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asked 8
asking 1
asks 2
aspect 16
aspects 7
aspiration 2
aspirations 3
Frequency    [«  »]
17 sense
17 together
16 any
16 aspect
16 difficult
16 foundresses
16 growth
Ioannes Paulus II. PP
Vita Consecrata

IntraText - Concordances


   Chapter,  Paragraph, 
1 I, 1,22| perfect offering confers an aspect of consecration upon all 2 I, 3,32| its own way, one or other aspect of the one mystery of Christ. 3 I, 3,34| there emerges above all the aspect of fruitfulness, as it is 4 I, 3,34| pastoral care. In Mary the aspect of spousal receptivity is 5 I, 3,34| clear; it is under this aspect that the Church, through 6 I, 4,36| to give witness to some aspect of his mystery".This specific 7 I, 4,36| his mystery".This specific aspect is meant to take shape and 8 II, 1,46| work today.A distinctive aspect of ecclesial communion is 9 II, 1,48| present and operative",this aspect of the consecrated life 10 II, 1,58| genius of women in every aspect of the life of society, 11 II, 2,59| expiation, takes on the aspect of thanksgiving to the Father, 12 II, 2,60| living in a special way this aspect of Christian and consecrated 13 II, 3,65| the whole person,in every aspect of the personality, in behaviour 14 II, 3,65| complete, it must include every aspect of Christian life. It must 15 III, 2,93| the consecrated life the aspect of a particular covenant 16 III, 2,93| re-present one or another aspect of the one mystery of Christ.

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