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minimum 1
ministers 3
ministries 2
ministry 22
minors 1
miracles 1
mirror 1
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22 example
22 hope
22 lead
22 ministry
22 path
22 see
22 source
Ioannes Paulus II. PP
Vita Consecrata

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   Chapter,  Paragraph, 
1 I, 0,15| a decisive moment in the ministry of Jesus. It is a revelatory 2 I, 3,31| lay life, to the ordained ministry and to the consecrated life 3 I, 3,31| Confirmation, but the ordained ministry and the consecrated life 4 I, 3,31| to carry on the apostolic ministry in time. Consecrated persons, 5 I, 3,31| in the world; the clergy, ministry; consecrated men and women, 6 I, 3,32| communion an indispensable ministry is carried out by those 7 I, 3,34| is expressed in ecclesial ministry, which becomes an instrument 8 I, 3,34| part, find in the ordained ministry the means of salvation, 9 II, 1,47| Successor of Peter in his ministry of unity and missionary 10 II, 1,47| relation to the Petrine ministry, they are also at the service 11 II, 1,49| respect by the latter for the ministry of Bishops, with ready acceptance 12 II, 1,55| In whatever activity or ministry they are involved, consecrated 13 II, 2,60| itself, apart from the sacred ministry.~Following the teaching 14 II, 2,60| these Institutes the sacred ministry is constitutive of the charism 15 II, 2,60| who exercise the priestly ministry.~ 16 III, 1,82| At the beginning of his ministry, in the synagogue at Nazareth, 17 III, 1,83| mission. They carry on the ministry of mercy of Christ, who " 18 III, 1,83| persons committed to this ministry by the charism of their 19 III, 1,83| a special place in their ministry to the poorest and most 20 III, 1,83| to carry out a pastoral ministry of their own through the 21 III, 1,83| entrusted with the pastoral ministry of health care.~ 22 III, 2,84| out a genuinely prophetic ministry, speaking in the name of

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