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Ioannes Paulus PP. II
Ecclesia in Africa

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   Chapter,  Paragraph, Number
1 I, 0| and make disciples of all nations" (Mt 28:19).~ 2 II, 1| problems. In almost all our nations, there is abject poverty, 3 II, 1| controlled by rich and powerful nations, Africa has practically 4 II, 1| development of individual nations depends.~Africans have a 5 II, 2| history of a land where many nations are still in the grip of 6 II, 2| fact that "the developing nations, instead of becoming autonomous 7 II, 2| instead of becoming autonomous nations concerned with their own 8 III, 0| missionary work among the nations owes so very much",72 the 9 III, 0| Christ proclaimed to the nations, must take root in the life-situation 10 III, 0| Assemblies of the different nations of the same continent and 11 III, 0| within each nation and among nations — must be achieved in solidarity, 12 III, 0| peace established between nations.~Evangelization must promote 13 IV, 1| and make disciples of all nations" (Mt 28:19).~Just as at 14 IV, 1| to make disciples of all nations and to baptize them (cf. 15 IV, 1| relationships between individuals, nations and peoples in religious, 16 IV, 2| preparatory document of a United Nations Conference held in September 17 VI, 0| as well as societies and nations. In particular, it obliges 18 VI, 0| sadness that many African nations still labour under authoritarian 19 VI, 0| world order, the African nations are among the most disadvantaged. 20 VI, 0| socio-political relations among nations, ensuring greater justice 21 VI, 0| anguished cries of the poor nations asking for help in areas 22 VI, 1| the indebtedness of poor nations towards rich ones is a matter 23 VI, 1| crushing debts of the African nations".233 Finally, I earnestly 24 VII, 0| country, among the various nations of the Continent and also 25 VII, 0| missionary zeal towards other nations".249~ 26 VII, 0| interdependence among individuals and nations. The fact that men and women 27 VII, 0| interdependence among individuals and nations, and will be ready to respond 28 VII, 0| inestimable good for peoples and nations in every part of the world. 29 VII, 0| solidarity with peoples and nations, the Synod Fathers were

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