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series 2
serious 4
servants 1
serve 9
served 1
serves 1
service 40
Frequency    [«  »]
9 rom
9 romano
9 sent
9 serve
9 shows
9 together
9 took
Ioannes Paulus PP. II
Ecclesia in Asia

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  Chapter, Paragraph
1 III,15| work against evil and to serve life and everything that 2 III,16| Spirit therefore cannot serve as an excuse for a failure 3 III,17| she does, she exists to serve Christ and the salvation 4 IV,22 | they live and whom they serve, always presupposing the 5 V,24 | she strive earnestly to serve the cause of unity in all 6 VI,34 | so that they may better serve the Church's mission and 7 VII,43| ministers of the sacraments. To serve the Church as Christ intends, 8 VII,44| they live and whom they serve. 215 While maintaining respect 9 VII,48| in the hope that it may serve human promotion and the

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