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Ioannes Paulus PP. II
Ecclesia in Africa

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   Chapter,  Paragraph, Number
1 I, 0| both Africa and any other part of the world.~ 2 I, 0| been convoked. When I took part for the first time on African 3 I, 0| national level — are all part of preparing for the Great 4 I, 0| and to feel that they were part of the activities being 5 I, 0| catholicity each individual part of the Church contributes 6 II, 1| their shoulders the major part of the work of evangelization. 7 II, 1| come to their aid.~For my part, I express the hope that 8 II, 2| to be proclaimed in every part of the Continent and beyond.~ 9 III, 0| evils and injustices is also part of that ministry of evangelization 10 IV, 1| can be planted in every part of the Continent for the 11 V, 1| the family apostolate as part of their overall pastoral 12 V, 1| youth must clearly be a part of the overall pastoral 13 V, 1| their spiritual life, taking part as much as possible in the 14 VI, 0| and peace is an integral part of the task of evangelization, 15 VI, 0| values should also be a part of the pastoral programme 16 VI, 1| their impatience to take part in the life of the nation 17 VI, 1| family and in taking full part in the development of the 18 VI, 2| this sector have a special part to play. It is their duty 19 VII, 0| Africa to play its full part, at the world level, in 20 VII, 0| Acts 2:44-45)".245 For its part, the Special Assembly strongly 21 VII, 0| themselves take an active part in missionary zeal towards 22 VII, 0| these same Churches to take part in the missionary activity 23 VII, 0| peoples and nations in every part of the world. For it is

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