 | religions "the life of the Church as communion assumes greater 161 V,24 | importance".123 In effect, the Church's service of unity has a 162 V,24 | renewed the commitment of the Church in Asia to the task of improving 163 V,24 | are all essential to the Church's evangelizing mission on 164 V,24 | Millennium it is clear that the Church's ability to evangelize 165 V,25 | Communion within the Church~25. Gathered around the 166 V,25 | were the communion of the Church in all the rich diversity 167 V,25 | promoting the unity of the Church",125 the Synod Fathers acknowledged 168 V,25(125) | Dogmatic Constitution on the Church Lumen Gentium, 22.~ 169 V,25 | contact.~Each particular Church must be grounded in the 170 V,25 | constitutes its very nature as Church. The Synod Fathers chose 171 V,25 | implies that each local Church should become what the Synod 172 V,25 | called a "participatory Church", a Church, that is, in 173 V,25 | participatory Church", a Church, that is, in which all live 174 V,25(127) | Bishops of the Catholic Church on Some Aspects of the Church 175 V,25(127) | Church on Some Aspects of the Church Understood as Communion 176 V,25 | and to take part in the Church's mission. Therefore, the 177 V,25 | the Synod, I encourage the Church in Asia, where possible, 178 V,25 | positive feature of the Church's evangelizing activity. 179 V,25 | particular and the universal Church, in heartfelt communion 180 V,25 | heartfelt communion with the Church's Pastors and the Magisterium, 181 V,25 | remain necessary for the Church to fulfil her mission.~The 182 V,25 | their support to the local Church and not present themselves 183 V,26 | communion with the universal Church. Communion calls for mutual 184 V,26 | communion is weakened the Church's witness and missionary 185 V,26 | for the good of both the Church and society in Asia.~ ~ ~ 186 V,27 | Eastern Churches and the Latin Church, and among those Churches 187 V,27 | As children of the one Church, reborn into the newness 188 V,27(139) | Bishops of the Syro-Malabar Church (8 January 1996), 6: AAS 189 V,27 | greatly benefit the whole Church.~ ~ ~ 190 V,28 | difficult period of history. The Church accompanies them in prayer, 191 V,28 | hopes. I encourage the whole Church to lend moral, spiritual 192 V,28 | suffering members of the Church, the Synod Fathers expressed 193 V,28 | thoughts to the Catholic Church in Mainland China and prayed 194 V,28 | Peter and the universal Church. To you, dear Chinese brothers 195 V,28 | solidarity with the Catholic Church in Korea, and supported " 196 V,28 | frequently returned to the Church in Jerusalem, which has 197 V,28 | stand in solidarity with the Church in Jerusalem by sharing 198 V,29 | have helped to prepare the Church for the Great Jubilee of 199 V,29 | the situation in which the Church and the world find themselves 200 V,29 | question is not whether the Church has something essential 201 V,29 | relationship between the Church and the modern world was 202 V,29 | Since the Council the Church has consistently shown that 203 V,29 | an essential part of the Church's mission because it has 204 V,29 | of the Holy Spirit. The Church can accomplish her mission 205 V,29 | The dialogue which the Church proposes is grounded in 206 V,29 | unselfish solidarity prompts the Church's dialogue with the men 207 V,29 | unity of all mankind, the Church cannot but enter into dialogue 208 V,29 | veritable vocation for the Church.~ ~ ~ 209 V,30 | conversion for the whole Church, especially for the Church 210 V,30 | Church, especially for the Church in Asia where people expect 211 V,30 | the Lord's will that his Church be one awaits a complete 212 V,30 | Therefore the Catholic Church in Asia feels especially 213 V,30 | fidelity towards the Catholic Church, without however ignoring 214 V,31 | bequeathed to the whole Church as a duty and a challenge. 