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forgiveness 2
forgotten 2
form 5
formation 30
formed 3
former 2
forms 8
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31 man
31 very
30 dialogue
30 formation
30 hope
30 make
30 members
Ioannes Paulus PP. II
Ecclesia in Africa

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   Chapter,  Paragraph, Number
1 I, 0| the lay faithful and the formation of priests.~ 2 II, 2| oversee the quality of the formation offered. The fulfilment 3 II, 3| III. Formation of the agents of evangelization~ 4 II, 3| referred to the necessity of formation for candidates to the priesthood 5 II, 3| paid due attention to the formation of the lay faithful, appropriately 6 II, 3| called for the thorough formation of the lay faithful, a formation 7 II, 3| formation of the lay faithful, a formation which will help them to 8 III, 0| encouraged is the scriptural formation of clergy, religious, catechists 9 III, 0| should be given in houses of formation for priests and religious. 10 IV, 1| Importance of formation~75. In all areas of Church 11 IV, 1| all areas of Church life formation is of primary importance. 12 IV, 1| Christian life".142~The formation programme will especially 13 IV, 1| 145~In Africa today "formation in the faith ... too often 14 IV, 1| The power of witness~77. Formation must aim to provide Christians 15 V, 1| of biblical and pastoral formation. Similarly, Christians who 16 V, 1| tasks by means of a solid formation in the Church's social doctrine, 17 V, 1| receive a sound initial formation ... but that they continue 18 V, 1| continue to receive doctrinal formation as well as moral and spiritual 19 V, 1| youth, which favours their formation through prayer, study and 20 V, 1| receive an integral human formation, as well as one which is 21 V, 1| theological dimensions. This formation is to be faithfully and 22 V, 1| should receive adequate formation on the meaning and place 23 V, 1| thorough programme of permanent formation.~ 24 V, 1| are to see to the ongoing formation of priests, especially in 25 V, 1| fulfilled in it."195 This formation programme is also to give 26 V, 1| sessions of renewal and formation organized by the Episcopal 27 V, 2| a programme of religious formation which corresponds to the 28 V, 2| cultural and religious formation of the educators themselves.~ 29 VI, 0| for this apostolate. "The formation of clergy, religious and 30 VII, 0| the renewal of priestly formation. The words of the Second

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