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malawi 1
male 3
malnutrition 1
man 31
management 2
mandate 6
manifestations 2
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32 justice
32 love
31 especially
31 man
31 very
30 dialogue
30 formation
Ioannes Paulus PP. II
Ecclesia in Africa

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   Chapter,  Paragraph, Number
1 I, 0| between God and men, the man Christ Jesus, who gave himself 2 II, 1| Africa can be compared to the man who went down from Jerusalem 3 II, 2| searching for concerning God, man and his destiny, life and 4 II, 2| distorted vision of life and of man, and thus fail to respond 5 III, 0| Virgin Mary, and was made man".92 This is the sublime 6 III, 0| precisely the Word of God made man, who is himself the subject 7 III, 0| in which God dwells with man. According to the Council, 8 III, 0| anthropological order, because the man who is to be evangelized 9 III, 0| authentic advancement of man?"117~When the Lord Jesus 10 III, 0| must envisage the whole man, in all his aspects, right 11 III, 0| towards making the family of man and its history more human". 12 III, 0| creation" (Col 1:15), that man is redeemed. "For by his 13 III, 0| some fashion with every man".124 How can we fail to 14 III, 0| is the ultimate goal of man", continues the Second Vatican 15 III, 0| Council, "she opens up to man at the same time the meaning 16 IV, 2| Dignity and role of man and woman~82. The dignity 17 IV, 2| woman~82. The dignity of man and woman derives from the 18 IV, 2| fact that when God created man, "in the image of God he 19 IV, 2| created them" (Gen 1:27). Both man and woman are created "in 20 IV, 2| The Psalmist sings of man's incomparable dignity: " 21 IV, 2| created in the image of God, man and woman, although different, 22 IV, 2| male and female', God gives man and woman an equal personal 23 IV, 2| beginning', and, freeing man from his hardness of heart, 24 IV, 2| hardness of heart, he makes man capable of realizing this 25 IV, 2| imprinted on the humanity of man and woman since their creation ( 26 V, 2| Christian convictions about man, woman, family, work, economy, 27 VI, 0| which obliges each and every man and woman, as well as societies 28 VI, 1| at large. "So God created man in his own image, in the 29 VI, 1| complementarity that exist between man and woman.235 The Synod 30 VII, 0| some fashion with every man".263~In particular, Africa 31 VII, 0| are the first fruits of man's eternal salvation.~In

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