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witnessing 1
woe 1
woman 12
women 23
wonderful 1
word 39
words 17
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23 news
23 part
23 she
23 women
22 both
22 called
22 earth
Ioannes Paulus PP. II
Ecclesia in Africa

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   Chapter,  Paragraph, Number
1 I, 0| those of all the men and women of the Continent, squarely 2 I, 0| upon truly faithful men and women religious, authentic witnesses 3 II, 1| Church in Africa, certain women also bore their own witness 4 II, 1| list of victorious men and women that we call the martyrology, 5 II, 1| the missionaries, men and women of all the Religious and 6 II, 1| right, both of men and of women, have also recorded a growth 7 II, 1| countless human beingsmen and women, children and young people — 8 II, 1| Christians and to all men and women of good will who are working 9 II, 2| family, the liberation of women, the spread of AIDS, the 10 II, 3| true good of the men and women of Africa and of every other 11 III, 0| by "the ranks of men and women catechists, to whom missionary 12 III, 0| believers and with men and women of good will".107 Dialogue 13 IV, 2| practices "which deprive women of their rights and the 14 V, 1| Consecrated men and women~94. "In the Church understood 15 VI, 0| regard to those men and women who are at their service. 16 VI, 0| politicians — both men and women — and that there would be 17 VI, 0| charity. Because all men and women bear God's image and are 18 VI, 1| the growing awareness of women's dignity and of their specific 19 VI, 1| principles to the condition of women in Africa. Their rights 20 VI, 1| specific regard to the Church, women should be properly trained 21 VI, 1| practices which deprive women of their rights and the 22 VI, 1| commissions to study further women's problems in cooperation 23 VII, 0| nations. The fact that men and women in various parts of the

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