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shape 5
shaped 1
shapes 1
share 14
shared 7
shares 3
sharing 21
Frequency    [«  »]
14 perfect
14 practice
14 rich
14 share
14 total
14 truth
14 use
Ioannes Paulus II. PP
Vita Consecrata

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   Chapter,  Paragraph, 
1 I, 0,14| return to the valley, to share with him the toil of God' 2 I, 1,18| Christ invites some people to share his experience as the chaste, 3 I, 3,31| Christ, all the faithful share a common dignity; all are 4 I, 3,32| Church, who signify and share in the love with which Christ 5 I, 3,32| Christ".For this purpose they share in the Church's evangelizing 6 II, 1,42| experience an interior call to share everything in common: material 7 II, 1,54| are therefore invited to share more intensely in the spirituality 8 II, 1,56| cultures, as people who share fully for a certain period 9 II, 2,59| their lives, cloistered nuns share in Christ's emptying of 10 II, 2,62| clerics and lay persons share in the duties of governing 11 II, 3,67| limitations. Each one learns to share the gifts received for the 12 III, 1,77| that they have a special share in the Church's missionary 13 III, 2,90| their conditions of life and share in their sufferings, problems 14 III, 2,93| all things, in order to share fully in his Paschal Mystery.~

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