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so-called 2
social 46
societies 12
society 24
socio-political 2
sociological 1
soil 8
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25 were
24 live
24 same
24 society
24 some
23 had
23 news
Ioannes Paulus PP. II
Ecclesia in Africa

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   Chapter,  Paragraph, Number
1 II, 2| alienation in our fast evolving society".58 During my visit to Malawi 2 II, 2| of the common good of the society. They also create difficulties 3 II, 3| also the very structures of society, so that they will better 4 III, 0| individual human beings and society in every aspect of their 5 III, 0| strengthens the seams of human society and imbues the everyday 6 III, 0| individuals, families and within society at large".136~Training in 7 IV, 1| because the rapid evolution of society has given rise to new challenges 8 IV, 2| the fundamental cell of society. In Africa in particular, 9 IV, 2| characterize contemporary society. While adopting the positive 10 IV, 2| The family as open to society~85. By its nature marriage, 11 IV, 2| it is oriented towards society. "The family has vital and 12 IV, 2| vital and organic links with society, since it is its foundation 13 IV, 2| existence and development of society itself. Thus, far from being 14 IV, 2| to other families and to society, and undertakes its social 15 IV, 2| churches", contribut- ing to society's progress towards a more 16 V, 0| assimilates the values of the society to which it is proclaimed, 17 V, 1| of Christian witness in a society undergoing rapid and profound 18 V, 2| helpful light on African society. "Catholic cultural centres 19 V, 2| family, work, economy, society, politics, international 20 VI, 0| building a just and peaceful society with all the means at her 21 VI, 0| solving the problems of society in a spirit of freedom and 22 VI, 1| role in the Church and in society at large. "So God created 23 VI, 1| development of the Church and society were strongly affirmed. 24 VII, 0| better ordering of human society, it is of vital concern

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