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Alphabetical    [«  »]
may 33
me 6
meagre 1
meaning 18
means 37
meant 1
measure 1
Frequency    [«  »]
18 glory
18 here
18 like
18 meaning
18 mutual
18 offer
18 renewal
Ioannes Paulus II. PP
Vita Consecrata

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   Chapter,  Paragraph, 
1 I, 0,14| Christological and pneumatological meaning: it expresses in a particularly 2 I, 0,14| actions shed light on the meaning of this special vocation. 3 I, 0,15| discover in him the ultimate meaning of their lives, until they 4 I, 0,16| only make Christ the whole meaning of their lives but strive 5 I, 1,17| Cor 7:32-34).~This is the meaning of the call to the consecrated 6 I, 1,21| counsels~21. The deepest meaning of the evangelical counsels 7 I, 2,27| primacy of God gives full meaning and joy to human lives, 8 I, 3,34| attaches to the spousal meaning, which recalls the Church' 9 I, 3,34| consecrated life, has a particular meaning for women, who find therein 10 I, 4,40| history and expresses the deep meaning of the Paschal Mystery. 11 I, 4,40| life and well expresses its meaning. It inevitably includes 12 II, 3,70| to a rediscovery of the meaning of the covenant which God 13 III, 0,73| the profound theological meaning of these challenges through 14 III, 1,75| same time, he reveals the meaning of the Christian life and, 15 III, 2,90| poor Christ.Its primary meaning, in fact, is to attest that 16 III, 2,90| proportion and the very meaning of things. Thus, today more 17 III, 2,92| consecration takes on special meaning in religious life because 18 III, 2,95| choose Christ as the only meaning of their lives, not desire

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