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Ioannes Paulus PP. II
Ecclesia in Africa

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   Chapter,  Paragraph, Number
1 I, 0| called to play an active role in God's plan of salvation. 2 II, 1| culture and tradition the role of the family is everywhere 3 II, 1| in Africa plays a leading role in what touches upon integral 4 II, 1| Church in Africa for the role which it has played over 5 II, 3| according to his or her specific role within the Church".67 For 6 II, 3| recognizing their indispensable role in the evangelization of 7 III, 0| to exercise her prophetic role and be the voice of the 8 III, 0| of the Church's prophetic role. But it should be made clear 9 IV, 1| according to his or her specific role within the Church".141 This 10 IV, 1| will fully exercise their role of inspiring the temporal 11 IV, 1| attitudes still play too large a role in the world of human relations.~ 12 IV, 2| to assume in its turn the role of active subject in view 13 IV, 2| Dignity and role of man and woman~82. The 14 IV, 2| Dignity and role of Marriage~83. GodFather, 15 IV, 2| continually through its role of service to life: it is 16 IV, 2| and undertakes its social role".166~Along these lines, 17 V, 0| called to play an important role. As an effective way of 18 V, 1| increasingly aware of their role in the Church, thereby fulfilling 19 V, 1| Catechists~91. "The role of the catechist has been 20 V, 1| order to define better the role of religious life in the 21 V, 2| Africa have a prominent role to play in the proclamation 22 VI, 0| continue to play her prophetic role and be the voice of the 23 VI, 0| positively the place and role of Africa in the universal 24 VI, 1| of Africa. It noted the role played in the spread of 25 VI, 1| called to play a distinctive role in the nation. Thus, while 26 VI, 1| dignity and of their specific role in the Church and in society 27 VI, 2| enable them to exercise this role properly, they need to be 28 VII, 0| can also play an important role in interreligious dialogue,

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