215 V,31 | enrichment; it is a part of the Church's evangelizing mission, 216 V,31 | Christ alone and that the Church community to which they 217 V,31 | Conferences: "Although the Church gladly acknowledges whatever 218 V,31 | therefore important for the Church in Asia to provide suitable 219 V,31 | be drawn up. 159 As the Church explores new ways of encountering 220 V,31 | 1986, between the Catholic Church and representatives of the 221 V,31 | good of humanity. 162 The Church must continue to strive 222 V,31 | essential aspects of the Church's mission, which have their 223 V,31 | which the members of the Church, and especially her Pastors, 224 V,31 | renewed "holy pride" in the Church's continuing fidelity to 225 VI,32 | The Social Doctrine of the Church~32. In the service of the 226 VI,32 | of the human family, the Church reaches out to all men and 227 VI,32 | in their hearts".163 The Church in Asia then, with its multitude 228 VI,32 | If in recent times the Church's Magisterium has insisted 229 VI,32(163) | Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modern World Gaudium 230 VI,32 | about this change, "the Church does not have technical 231 VI,32(164) | ushered in a series of solemn Church statements on various aspects 232 VI,32 | The social doctrine of the Church, which proposes a set of 233 VI,32 | place to the members of the Church. It is essential that the 234 VI,32 | the social doctrine of the Church. 167 Christian leaders in 235 VI,32 | Christian leaders in the Church and society, and especially 236 VI,32 | The social doctrine of the Church will not only alert these 237 VI,33 | of development that the Church promotes reaches far beyond 238 VI,34 | promote human dignity, the Church shows a preferential love 239 VI,34 | cf. Jn 13:34); and the Church in Asia cannot but strive 240 VI,34 | they may better serve the Church's mission and so that the 241 VI,34 | mission and so that the Church herself may become a Church 242 VI,34 | Church herself may become a Church of the poor and for the 243 VI,34 | for the poor of Asia, the Church concerns herself especially 244 VI,34 | Despite limited resources, the Church in Asia generously seeks 245 VI,34 | Jesus Christ and to the Church as a community of love and 246 VI,34 | national development. 179 The Church must do all she can to overcome 247 VI,34 | family, in society and in the Church, through greater awareness 248 VI,34 | impoverishment of humanity. The Church in Asia would more visibly 249 VI,34 | encouraging their role in the Church's life, including her intellectual 250 VI,34 | present and active in the Church's mission of love and service. 182~ ~ ~ 251 VI,36 | illness" (Mt 9:35), the Church in Asia is committed to 252 VI,36 | parable (cf. Lk 10:29-37), the Church wants to care for the sick 253 VI,36 | during my visits to the Church in different parts of the 254 VI,37 | 37. Throughout Asia, the Church's involvement in education 255 VI,37 | interreligious understanding. The Church's schools often provide 256 VI,38 | parts of the world, the Church is called to be deeply involved 257 VI,38 | sons and daughters of the Church in that country. The Synod 258 VI,39 | with human promotion.~The Church insists upon the need for " 259 VI,39 | work to ensure that the Church's social doctrine has its 260 VI,40 | economic inequalities, the Church cannot ignore the heavy 261 VII,42 | A Witnessing Church~42. The Second Vatican Council 262 VII,42 | clearly that the entire Church is missionary, and that 263 VII,42(204)| Cf. Decree on the Church's Missionary Activity Ad 264 VII,42 | living... Everyone in the Church, striving to imitate the 265 VII,42 | continent in the past, the Church in Asia strives now to witness 266 VII,42 | no less.~Conscious of the Church's essentially missionary 267 VII,42 | of the Holy Spirit as the Church enters the new millennium, 268 VII,43 | Holy Spirit who enables the Church to accomplish the mission 269 VII,43 | functions and charisms in the Church. The principal responsibility 270 VII,43 | principal responsibility for the Church's mission has been entrusted 271 VII,43 | the rock upon which the Church is built (cf. Mt 16:18)— 272 VII,43 | their full communion in the Church.