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Ioannes Paulus PP. II
Ecclesia in Africa

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   Chapter,  Paragraph, Number
1 II, 1| political, economic, social and cultural development of the African 2 II, 1| endowed with a wealth of cultural values and priceless human 3 II, 1| highlighted some of these cultural values, which are truly 4 II, 1| preserve this priceless cultural heritage and never succumb 5 II, 2| necessary in order to avoid cultural confusion and alienation 6 II, 2| countries or respect their cultural make-up. They frequently 7 III, 0| transformation of authentic cultural values through their integration 8 III, 0| the rapid changes in the cultural, social, economic and political 9 III, 0| touches them on the personal, cultural, economic and political 10 III, 0| examine in depth all the cultural aspects of problems from 11 III, 0| economics, politics, social or cultural life; it must envisage the 12 III, 0| sub-human social, eco- nomic, cultural and political conditions. 13 III, 0| aspects: as a new and emerging cultural world and as a series of 14 IV, 1| temporal orderpolitical, cultural, economic and social — with 15 IV, 1| political, economic, social and cultural life. It is the challenge 16 IV, 2| political, economic, social and cultural difficulties which African 17 V, 1| Church" built on the solid cultural pillars and noble values 18 V, 1| future priests in the true cultural values of their country, 19 V, 2| contributions presuppose the human, cultural and religious formation 20 V, 2| African society. "Catholic cultural centres offer to the Church 21 V, 2| and action in the field of cultural change. They constitute 22 VI, 1| renewal with fidelity to your cultural heritage, through a sharpening 23 VI, 1| destroying their natural and cultural resources".224 This very 24 VII, 0| riches of your people's cultural heritage, you will be in 25 VII, 0| must lead us to overcome cultural and nationalistic barriers, 26 VII, 0| over and above any ethnic, cultural, national, social or other

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