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Alphabetical    [«  »]
proper 21
prophecy 2
prophet 3
prophetic 19
prophetically 2
prophets 2
proportion 1
Frequency    [«  »]
19 know
19 lived
19 others
19 prophetic
19 reason
19 secular
19 tradition
Ioannes Paulus II. PP
Vita Consecrata

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   Chapter,  Paragraph, 
1 I, 0,15| them a kind of sign and prophetic statement for the community 2 II, 1,46| which, in the context of the prophetic mission of all the baptized, 3 II, 2,59| joyful proclamation and prophetic anticipation of the possibility 4 III, 0,73| consecrated life has the prophetic task of recalling and serving 5 III, 1,80| consecrated life maintains its prophetic impact, it serves as a Gospel 6 III, 1,83| of heroism belongs to the prophetic nature of the consecrated 7 III, 2 | II. A PROPHETIC WITNESS IN THE FACE OF GREAT 8 III, 2,84| The prophetic character of the consecrated 9 III, 2,84| consecrated life~84. The prophetic character of the consecrated 10 III, 2,84| form of sharing in Christ's prophetic office, which the Holy Spirit 11 III, 2,84| People of God. There is a prophetic dimension which belongs 12 III, 2,84| consecrated life,is expressed in prophetic witness to the primacy which 13 III, 2,84| carried out a genuinely prophetic ministry, speaking in the 14 III, 2,84| God against evil and sin. Prophetic witness requires the constant 15 III, 2,85| from sight, a convincing prophetic witness on the part of consecrated 16 III, 2,85| fraternal life is itself prophetic in a society which, sometimes 17 III, 2,85| themselves be challenged by the prophetic stimulus which comes from 18 III, 2,87| consecrated life~87. The prophetic task of the consecrated 19 III, 2,90| idolatry of money, making a prophetic appeal as it were to society,

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