~Associated with the Bishops 273 VII,43 | sacraments. To serve the Church as Christ intends, Bishops 274 VII,43 | responsibilities in the Church. By their life of prayer, 275 VII,43 | apostolate second to none for the Church's well-being and vitality.~ ~ ~ 276 VII,44 | Recognizing that all action in the Church has its support in prayer 277 VII,44 | communion with God, the Church in Asia looks with profound 278 VII,44(210)| Dogmatic Constitution on the Church Lumen Gentium, 46.~ 279 VII,44 | Synod expressed to them the Church's gratitude and urged them 280 VII,44 | communion of the universal Church, I cannot fail to urge the 281 VII,44 | cannot fail to urge the Church in Asia to send forth missionaries, 282 VII,44 | founded in recognition of the Church's missionary character and 283 VII,44 | establishment within each local Church of Asia, where such do not 284 VII,45(219)| Dogmatic Constitution on the Church Lumen Gentium, 31.~ 285 VII,45 | the thanks of the whole Church, and I encourage all lay 286 VII,45 | most concerned that the Church should be a participatory 287 VII,45 | should be a participatory Church in which no one feels excluded, 288 VII,45 | life and mission of the Church in Asia to be an especially 289 VII,45 | enhance their service in the Church, there should be greater 290 VII,45 | presence of women in the Church's mission of love and service 291 VII,46 | family is "the domestic Church" (ecclesia domestica). 226 292 VII,46 | Christian family, like the Church as a whole, should be a 293 VII,46 | simply the object of the Church's pastoral care; it is also 294 VII,46 | care; it is also one of the Church's most effective agents 295 VII,46(226)| Dogmatic Constitution on the Church Lumen Gentium, 11.~ 296 VII,46 | genuinely "the domestic Church", humbly and lovingly living 297 VII,46 | of the world and of the Church passes through the family",230 298 VII,47 | the theme of youth in the Church. The many complex problems 299 VII,47 | world of Asia impel the Church to remind the young of their 300 VII,47 | future of society and the Church, and to encourage and support 301 VII,47 | responsibility. To them the Church offers the truth of the 302 VII,47 | effective agents of mission, the Church needs to offer them suitable 303 VII,47 | not only the object of the Church's pastoral care but also " 304 VII,47 | agents and co-workers in the Church's mission in her various 305 VII,48 | societies.~Inevitably, the Church's evangelizing mission too 306 VII,48 | Christian message and the Church's authentic teaching. It 307 VII,48 | communications".235 To this end, the Church needs to explore ways of 308 VII,48 | continent-wide radio station for the Church in Asia, for its almost 309 VII,48 | and the teaching of the Church. 238 It would help if each 310 VII,49 | ages, Asia has given the Church and the world a great host 311 VII,49 | the first centuries of the Church, and it is also the joyful 312 VII,49 | never cease to teach the Church in Asia what it means to 313 VII,49 | seed of new life for the Church in every corner of the continent!~ ~ 314 Conclu,50 | Bishops, I wish to express the Church's gratitude to all of you, 315 Conclu,50 | love of Jesus Christ, the Church and the peoples of Asia, 316 Conclu,50 | the great family of the Church in Asia: the clergy, the 317 Conclu,50 | the hidden pillars of the Church, to whom Jesus himself speaks 318 Conclu,50 | words of Jesus reassure the Church in Asia: "Fear not, little 319 Conclu,50 | generally small numbers of the Church in Asia, ensures that the 320 Conclu,50 | in Asia, ensures that the Church's presence is like the yeast 321 Conclu,50 | whom he has called, the Church in Asia joyfully makes her 322 Conclu,51 | Evangelization, I entrust the Church in Asia at the threshold 323 Conclu,51 | look tenderly upon the Church of your Son~planted on Asian 324 Conclu,51 | he leads us.~Protect the Church from all the powers~that 325 Conclu,51 | Trinity.~Pray that through the Church's love and service~all the

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