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passover 2
past 5
pastor 1
pastoral 25
pastorally 1
pastors 3
path 22
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25 3
25 certain
25 culture
25 pastoral
25 profession
25 task
25 times
Ioannes Paulus II. PP
Vita Consecrata

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   Chapter,  Paragraph, 
1 I, 3,34| Sacraments and the giving of pastoral care. In Mary the aspect 2 II, 1,48| development of diocesan pastoral life. The charisms of the 3 II, 1,48| give them a place in the pastoral plans of the Diocese. They 4 II, 1,48| apostolic activities and pastoral approaches, but it would 5 II, 1,49| coordinate them. In his pastoral charity he will therefore 6 II, 1,49| themselves to spiritual and pastoral initiatives responding to 7 II, 1,49| ecclesial life. Instead, the pastoral initiatives of consecrated 8 II, 1,49| acceptance of their concrete pastoral directives for the life 9 II, 1,50| cooperation, especially in pastoral matters. Thanks to regular 10 II, 1,54| translate into forms of pastoral cooperation. Members of 11 II, 1,57| to the Church's life and pastoral and missionary activity. 12 II, 1,58| theological-pastoral to the professional. Pastoral and catechetical formation, 13 II, 2,60| spiritual, theological, pastoral and professional.According 14 II, 2,62| of consecration can, with pastoral prudence and to the advantage 15 II, 3,64| is the golden rule of pastoral work for promoting vocations, 16 II, 3,64| Lord. In view of this, the pastoral work of promoting vocations 17 II, 3,64| integral part of the overall pastoral plan of every particular 18 II, 3,64| long-term involvement in their pastoral life.The most authentic 19 II, 3,65| cultural, spiritual and pastoral preparation which pays special 20 II, 3,65| spiritual to the theological and pastoral. In the case of those studying 21 II, 3,66| the culture in which their pastoral service will later be carried 22 III, 0,72| founding charism provides for pastoral activities, it is obvious 23 III, 1,80| rise to ways of life and pastoral approaches which can bring 24 III, 1,83| being able to carry out a pastoral ministry of their own through 25 III, 1,83| bodies entrusted with the pastoral ministry of health care.~

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